From: Lifegiver <> Subject: [PW!] New Blood Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 2:52 PM Okay, here is a new segment that was delayed over a month before I finally decided to finish it. If you want to add to it, be my guest. After all, I would have to do some interaction sooner or later. He walked in the streets of Pallet, ignoring the cold, while a flurry of thoughts. Something about this town was important, but he couldn't quite place it. He looked around, something was going on, but the only thing he can think is going on is the completion of the world's cycle. 'It is amazing what humans will celebrate', he said to himself. Eventually he came to a fence surrounding a house on a hilltop. As he came closer he saw the nameplate next to the gate. Profrssor Oak. For some reason, the name sounded important, so he went through the gate and went up the hill to the house. Occasionally something glimpsed at him from the bushes and trees. Finally he made it to the door. As he looked up, the feeling that this place would be important to him increased, and he rang the door bell. After some sounds from the house, the door opened and he soon found himself standing in front of a human in a long white coat. "Why hello there," the human said. "Is there anything I can help you with?" He (our hero) paused a bit then said, "Are you Professor Oak? I believe he is the one to go to in order to... begin. Am I correct?" The professor nodded, seemingly unfazed at the way his visitor spoke. "Of course. Why don't you come in and we can talk this over, Mr.... what is your name?" The visitor paused a while, thinking of a way to say his name in a way that a human would understand it. Finally he said,"Kaliban D'Astra." * * * A few minutes later, they were in the Pokelab. Kaliban looked at all the equipment in the room. While it was possible the devices here were the same as those on B'hacka, they didn't quite look the same, feeling more .... primitive. So absorbed he was in looking around that he missed Oak's question and the Professor had to repeat it. "Pardon me, but while I was placing your information into your Pokedex, I realized you never did say where you were from." Kaliban sweatdropped, as he really didn't give any hint of where he was from, and he certainly wasn't gonna tell the truth. He then remembered the house he slept in earlier. "Before I started my journey, I used to live in a house not far from this town, so I guess you can say I'm from this town." The Professor nodded. It would probably be the best guess he had. After finishing the Pokedex, he went to a large cylinder-like device in the middle of the room and bade Kaliban to follow. "Here is where I keep the Pokeballs containing the standard starters," he said as he pressed a button, opening the domelike top, revealing three pokeballs nestled in thier respective niches. "Choose carefully, as each Pokemon has it's own strengths and weaknesses." Kaliban looked at the three balls, sensing what was inside each one. One of them caught his eye. He could feel the fire of life within it. He knew that that was the one, and he reached for it. When Professor Oak saw the odd hand reaching for the pokeball, he was startled, but quickly regained his composure when he remembered he has seen Pokemon become Pokemon trainers. As Kaliban etched a name into the ball, Oak said, "I've seen you've chosen the Charamander. It can be a bit difficult from the start, but it can become quite powerful." He then gave Kaliban his Pokedex. Kaliban took it and bowed, slipping the Pokedex under his cloak. "I thank you Professor." "No need to thank me. I'm just doing my job." * * * Kaliban walked down the hill back towards the street, Professor Oak's well-wishing echoing in his ears and in his mind. Kaliban may have lost everything, but with his new partner and his know-how, he knew gain it back, and maybe even go beyond that... TBC? (Anyone in Pallet now?) Lifegiver Points so far: 15 "You haven't kill-filed WebTV, have you?" points 65536 Lucky-Clover Points