From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Look Out! It's Coming! Run For Your Sanity! It's... Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000 11:49 AM "Eight blasted years this has been WRONG." Matey shook his head as he switched the gold E and I on the side of the ship, carefull not to fall off of his rope-suspended swing. "There! The Barely Floating PIECE of Crap. A fitting name either way..." Venus, with the the three other recruiters in tow, bounced down the gangplank (Some parts bouncing more than others.) "Whatcha doin' Matey?" "Fixing the lettering on the ship. I can't belive that it was spelt Peice for all this time!" "With Captain Hole as out wonderful leader?" "Uh..." "Though so." Venus began walking, when something stuck her mind. "Hey, I thought we were going to Vermillion?" "We were." "Then how'd we reach Cinnibar?' "With Navi as our navigator?" Venus though about that for a moment. "Oh yeah. Nevermind. I'm just glad to see land again." "Shall we go recruiting, my dear?" Matey lept off the suspended swing down onto the dock. "Sure. We should begin at the Pokecenter." With that, the recruiting team took off. Sitting behind a table, next to the gangplank, Demieo Locke sat there, wondering what he ever did to deserve his fate. At least he might be able to rope as many other people as possible into sharing it. "HEY DEMIEO!" "Oh no, it can't be..." Newton Haights ran over to the table Demieo was sitting at. "Hey, since my business here is done already, I'll be able to take passage on your ship back to Vermillion! Isn't that great!" "Wonderful..." Demieo wondered if the Captain kept a revolved he could shoot himself with... TBC? (OOC: Well, I COULD have just issued a typo list. But HEY, with this crew, ANY mistake is easily-correctable or excusable!) Sent via Before you buy.