From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Like A Zubat Out Of Hell Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 7:40 AM In article <>, Adrian Tymes <> wrote: > Doppler-puff stood on the pile of moon stones, somehow restraining > his > current form's urge to evolve. His body sung with the afterglow > of his > song; despite his distaste for the mistranslated lyrics, the melody > struck a chord in his soul. Cinder was off somewhere, but he'd > said to > keep an eye out for a potential new recruit...ah, there they were, > coming back into the cavern. Doppler hopped down to meet them... > "CLE!" > ....and hopped back up on the rocks as his dancing audience closed > ranks. > "FAIRY!" "FABLE!" > "An encore?" He waved his stubby arms to indicate the fires > (mostly put > out by the blast) and the statue (turned to rubble by same). "That > might be dangerous." > "CLE!" > "I don't care if you *can* direct the attack away from us; I'm not > sure > this cavern can *survive* another one." > "FAIRY!" > "Alright...jiiigillyPUFF!" Doppler rubbed his head where a rock > had > impacted it. "Hey!" > "CLE!" > #Well, so much for singing them to sleep.# Doppler twirled his > finger, spun up a psychic ball of energy above his head, launched > it to > clear a path in the mob... > ....and sweatdropped as the younger-looking clefairies started > playing > volleyball with it. #Training machines. But who...# > "FABLE!" > "You trained...w-with Doppler's crew..." #Oh, *VOID*!# Doppler's > tactics were mostly organized on using powers that the opposition > simply > did not have. While it proved most useful in day to day raids, it > did > leave his forces a bit weak against anyone who was prepared to > take them > on at the same level...not that, until now, that had ever been a > serious concern, outside of a few places (like Sabrina's gym) > which they > simply avoided. > "CLE! FAIRY! CLE! FABLE!" > "Umm...sorry, I'm not going to sing that again..." > "CLE! FAIRY! CLE! FABLE!" > #This is going to hurt.# "On the road to Viridian City..." > Doppler only got a few lines in before the next metronome hit, and > to > its victim, it was utterly devastating - or, at least, it felt > that way > at first. Nise-feline entered just as a giant Splash hit. > TBC? Nisemon stepped into the still-smouldering cavern, and stopped dead. Instinct immediately told the Persian to gingerly step back a little, where it couldn't be seen. So Nisemon did so. Ahead of the Nise-Persian, the following could be seen. A Jigglypuff. Some Clefable and Clefairies. An awful lot of rubble lying about. The very first thing that entered Nisemon's mind was to quickly duck behind a cavern wall and morph into a lady Jigglypuff, or Clefairy. But seducing other Pokemon was not what Nisemon was here for. Quite what the Ditto was here for it sure as hell didn't know, but why would it want to break Pokemon hearts when tormenting humans was so much more funny? The second option was to morph into a human, because of course Nisemon didn't want a Pokemon battle. Despite the recent boost of confidence the Ditto was still a Grade A coward, albeit having delusions of grandeur and aspirations to take over the world purely by messing up the love lives of anime teenagers (which was, naturally, a valid course of action). Yes, morphing into a human would be a Good Idea. Nisemon could casually stroll past the dumb Pokemon, who would probably run away at any rate. Nobody would be any the wiser. So quickly, Nisemon jumped into the darkness, and made ready to don Tracey's clothes. Clothes? What clothes? Oh, no! Nisemon had dropped the clothes held in the Persian's mouth, while it had been trying to sing 'Konya wa Hurricane'! Nisemon dejectedly hauled the Persian's form back into the gloomy halflight, and tried to decide what to do next. The Jigglypuff certainly posed a problem. Yes, these creatures were formidable foes, the Ditto didn't want to be sent to sleep while on its bid to take over the world, that would be most embarrassing. The Jigglypuff was.... now, just a minute! The Persian frowned, or rather, it made a good impression of frowning to the best that a creature with a split top lip and permanently grinning, evil eyes could manage. There was something wrong with that Jigglypuff. It smelt funny. Suddendly, recognition lit up the Persian's features, or rather, a feline emulation of the emotion. It melodramatically flung its whole body back against the wall, its limbs splayed out in a manga-esque denotation of disbelief. A wave of angst spread over its face, or the best impression of one. Nightmarish images of white-coated scientists, petri-dishes, syringes, a belljar prison - and for some reason, a proliferation of bubble shaped objects - filled Nisemon's mind. "You!" Nisemon screamed at the Jigglypuff, only in cat language - which would obviously have less dramatic effect if it were to be relayed here. "You! You're the Ditto! You're the Ditto!" The Persian tried to back further into the wall, which would have been possible had Nisemon been in Ditto form - but then Nisemon hadn't been a lump of anti-matter for a long time. The Persian then tried to fling its paws over its head, except it lacked the bone structure to do such a thing. Instead, its 'arms' waved pitifully about. "I am the geniune article!" it continued. "Because I am the strong....I mean the cleverest! I'll show you!" - TBC? - Shimarisu (Christ, it's hard writing an eitherly-gendered character...) * Sent from RemarQ The Internet's Discussion Network * The fastest and easiest way to search and participate in Usenet - Free!