From: syke6888 L <> Subject: [PW!]Let A Mind Wander And It May Not Return... Date: Saturday, January 29, 2000 10:46 PM As Pipian drove the van that housed the Pokémon filched from the Laramie Ranch, John's hand wandered to his neck, where he found something hanging around it. Taking off what he found, John was surprised to see it was a necklace with a dream catcher/feather charm hanging on it. Suddenly, another vision took over him. In this one a boy looking like John had left a hospital. Suddenly, a deliveryman walked up to him. The two exchanged conversation, then the deliveryman handed John a package. Inside was the same necklace! "Crap! The police!" shouted Pipian, bringing John back to the present. John opened his door, leaned out, and began firing at their pursuers. Suddenly, Pipian made a sharp turn, and John flew off the truck. As Pipian began to swerve wildly, and John started rolling before finally slamming headfirst into a tree. Darkness overwhelmed him. (OOC: I wanted to write this story, but I also wanted to leave what Tiki and Pipian planned, so there) When John opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that he was no longer at the Ranch. Instead, he was in a long hallway. He got up and noticed a figure nearby. the figure left the darkness and revealed itself. It was John! "Who are you? And where am I?" he demanded. The other John answered. "I'm you. And as for your other question, were in your mind." "What are you talking about?" Pseudo-John shook his head. "It's hard to understand. you see, the brain can be different things to different people. To some, it could be a maze, while others see it as a hallway or corridor. It all depends on the person." "So I'm not really here?" "Well, in spirit, you are. You see, you are currently undergoing amnesia, and it has been so long, you're memories are almost impossible to get them back. A recent blast from a Mew helped out, but it wasn't enough. So your subconscious mind created this hallway and placed your spiritual self in it. And you have to find a way to return them.. Follow me." Pseudo-John started to walk down the hallway. John decided to follow this wannabe, and ran to catch up to him. "So if I am here spiritually, what happened to my physical self?" "Your body is residing in a coma-like state, and will stay that way until you're finished here." As they walked, John noticed that the many doors had names. One of them was called FEARS. Curious, John opened it up and proceeded to witness himself turning into a Raichu. "What the heck was that?" he cried out. Pseudo-John explained. "You see, each of these doors represents a certain area of your brain, in this case, your fears. One of them is that whatever created your Raichu tail will one day return and finish changing you into a Raichu." They continued through the hallway. Soon, John noticed that another of the doors, one marked ENFATUATIONS, was open a little. John peeked his head through the door. Inside, he saw the female PODA member - Jamie, he thinks was her name - surrounded by angels and a choir of singing Jigglypuffs. "There's no way I could be in love with that witch," he said. "No, there isn't. It's your true self that has this blind love with Jamie. Let's continue." They continued their trek, John being even more curious the farther they went. The rest of the walk had no big deal, but John wondered who the person in the jail cell was. "That represents your ego. your real self is very humble, and as a result this person is kept behind bars. If you ever started bragging about everything you do, then I would be the one there, and your ego would be the one in charge of this tour." Finally, they reached the end of the hallway. there, a door marked MEMORY was located. However, this door had a giant lock on it, and no key was to be found. "So this is what cause my so-called 'amnesia', is it?" he asked Pseudo- John. "Exactly. And you have to find a way to open this, so things can return to normal in your life." "But what if I don't want to? I happen to like my life. Give me one good reason why I have to do this." Pseudo-John suddenly towered over John. "I'll give you two. One: you'll never wake from this until you do. Two: if you don't start trying, I'll break every bone in your spiritual body." John sweatdropped. "I'll get to work." He walked to the lock and touched it. Immediately, a Raichu-sized electric shock coursed through his body. He flew back and hit the ground, then glared at Pseudo-John. "Ouch! That hurt! Why didn't you warn me about that?" Pseudo-John shrugged. "I thought you deserved it." "You go to HFIL!"* cried John. He got up and absent-mindedly wished for a pair of rubber gloves, and to his surprise they suddenly appeared. He grabbed the lock with his now-insulated hands and pulled. He continued pulling, switching more positions than someone playing Musical Chairs. Finally, he collapsed from exhaustion, and looked in the direction of Pseudo-John. The guy was calmly playing with a paddleball toy. John thought of a crowbar, and when it appeared, he shove it in the lock and handle and started applying pressure. Harder and harder he pulled, until it snapped under the pressure. John fell flat on his back, and when he sat up, the second half of the crowbar landed on top of his head. "Ouch! Again!" This time, John brought out an axe and started swinging for all it was worth. Slowly, the lock began to look like it was starting to wear thin. But when John fell to his knees, tired, the lock reverted to its normal, unscathed state. "Damn it!" John decided a different approach was necessary. He created a Pokéball and from it brought forth a Blastoise. He ordered it to use Ice Beam. Once the lock was frozen under a layer of ice, John ordered a Skull Bash. The Blastoise aimed its head and charged. Unfortunately, the only thing that shattered was the icy layer. John sent the Pokémon back to nothingness, trading it for a simple lock pick. He sat down and went to work. Some time later... "Rattatas!" he cried out, throwing his latest pick into a pile as big as him. the lock was still no closer to opening as before. John knew it was time for the last resort. He brought out a laser gun, aimed it at the center of the lock, and fired. A concentrated beam hit the lock, raising up a dust storm. Another time lapse... Finally, the energy source ran out. His laser sputtered out, and John cursed not thinking of a laser with unlimited energy. He watched as the dust cloud settled. The grin on his face turned into a scream of agony when the lock appeared, no more beaten than when he first saw it. John slammed his head into the ground a few times. "That's it! I give up! I can stay forever in this limbo and not care! this lock will not open!" In his rage he kicked the lock. It proceeded to pop open and fall to the ground, landing with a thud. Both Johns facefaulted. "Why didn't I think of this before? When I think of all the trouble I could have avoided.... Why?" Pseudo-John shrugged. "Terminal cliche. Anyway, it's time for you to re- claim your life." At that, Pseudo-John disappeared, and the hallway turned into a room, with the MEMORY door as the only entrance or exit. Seeing he had no choice, John opened the door. As soon as he did, light engulfed him and he was shown his entire life before the accident with the Raticate. John closed his eyes. A voice came from the darkness. "John? Do you hear me? Wake up, John!" He opened his eyes. Nurse Joy formed in his vision, followed by Lara Laramie. Their grim looks melted into happy smiles when they saw John open his eyes and look around. "John? Is it really you? Answer me!" "Lara? What are you doing in Cerulean City? Shouldn't you be at the Ranch?" Nurse Joy gave him a drink. John took a sip and slowly woke up. It was then he noticed he was at the Ranch. "What's going on here? Where's the PODA?" TBC? (Okay, Tiki, Pipian, either of you can write in what happens to your characters.) * 5 Animéniac Points to the first person who can guess what this mistake refers to. -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.