From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Let A Mind Wander And It May Not Return... Date: Friday, February 04, 2000 8:14 PM Okay Pipian wrote this first part, up until the "TBC?" he asked me to put it on my post because htis post didn't show up on deja. So here it is followed by my reply. Pipian woke up strapped to a chair staring at a mirror image of himself. "Gaah!" Pipian screamed. "I suppose you are wondering who I am," replied Pipian-2. "Uh... No. But because you did this, you'll pay..." Pipian tried to pull out his knife he always hid in his pocket as a Rocket, but alas, it wasn't there. "You know why?" asked Pipian-2. "Why what?" asked Pipian. "Why the knife you usually hide there is gone? It's because, oh, I know you VERY well... So..." "Eh..." "Now you'd better do what I want, or you'll have to pay..." "And what if I don't... Or I kill you?" "Then you'll pay." "Well I don't want to help you." "Then you'll be punished..." "FINE!" Pipian-2 walked out a door that suddenly appeared and turned on a movie projector... Barney the Kangaskhan was on it... SEEMINGLY HOURS LATER... "Will you help me now?" asked Pipian-2. "Sure, anything but that... that... show..." "Now then... You say you've been a Rocket all your life?" "Yeah. So?" "What if you weren't?" "Uh... I'd join Team Rocket." "Let me try again... What if you were brainwashed into becoming a member of PODA?" "I'd be really mad at whoever did it." "Yes... But you wouldn't know." "Yeah..." "Well I've got to take you on a little journey." "Oh... Great..." Pipian-2 led Pipian through another door. SEEMINGLY HOURS MORE LATER "So that's my life..." said Pipian. "Yes. *Now* would you be a member of Team Rocket?" "No..." "Good. Your training is complete. By the way... You were brainwashed by Team Rocket... G'day." Pipian-2 faded away, as the room turned brighter. Pipian opened his eyes. He was in a hospital. It was only an hour after his escape from the ranch. A doctor walked in. "You seem to be doing much better. Nasty fall you took there. You have some bad broken bones, so you'll be on crutches for a few weeks." "Aggh! Not again!" cried Pipian. "That's what they always say. Of course you'll probably have a court hearing if the Laramies want to file a suit..." "Ungh..." Pipian always hated litigation and all that legal stuff... "Hey..." "What?" "Could you move me into my friend's room? John Laramie? I'm sorta alone in here..." "Yeah... Seeing how his amnesia vanished... Wait... You wouldn't try to commit any more crimes would you?" "Heck no!" "Sure! That's good enough for me." Pipian was moved into John's room accordingly. "Hey John!" said Pipian. "Hey Pipian!" The Laramies in the room scowled at Pipian. "You know we're gonna sue you for what you did to John?" said Lara. "Huh? Me? I didn't do a thing." "Pipian? Oh, he hasn't done a thing. He's my friend. It's not like we joined Team Rocket... Forgive him Lara... Please?" asked John. "Oh... All right..." "What are you in the hospital for anyway, Pipian?" "I got some broken bones from a fall..." "That's you Pipian... Always getting hurt..." TBC? Tiki and Azutal facedone another on Tiki's concious scape. They each had their swords in their hands. "Alright," Azutal began, "Ready." "Steady," Tiki continued. "GO!" They both yelled. Tiki rushed Azutal and sliced at him, Azutal blocked easily and then, slashed at Tiki's mid-riff. Tiki managed to scoot back in time. Then Azutal swung overhead, Tiki held his sword up quickly and blocked it. Next Tiki kicked Azutal in the stomach and jumped back. Next Tiki rushed again at the side, and tried to slash Azutal from the side. However Azutal jumped over the sword and kicked Tiki in the back of the head. Tiki stumbled trying to recover from the kick. Azutal landed and whirled around trying to slash Tiki's back. Tiki however turned too quickly and managed to block the strike. Tiki then dropped to the ground and tried to sweep kick Azutal, but Azutal saw it coming and jumped into the air and came down on Tiki's sword. He pointed his sword at Tiki's throat. "NOW," he began, "I finish your determiniation, I will rule this body." Azutal raised the sword and slashed at Tiki's throat. TBC??? (Okay short I know but I dont have a lot of time, ill ocntinue it tommorow, till then.) Sent via Before you buy.