From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: Re: [PW!] It Takes No Balls... Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 8:00 PM Adrian Tymes wrote: > Back in reality, a small lump bunched up on Doppler's back, then leapt > off and wandered into the woods. Not too far away from the forest where Doppler and Nisemon are remembering the not-so-good old times, someone discovers the ruins of a Pokemon Center, embers still glowing in the light drizzle that was a furious rainstorm not too long ago. Minax places her hand on one of the only pieces of wall left standing, "I seriously doubt that this building caught fire during a rainstorm without any outside assistance. Yet, I still have my doubts and only one bullet in my revolver." A sudden gust of wind tosses the woman's wet red hair about her face and simultaneously tosses a woman's decapitated head off its perch high above... "Chan... sey..." Omelette the young Chansey gasps with tears in her eyes, horrified by the sight of the head. Though the features on the female face are thoroughly burned, mangled, and disfigured, Omelette still recognizes it as belonging to one of the joyful women who she has often seen befriended by other Chansey. Omelette feels an intense urge to heal the woman, despite Nurse Joy's lack of a body. Minax's Zubat, whose lack of eyes prevented him from knowing that the falling object that he detected was a human head, now senses Omelette's fear and wraps his wings around her, blocking her vision. Minax crouches down in front of Nurse Joy's burnt head. Joy only has a few strands of red hair remaining on her scalp, her mouth is wide open, and despite the lack of eyes in her eye sockets, the expression on her face is obviously one of terror - at least the terror is obvious to Minax, who is very familiar with that particular emotion, both on the receiving and the distributing end. After examining Joy's head to determine who could be so cruel as to kill a person endowed with such a loving soul, Minax narrows her eyes, "Doppler." She stands up when she hears a low whimpering. Minax's eyes widen when she realizes that the noise is originating from her Chansey. Minax snarls, kicks the offensive head out of sight, and runs over to her Pokemon. "Zuuuu..." Minax's Zubat tries to comfort Omelette by whispering, but the bat's high-pitched whisper isn't comforting at all. "Chaa...chaa...chanseeee... chanseeeee..." The Chansey cries, knowing that she has the ability to heal hidden deep within her, but feeling helpless because she doesn't know how use it. When Minax arrives, she relieves her Zubat. She lifts Omelette off the ground, presses the toddler Pokemon against her chest, and starts patting her on the back, "Don't cry, Omelette. I'm going to make sure that this never happens again." The moment Omelette stops crying, Minax drops the Chansey on the ground a little roughly to convince herself that she isn't going soft. She plucks a Pokeball off her belt and drops it next to Omelette. "Chaaarbok!" The purple Arbok that emerges stands taller than the tallest structure of the nearby Pokemon Center ruins. He sees an egg-like object under his nose, regards the Chansey as lunch, and licks his lips with his long thin tongue. He coils around Omelette without pressing too hard, opens his mouth, and lunges his fangs towards the toddler - only to get uppercut by Minax's fist! "Bokku?" The Arbok looks sadly at Minax, wondering why she called him out if not to eat Omelette. Minax points at Omelette, who is surrounded by Arbok's coiled body, "I need you to stay coiled around Omelette without actually hurting her. You're going to be a protective wall while I kill Doppler so that no shrapnel ricochets onto her. Got it?" Arbok looks down at the tasty pink treat, knowing he can eat her while Minax is busy. Arbok nods in agreement all too quickly, a smirk betraying his plan. Minax grabs Arbok's lower jaw, "If you even *think* about eating Omelette a third time, I'm going to use my skinning knife to turn you into a pair of snakeskin boots." Arbok's screeches, afraid of Minax's threat, aware that she keeps her promises. He coils around Omelette and closes his eyes to avoid temptation, "Bok." "Now, to lure him in." Minax reaches into the large black sack on her belt and withdraws a piece of paper with writing on it along with a perfume bottle. She reads the note that she drew up earlier to double check that it's correct, "Doppler, I was wrong about you. I'm in the area, so look me up as soon as possible. Hate, Minax." While spraying some "Subversion" perfume on the note, Minax remarks, "It's true. I really was wrong about him. He's much more evil than I originally thought." She puts away the perfume, rolls up the letter, and grabs another Pokeball. She pushes the button on it, releasing Fluke the Pidgey. "Pidgey..." The Pidgey that once belonged to Ben Cajava is confused and dizzy. Being inside a Pokeball for so long and hearing only Minax has driven him rather insane - but not insane enough to disobey Minax, who he's gotten to know rather well by just listening to her voice. Fluke flaps his wings to stay aloft while Minax ties the note for Doppler on one of its small bird legs. Minax sniffs at the air, trying to pick up on Doppler's foul Ditto stench. After a few seconds, she points in the direction that Doppler led Nisemon in order to convince him that they were in the void, and she says, "Now, my little Carrier Pidgey, fly that way until you see a Ditto. Make sure he gets my message." Fluke nods and flies towards Doppler's current location... Minax's Zubat flaps up to his master's line of vision so she can see the sad expression on his face, "Zuubat... Zuuu Zubat!" "Don't be sad, Zubat. You're still my favorite Pokemon." Minax gently scratches her blue fingernails across Zubat's blue belly, "The only reason I sent Pidgey is because Doppler is unpredictable and Pidgey is expendable. You're too priceless to send out on such a dangerous mission, which is also why I'm calling you back into your Pokeball." Minax lifts Zubat's Pokeball up and the Zubat, happy to know that he's still loved, is called back into hiding. Minax places the Pokeball on her belt. With Arbok still coiled to protect Omelette from harm, and with Fluke heading closer and closer to Doppler, Minax's plan is falling into place. The red-haired Rocket reaches into her holster and withdraws the silver revolver that contains just one bullet - a bullet made especially to kill Ditto. With its sleek shape meant to penetrate and explode once inside, its Transformation Disabling fluid, and its various salts mixed with poisons, the bullet is perfect for the difficult task of killing Doppler. -Minax