From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Attn: Shard, Ncnc123] New beginnings? Date: Friday, January 28, 2000 12:07 PM In article <VWXj4.614$>, "Insanellama" <> wrote: > Kiniro paused to catch his breath. Normally this run shouldn't have > bothered him. Each breath stabbed into his chest. "I....don't.....know.... > what the..... hell's wrong... with me. I walked out... of some damn bar... > after only having... a glass of water... feeling very sick... Then I was... > so damn suprised... to see you... And I don't... feel so good right now." > Kiniro managed to choke out between gasps. The ground was starting to move > of its own volition again. This was not good. As if to prove it could, his > skin turned a shade or two paler. "Where are we going?" Kiniro asked after > finally catching his breath,"and why are we in such a headlong rush to get > there?" > > She almost said she didn't know where they were going, nor why in such a > hurry, but she didn't want him to know that. She also didn't want him to > know why she had chosen to drag him. She was busy trying to rationalize her > way out of that one. She had just grabbed him because he was the first > object that she came in contact with on her way out. Murasaki frowned. Kiniro was still keeping up with her, and she didn't like that. She also didn't like the fact that he was breathing so heavily, and struggling to speak. Swiftly, she dug her heel into the floor, spun round, then slapped him hard across the left cheek. "Pull yourself together!" Murasaki yelled, as he fell to the ground. "Somebody's got to take control here, and it's about time it was me!" She haughtily turned her back to him and stalked off - a lot more slowly and more controlled this time - towards the end of the corridor, where the checking-in reception was located. The blonde secretary looked up from her task of sorting files, as she heard the heavy footsteps. The violently coiffeured young woman approaching her desk looked *very* angry. She gasped as the girl slammed the flat of her gloved hand down on the table, and addressed her in an authoritarian fashion. "I'm Murasaki," she snapped. "I came here looking for my next mission. Tell me where I have to go next." The secretary sighed, and made to type the details into her computer. But Murasaki wasn't finished. She reached out, and snatched the secretary's shoulder, then pulled the woman swiftly towards her. "Listen," she hissed in a hushed tone. "You see that guy, passed out in the corridor?" She indicated. The girl looked, and nodded. "Get him some medical help." Murasaki whispered, and released her grasp. But the look in her piercing green eyes seemed to add something else to the equation. "If you tell a single soul I said that, I'll kill you," went the unspoken command. The blonde nodded a final time. She swiftly typed the details on her keypad. - TBC? - Shimarisu Sent via Before you buy.