From: syke108 <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Let A Mind Wander And It May Not Return... Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 8:13 PM > The group got onto the monstrousely large Pidgeot and they flew back to > Cerulean City. > Everyone quickly returned to the PODA HQ, except for Mike and Bridget, > who started on their way back to their old friends. "Wow, they come and go quickly," remarked Jamie as they watched Mike and Bridget disappear over the horizon. PODA deicided to head back to the HQ. As they walked, john's eys wandered over Cerulean. as he looked across the waters, he swore he saw a girl and a girl-guy hybrid lokking through the grass looking for Pokémon. "Man, I got to get some sleep, my eyes are starting to fool me." Noticing that he was lagging behind, he rux=shed to catch up with his friends, all thought of the pair out of is mind. When they reached the HQ, john decided to stay outside for a while. he took out all his Pokémon and was shocked to see that five of them had on some strange headband. He removed them, and was immediately pounced on by some Eeveelutions who were VERY happy their trainer was his old self again. John pushed them off and looked at the sixth Pokémon. it was a Tauros, a gift from Lara, and it was chewing on some grass that was nearby. John sweatdropped, and got some Pokéchow from the cupboards of PODA HQ. Once all had finished eating, john traded his new Tauros for his hitmonlee, Jackie. "Lee? Hitmonlee hit mon hit?" he asked, wondering why his trainer had on a karate outfit. "Well, Jackie, I propose a little one-on-one, you against me. A wise trainer once said to know your Pokémon, you have to think like a Pokémon. So, care for a little sparring?" Jackie, eager to fight, struck his own pose, then cycled through a bunch of martial arts kicks. John went through a few slow poses. Jamie and Tiki came out to watch, then put a small wager on who would win. "Hya!" cried John, and he charged in with a roundhouse. Jackie leaped up, then landed on john and started a quick tap-dance. john grabbed his Hitmonlee's foot, and did his own version of a Seismic toss. jackie flew through the air, landed on his hands, and flipped rightside up. the hitmonlee charged, and the two continued a grup of kick, punch, block, thrust. their battle had brought on quite a crowd, including Officer Jenny, who was apprehensive about letting this continue. Five minutes later, jackie saw an opening and planted a Mega kick right into John's face. John fell on his rump, then proceeded to trip jackie, causing the Hitmonlee to fall flat on its face. jackie got up, and started his patented multi-kick. john put up a strong guard, but the viewers could tell he was weakening. Finally Jackie leaped back and used a springboard to launch a Jump Kick. He was about to land when a bell rang. jackie stopped his forward momentum and both looked in the direction to see Pipian with a bell. "Round 1 is over!" he cried, and the two combatants took time out for a drink. after that, they went back into the pose that they were in at Round 1's end. (OOC: fanfic physics - gotta love it!) Pipian hit the bell, and jackie slammed into john, who had put a block in time. John slid back ward, slamming into a tree. he growled, then slid across the ground and planted anuppercut. jackie flew up and landed head first. However, he was not hurt, and the battle continued to the delight of the crowd. jenny had long disappeared, a Squirtle trailing behind her. John did not want to know what they were doing. The battle continued, neither combatant asking or giving any quarter. Some onlookers cheered for the Raichu-tailed teen, others for the Kicking Fiend. it wsn't until dusk when both John and Jackie fell flat on their backs. Score, dressed in an referee's outfit, ran out and started counting. At nine Jackie managed to get up, and was crowned the champion of the battle. Jamie looked at Tiki with a triumphant smile as John slowly got up and the crowd began to disperse. "Pay up, Tiki. Told you john was bitimg off more than he could chew." Tiki grumbled, then payed the $200 cash they bet. john laughed, then grabbed his cheek in pain. "That smarts. Good fight, Jackie." the Hitmolee bowed, then returned to his Pokéball to rest. john headed back into PODA HQ for a shower, than joined his friends for Coke and pizza from the nearby restaurant. TBC? -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine! Sent via Before you buy.