From: Insanellama <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Attn: Shard, Ncnc123] New beginnings? Date: Sunday, January 16, 2000 11:33 AM Ncnc123 <> wrote in message > Okay... Last time, AOL ate Splash's post, so I'm not sure if anyone else who > has AOL saw it, so here it is: > > >Last Time, Splash arrived at the Cerulean Rocket Center, where Minax >had told > him that Murasaki was currently located. > >----------- > > > > Splash was overjoyed. He was finally at the Cerulean Rocket center. >The > place where his love, Murasaki was. And he was in the same town >that he was in > when he had first met Murasaki in Brock's Diner. > > > That had been in early September. He had tried to get over Murasaki >for a > time after that, but he eventually gave in to his feelings for her, and > >decided to find her again. > > > > Splash knew that Murasaki would be happy to see him again. Then >they > could spend the rest of their lives together... > > > > "Oh!" Splash said out loud. He had just thought of something >important. > Murasaki was a very important (At least to Splash) member >of Team Rocket. How > would she react to Splash? She was constantly >being sent all over the world > for Team Rocket. How would this affect >their future relationship? > > > > Splash then decided something. He was currently at the Cerulean >City > Rocket Center. Just outside it. Outside a place where a whole lot >of Rockets > currently were. > > > > Splash would impress Murasaki by becoming a member of Team >Rocket, and > then he and Murasaki would spend the rest of their lives >together. > > > > He boldly opened the door to the Cerulean City Rocket Station and >stepped > inside. > > > > ------------- > > Splash had done it... He had joined Team Rocket. It had been a few days > since he first came into the Cerulean City Rocket Station, and now he was > finally a member of Team Rocket. > > A lot had happened since he had left his home several months ago. He had > set off, with good wishes from Misty, and tried to get a Marsh Bdge from the > Saffron Gym. He lost, pretty badly. He had also caught a Mankey. > > Then he had headed to Celadon, and got challenged by a Pokemon Trainer. > The Trainer's Mr. Mime had fought pretty well, and had killed Splash's new > Mankey. His sudden burst of anger had gotten the better of him, and he stole > the trainer's Mr. Mime. > > After heading to Cerulean via a train, the Mr. Mime's original trainer > forgave him for stealing the Pokemon, and let him keep it. Then he had gone to > Brock's diner, and met Dernam. They had had a Pokemon battle, which they had > tied, and had gone back into the diner, and had been talking, when Murasaki had > walked in. > > Of course, it had been Nise-Murasaki, but Splash didn't know that, and he > had fallen for the Rocket, just like Nisemon had hoped. Then as Splash went to > the bathroom, Nise-Murasaki had left. Splash had been crushed, until he found > out from some strange guy named Mondo that Murasaki had saved several people > from an explotion at the PokeBall. > > Since Murasaki didn't return to the diner, Dernam convinced him to try to > get over Murasaki. He had lied to him, hoping to get him off his back. > > Splash had almost succeeded in getting over the Rocket. He and Dernam > headed over to Mt. Moon with Dernam's brother Luke, and Splash caught an Onix. > Then Splash parted ways with Dernam and Luke, and some other people, and headed > to Lavender Town, which he had been having strange dreams about. > > After having his "plane" crash, he arrived at Pokemon Tower, where his > Pokemon started to attack him. That was on Halloween. Eventually, they stopped > attacking him, and he caught a Ghastly and headed to the Pokemon Center. > > He had traded the Ghastly for Dernam's Staryu over the computer, and then > went and thought about Murasaki. Then two kids, who looked just like him, met > with him. They turned out to be his long lost brothers, Forest and Shock. > > They dragged him to Vermillion, to talk to Shock's parents, and then > Splash had finally gotten away from then. Splash decided to join Team Rocket, > but he didn't know how to do it. > > After a failed attempt at joining Team Rocket, courtesy of Minax, he > convinced her to tell him where Murasaki was. She told him where Murasaki was, > and he had eventually found the Rocket Center. > > Now, he was finally a member of Team Rocket. He would