From: Areku: I'm not leaving AGNP. <> Subject: [PW!} Julie, you need a Swiss army knife, not nail polish. Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 11:22 AM I should have posted this a long time ago, but it got delayed by finals and holidays. Any problems in grammar or spelling/ Anything you think is wrong? Feedback appreciated. -- Julie, sleeping under a tree near Celadon's gym, she's been sleeping under this tree for 3 days. Julie hasn't eaten, she hasn't even taken a shower. Her pokemon are still out of their pokeballs, a miracle they haven't been stolen. Sounds from the city streets wake Julie up, yawning and stretching, Julie looks around her surroundings. "Where am I", Julie asked herself. Julie finally stands up and reads all the signs that are nearby and close enough to read. "I'm still in Celadon, still my home", Julie said to herself. Julie took her only 2 pokeballs and recalled both Giggles, her Porygon and Blushes, her Seaking. "Damn..I thought I was on a big pokeyman adventure", Julie looked at her clothes and they were very dirty, "I guess I'll have to go back home, take a shower, change clothes, and go on a big pokeyman adventure all over again", Julie started to walk towards her home. She looked like a lazy bum, smelled like a lazy bum, even thought like a lazy bum. Julie went through powerful emotions when she saw cans of corn and spinach in store display windows, she felt desperate when she saw homeless kids with little cans wrapped in brown bags. Julie walked and walked, suffering both sadness and happiness, a conflict between the 3 day bum and the 13 year old teeny-bopper in her. She couldn't help but drool when she walked by a clothes shop, her mouth became dry when she saw jewelry stores, and her eyes sparkled at the sight of an ice cream stand. She was almost near her home, she kept on walking, and came across the city pokemon gym. Julie stood in front of it, feeling so small, compared to its size. "Celadon city pokeyman gym, that's the pokeyman place my mom was talking about", Julie turned around and towards her home she walked. Julie now stood in front of her home's front door, she opened it. The smell of air conditioning and cooking destroyed the 3 day bum as she ran up the stairs for a needed bath. 3 hours of warm water and soap removed the dirt of 3 days of nothing. Once walking out of the shower, she put on a plush bath robe, and started to wash her face. "Eeeh, I was really dirty, I never do that again", Julie dried her face off and started to remove the scratchy nail polish she had applied 3 days ago. An hour passed, then two hours passed, and then three hours passed. Julie was clean, in make up, with her hair done, and in new shiny clothes once again. She ran down the stairs, walking into the kitchen to find her mother. Her mother was baking a cake while singing along to the radio. Julie lowered the volume of the radio and turned it off. "What happened to my music", Julie's mother asked. "I happened to your music mommy", Julie replied. Julie's mom smiled, laughed, ran up to her 'little girl' and gave her a big bear hug."Ohhh, it's been so long since I seen my little girl, you must have badges and lots of pokemon", Julie's mom asked. Julie sighed. "Mom, I have no new pokeymon nor badges, I fell asleep on a street with my pokeymon" "No wonder you ran up to take a shower, but it was worth it, you look so adorable", said Julie's mom. Julie smiled. "Hard work pays off" Her mom's smile turned to a frown, she turned off the oven and escorted Julie out of the kitchen. Julie became worried and looked into her mother's eyes. "What's wrong" Julie's mom took Julie's bag and opened it, she poured out the contents of it. "Julie, you want to go on a pokemon adventure, right", Julie's mother asked Julie. . Julie nodded. "Ya, I want to go on a big pokeyman adventure" Julie's mom showed Julie the contents of her bag, trying to hold her laughter in. "Julie, you can't go on any adventure with these supplies", Julie's mom tried to keep her voice gentle Julie sighed. "But why not" Julie's mom looked over her bag's contents once again."Julie, you can't go on an adventure with the following: lip gloss, loose powder, concealer, mascara, nail polish, astringent, nail polish remover, acne medication, perfume, shaving cream, shaving razors, breath mints, and bubble gum", Julie's mom walked away before Julie could say anything. Julie was confused, why all her necessities weren't necessary, she always thought a girl needed to look pretty. In a few minutes later, Julie's mom came back with a slightly bigger bag. She gave it to Julie, who was struggling with its weight. "Mom, what's in here, that wasn't in my other bag", Julie asked her mother. Julie's mom looked inside, knowing that this bag had what Julie really needed, "Julie, for an adventure you'll need: clothes, underwear, female protection if you know what I mean, medicine, a Swiss army knife, a flashlight, matches, pokeballs, potions, a long rope, a water canteen, soap, money, powerbars, paper, pens, a watch, a map, a compass, and a little bit of space for stuff you find along the way." Julie's mom went back into her kitchen, to cook and sing along once again. Julie frowned. "Without my beauty..I'm." Julie took the contents of her old bag, she put them all back. "I guess that's it", Julie said to herself, "I'm going now, good bye house and good bye mommy" Julie opened the door of her house, walking slowly, because of the weight of her new baggage. Her first destination: the Celadon pokemon gym. *** Areku Deru Bosukue Kazeresu AIM: Shin Daitooryoo ***