From: Neo J. Menasor <neomenasor@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: Re: [PW!] Message To The Troops [Attn: Neo J. Menasor] Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 7:16 PM >Arcturus spread his wings and flew at him... Arcturus shrieked and flew at the intruder, extending his sharp, hooklike claws. Arcturus's normally intelligent and cautious thinking, ursurped by animalistic rages. Cinder calmly flew to the side, leaving Arcturus to hover close to the ceiling. Cinder could barely stand to look at the monstrosity. Cinder growled at Arcturus, who just merely cocked his head to the side. A glimpse of the old Arcturus, the once intelligent and calculating man shown as he hovered. Arcturus tried to form a word with his large mouth, but it didn't come out, Arcturus was overtaken by the animal urges. He screeched and flew at Cinder, they struggled to the ground. Cinder blew embers into Arcturus's eyes, the searing hot pain cause Arcturus to scream. He thought, ', rip, tear, EAT!' he blew a glob of green liquid at Cinder and it missed. Cinder turned his head and almost screamed in terror, a Paras which had been crawling towards him was now melting.....Cinder was horrified, 'Acid....' he thought, 'That thing spits acid......' Arcturis was on him again, slashing his claws. Arcturus's rage was unnerving, Cinder held the beast off as best as he could, but the thought of the poor Paras kept him off guard. One of Arcturus's claws got him in his leg, Cinder roared and fell, blacking out. ..... TBC? Duh... [Note to Hedgehogey...sorry if I pissed you off...I'm trying to increase tension.] The One and Only: Neo J. Menasor THE LIZARD KING!!!! Supreme Commander of the Flying Grape Tree Follower of Dreadite The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK!!! AOL