From: Aftershock9 <> Subject: [PW!]New Aquantinces, Old Enemies Date: Sunday, January 02, 2000 10:39 AM Note- Remember the Samurai Troy was about to battle? This is the story that continues it.Don't be looking for a missed post because you won't find one. "Bee-DRIILLL!" Troy frantically dropped to to the ground, dodging the diving Beedrill. "Where did the others go'"thought Troy because there was just a huge swarm of Beedrill behind him. "AAAHHHHHH!" "What was that it? It sounded like a scream." Troy turned his head and now saw the Beedrills were attacking a girl. "Hold on, I'm coming," yelled Troy as he dived and grabed the girl, bringing them both down to the ground; avoiding the Beedrills. "Do you have any Pokemon who can fight them?" he asked as he remembered his battle with the Samurai where Tsunami and Aeolus both fainted. "Only one," replied the girl,"My Flareon, but I dropped its Pokeball and now I can't find it." "Get down." "What?" "Get Down!" commanded Troy as he pulled the girl down by the wrists. "DRILL!" The Beedrills once again divebombed the two, swooping down, just above them. "Come on we gotta run!" Troy lifted the girl up and they started to run for their lives. "Look, its my Flareon!" The girl focused on the pokeball, not on what's infront of her and tripped, releasing a pokeball behind them into the air. It hit the ground and out came a baby Jigglypuff. "PUFF! PUFF! PUFF! PUFF!" cried the baby histerically. "I'll get the Jigglypuff, you'll get your Flareon." As fast as he could Troy ran for the baby and dived on it. A Beedrill swooped down, slashing Troy in the back. "Lunar, Go!" From its pokeball out came the majestic Flareon. "Lunar, Flamethrower now!" The Flareon quickly disposed of the Bug-Type Beedrills who were weak against her flames. "I might as well catch them." reaching for her pokeballs noticing she only had three left. "Well three will have to do. Pokeballs go!' The girl threw her three remaining Pokeballs and easily caught three Beedrills. "Oh no! What about the guy who saved me?" She turned to Troy seeing a bloody gash across his back. "Jiggly?" TBC? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -"That does it,that's it, this planet is HISTORY!" -Vegita, DBZ