impress Murasaki, > and they would live happily ever after. Together. > > > > >> Murasaki was waiting. It was late afternoon in the cafeteria of the Team > >> Rocket headquarters that she'd suddenly found herself wandering into, > >> and she was busy waiting for nothing or nobody in particular, but for > >> some undefined event that, might alter her life, change it for the > >> better. Waiting was something you did when you had nothing else to do, > >> and even when you didn't know what to expect next, if your life was as > >> empty as Murasaki's it was all you could do. And if you didn't do that > >> you'd just die, and certain persons who might have told you to keep > >> hanging on years and years ago would be seriously let down. Of course, > >> she was not waiting to see if Kiniro or Sneakers would follow her to > >> this place, no, that couldn't be it. That would be crazy of > >> her. > >> > >> Naturally, Murasaki did not know, or care about what Kiniro and Sneakers > >> were doing at that time. She had stormed off in a huff, after the Meowth > >> had killed that poor Pokemon, and offered it to her for food. As far as > >> she was concerned, Sneakers had made three > >> fatal errors. The first error was killing the Gloom. While Murasaki had > >> no issues with Pokemon that lived by feeding on other animals, it was > >> surely wrong for humans - who had the resources to live by other means - > >> to kill and eat creatures which in many cases rivalled them in > >> intelligence. People who made their pokemon battle if they otherwise > >> wouldn't want to were reprehensible. And any person that made a pokemon > >> kill another merely for the sake of their own survival were pitiful > >> creatures who deserved to die. Sneakers had practically > >> turned Murasaki into a murderer. > >> > >> The second error, of course, was actually offering food to Murasaki. > >> Surely Sneakers must have known that she didn't accept anything > >> from others? She didn't give, and she didn't take either, that was the > >> rule. It was the best way of avoiding other people. Or was it? She > >> mentally admonished herself for such an idea. "I am not suffering from > >> any crazy hangups!" thought Murasaki. > >> > >> And then there was the third error. This one really clinched it. > >> Everyone knew that Glooms were poisonous. Of course, Murasaki could not > >> blame the Meowth for wanting to kill her, obviously Pokemon who had > >> developed their own minds would > >> think that humans were so vile that they would put the pitiful souls out > >> of their misery at every given opportunity. Or at least, that's what > >> they would think of the majority of trainers. Kohban had told Murasaki > >> that she was different. That her family had been different. But lately, > >> she had been harbouring doubts. It had been so long, maybe Kohban had > >> been wrong about her? She didn't know. And she didn't blame Sneakers. > >> She didn't know it, if she'd known it she'd have no doubt wanted to die > >> - but Murasaki was commiting the cardinal sin of wallowing in > >> self-hatred. > >> > >> She closed the lid of the Rocket Bento, and idly wondered what had made > >> her accept the food in the first place. She had, of course, accepted it > >> long ago - it was the first meal she'd had after joining Team Rocket, > >> and it was likely all she'd eat for the full duration of her employment > >> in the organisation. After all, she'd decided to become an agent in > >> order to give herself a purpose, and while she was working in Team > >> Rocket, the food provided was earned, not given away. > >> > >> But hang on. Had she actually achieved anything worth credit since the > >> time she'd stumbled into the Celadon HQ, all those months ago? > >> > >> Idly, she dismissed the thought. Who could guess at to what these humans > >> considered worthwhile? She cast the bento box aside, left it there for > >> somebody else to pick up. Maybe she should ask at reception what her > >> next assignment was? But was she supposed to be working with the other > >> two, or by herself? > >> > >> For now, she could only wait. In order to see where her destiny would > >> take her... > >> > >> - TBC? (and yes, I would like Murasaki to meet up with Sneakers again. > >> Sorry I've been away, I went to my parents' for millenium...) > > > > Kiniro was feeling a little groggy. He'd just come out of a bar, and he > >thought maybe someone had slipped him something. That wouldn't be too > >suprising. Didn't really matter tho, there was a TR base not far from where > >he was. He wondered where Murasaki had gotten off to. > > > > By the time he got to the door, he was torn between passing out and > >throwing up. He opted for a combination and fell face first on the floor 2 > >feet from the desk, when he hit the ground, vomit began to leak from his > >mouth. The secretary walked slowly from behind her desk. She could smell > >booze on him, and figured he'd had a few too many. She paged to guards to > >get him into the infirmary, and clean up the floor. > > Splash was walking around the Rocket Center, looking for Murasaki. He > almost tripped over Kiniro, but he didn't seem to notice. Splash just kept > looking for Murasaki. As he didn't see her in the current room, he turned > around and continued to look for her. > > > > > They dragged Kiniro past where an empty Bento box was sitting by a > >disgruntled looking agent. Kiniro's eyelids fluttered open. "What the > >he...??" He pulled his arms loosed from the two guards. Bad idea, he wasn't > >ready, and his head hit the floor, hard! The room resumed its dance, and > >Kiniro barely managed to make out Murasaki's form. He shook his head > >confusedly. He wasn't sure whether he was hallucinating, or dreaming, or > >this was the real thing. The pain in his head told him he wasn't dreaming > >tho. > > He was half-way down the corridor by the time his head started to clear. This time, he was more careful. "Halt." he said, his voice short and clipped. He got his feet under himself, and told the two guards to let go of his arms. They shrugged, let go, and disappeared around a corner. Kiniro used the wall for support until when he would be just in range of thier vision. Then he stepped to the side and managed a passable version of his normal walk. He surveyed the seen. Murasaki was setting down against the wall. Sneakers, and an unknown agent were sprawled out on the ground. "Hello." he said, keeping his tone indifferent. "Where have you guys been?" he asked, acting as if it were they who had been had abnormal adventures instead of he. "Where have WE been? WHERE HAVE WE BEEN?!?" asked Sneakers fuming. "You've been gone for 2 months, and you ask where we've been?????" Kiniro absentmindedly marked another point on his mental scoreboard with Sneakers. Good, I've only been here two minutes, and already I've got him rattled. "Yea, I asked where you've been. One minute I was right with you, and the next, you two had gone AWOL." "WHAT!?" Sneakers said flipping up to his feet, he extended his claws. "I'm gonna scratch your eyes out!" "Don't sing it kitty, BRING IT!" Murasaki watch almost disinterestedly. The two had been claw to toe ever since they met. Splash had by now gotten up himself, and was about to get between the two agents. "Too late," he realized, sneakers was airborne. Kiniro deftly sidestepped right, and sneakers hit the wall unprepared. Sneakers shook his head and stood up. He charged at kiniro, then faked right , Kiniro bit the fake, hard, then cut back left and slashed Kiniro's legs and stomach. As Kiniro fell forward, he managed to cut his lip. Kiniro stood up in a different fighting stance. Being still a little groggy was affecting his decisions. He touched a finger to his lip, and looked at it. Kiniro's entire body snapped in one quick motion to another stance. He bent his neck left and right, and everyone heard the pops. He was now, completely sober. Sneakers realized that making Kiniro this mad while he was drunk, might have been okay, but now that he appeared sober, it was beginning to feel like a good idea gone bad. Kiniro moved in quickly, with a flurry of kicks. Kiniro landed right above Sneakers. He slammed a fist towards Sneakers, and pulled stopped it suddenly only 3 millimeters from Sneakers's chin. Kiniro's fist suddenly became an opened hand, and the fingers stabbed into Snearkers throat. After about 5 seconds, he pulled it back, still open and moved it towards Sneakers paw, "Shake it, and this fight is over." Sneakers reluctantly shook the hand. This round, at least, went to Kiniro. Kiniro stood up, and jerked sneakers up. Then he began to bandage the lacerations on his legs and stomach with strips of his shirt as he tore it to shreads. TBC???????? -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama