From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.commtech> Subject: [PW!] Mt. Moon Adventure! Date: Sunday, February 06, 2000 5:40 PM RoboNarrator MK. II: In the last episode, Sam got a boulderbadge. Now, they're at Mt. Moon. "Wow, this mountain's big." Sam said. <Yeah.> Kirby said. A clefiry peeked out from behind a rock. <Hey!> it said. It jumped from the rock to in front of Sam. <Hey, you guys look lost.> it said. "Um, not really, we're just trying to find a way to Cerulean." Sam said. <Oh, well I can get you there. You hungry?> <Yeah.> Kirby said. <Follow me.> They followed the clefairy through a cave, until they got to an opening, with a bunch of clefairy who were eating and dancing. <Hey!> one clefairy said. <Who's that?> another asked. <Look, a squirtle!> one exclaimed. <He doesn't look like a human...> <Okay, guys. You can stay here for a while. There's food here, and I'll show you the way to Cerulean when you're ready to leave.> a clefairy said. "Thanks." Sam let Dynablade out of his pokeball. <I didn't know that you had a spearow.> Pitch said. "Oh, sorry." sam said. "Can I turn into something else?" Gooey asked. "Yeah, go ahead." Gooey transformed from a backpack to a motimon. "What the heck did you turn into?" Sam asked. "Something that I saw on TV." Gooey replied. <You had a ditto, too?> Pitch asked. "Yeah, sorry." [A few hours later...] <Hey, you're kinda cute.> a female clefairy said. <Sorry, I don't date outside my species.> Kirby said. <Come on, make an exception!> She got closer to Kirby. <I said no.> <Please?> She played with Kirby's hair. <Um.....> He inhaled some air, snd floated higher than the clefairy could reach. <I'll get you sooner or later.> She walked off. <So, Sam. You don't look like a human, and you can understand what I'm saying, so...> a clefairy said. "Yeah, I'm a hitmonchan." <Oh.> Suddenly... CRASH A bunch of Rockets bombed a wall, and crowded into the opening. "Bwahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" "Look at all of the clefairies!" "They all belong to Team Rocket!" <AAAHHHH!!!!> A female clefairy screamed. <Grrrrr....Metronome!> another said. The clefairy waved its finger....and exploded. <Hey!> Another clefairy used metronome...and exploded. "What's going on?" Sam asked. "Can I help the clefairy?" Gooey asked. "Go ahead." "Motimon, digivolve to......Tentomon!" Sam sweatdropped. "Hey jeks! Take this!" Gooey shocked the rockets, but more took their places. "Grr....Tentomon! Digivolve to.....Kabuterimon!" "Eww! It's a nasty cockroach thing! Kill it!" The rocket shot at Gooey, but it didn't do anything against his hard chitinous shell. In return.... "Electro Shocker!"(thundershock) The electricity hit a few rockets, but even more took their places, capturing clefairy and shooting at Gooey. "Oh boy! Kabuterimon! Digivolve to.....Megakabuterimon!" "Ahhhh! It's a giant rhinoceros beetle!" The rocket shot at Gooey with a bazooka, but.... "Horn Buster!"(horn drill) He hit a few dozen rockets, but as usual, more took their places. "Gaah....Megakabuterimon! Digivolve to.....Heraklekabuterimon!" The Rockets froze at the sight of a big white bug, and a few ran away. Hey digimon, hey digimon, monster friends to the boys and girls, hey digimon, hey digimon, champions of the digital world! [The other side of the opening] The clefairy that was hitting on Kirby was being backed into a corner by a Rocket. "Heh. I've got you now. The boss might give me a promotion." "Clefairy...." "Spear!" Kirby was riding on Dynablade, and jumped off, wearing a spearow hat. "What the-" <Fury Attack!> Kirby hit the Rocket multiple times in the head, giving him a concussion. <Oh, Kirby! You saved me!> She hugged Kirby. He blushed. <Um....> [A few hours later...] <Thanks for getting rid of the rockets for us, guys. As a token of our appreciation, We'll give you anything you want.> "Well, I just want to get to Cerulean." <Okay, then. We'll get you to Cerulean in the morning.> "Thanks." RoboNarrator MK. II: So, Sam and co. saved the clefairy from a bunch of Rockets. Will the get to Ceulean safely? Find out in the next episode! Next Episode: Water Duel! Fightng Misty! __________________________________________________________________________ _______ As a token of my appreciation, please take this baby. -Zenigame-sama __ /o o \ __ \_ - _/__ >|__ /_ |_ \ __|< \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\ Isshun de kitanaku nigotta mizumo kiyomeru chikara wo motsu. Kita kaze no umare kawari toiu. 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points