From: Foratog <> Subject: [PW!] Nick's Voyage Off to Destiny, PART 1 (Boy Meets Girl) Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 4:13 PM Ryo was in a rush, and in his haste, had forgotten to call back *all* of his pokémon. As a result, Abra was riding on Arcanine, who was followed by Tangela, all following him as he approached the S.S. Anne. It looked great now that it had been rebuilt. He hurried on board, almost plowing into two young trainers. "Sorry" he mumbled, seeming quite distracted. "Hey! Watch where you're going, jerk!" Jessie yelled as Nick pulled her off the ground. As she bent down to pick up her luggage, Ryo came running back to apologize. In his rush, he slipped on the wet wood flore, and was on sliding on his side. He slide-tackled Nick on accident. "Oh, sorry, I just wanted to..." Ryo was cut off by some older man, who grab his arm and started to drag him away. "Where have you been? We've been looking for you for such a long time! Don't you worry, you still have a spot in the tournament!," the man said as he dragged Ryo away into a corridor. He waved good-bye to Nick and Jessie. "Ow...," Nick was picking himself off the floor, holding is hip. Jessie was staring at the door that Ryo had escaped to. She had an interesting, annoyed and shocked look. Jessie has a tendency to judge people from first impressions, and she has a short temperament. Nick, on the other hand, would jump to forgive someone quickly, and rarely looses his temper. Nick sat down on a beach chair to tend to his injury. Jessie turned to him and asked, "OK, so where are our quarters? What class are we on?" Jessie had dreamed earlier that she would stay on first class; but in her heart she knew fate wasn't as forgiving to her. She predicted that they would have to tough out third class, or worse. "First Class," Nick said with a strain in his voice, still hurting. "First Class?" Jessie repeated. She was skeptical. The boat made numerous deep sounds, and started to shove off to sea. Jessie wobbled a little as she stood still. "Yes...," Nick pauses, to let it set in her mind, "First...Class..." Jessie quickly grabbed one of the tickets and ran. Nick was puzzled. He looked left and right, and after a while, slowly got out of the chair to find where she went. As he was walking, he had a noticeable limp. With this limp, he uncontrollably was stumbling left and right, and people were noticing this. Nick was very embarrassed; everyone was staring at him. Nick thought that they were under the impression that he was on drugs. While he was bothered by this, he bumped into someone. He had knocked a girl onto her bottom, and she seemed hurt. Nick was filled with grief and guiltiness. He sighed and slapped his forehead with his free hand. He picked her up with his other. Her hand was cold and clammy. He picked her up, and to Nick's surprised, she didn't shove him away or slap him. She actually had a silly smile on her pretty face. Her head looked up from the wooden floor and their eyes were locked for several seconds. Finally Nick gave a smirk and laughed a little. "Uhm... look, I'm sorry. I just lost my, uh...," he paused as he tried to explain to the girl Nick and Jessie's relationship, "my lost sister. She ran off, and I don't want her to..." he was interrupted as he bent down to pick up her single small bag she was carrying. He was still holding her hand from when he picked he up from the ground. Her looked up again, and she was now displaying a large, beautiful smile. She seemed to be about Nick's age; even though she looked younger with her baby-like face. Her hair was black like a bucket of coal, and she wore her hair down. She wasn't wearing any makeup, but it wasn't like she needed any. Her eyes where large; they stood out like to bright, blue flames in a dark corridor. Her face was rounded to perfection. She was wearing simple clothes. Her top was a white tank-top and a crummy, black leather jacket was only partially shielding her from the breeze of the Cinnabar coast winds that were blowing cool that afternoon. Nick noticed her nicely-sized breasts; but he was embarrassed he noticed them and tried not to. He quickly glanced at her khaki short-shorts and sandals. Nick couldn't get over how innocent she looked. He glanced back up and finally realized she was saying something to him. "Hi, my name is Sarah," she said as Nick gazed at her. "You were saying?" Nick thought her voice was a grace from heaven. He thought his mouth was wide open, but it really wasn' was shivering like a bald monkey in Alaska. "I-I-I...uhm...," Nick stuttered as he looked over Sarah's shoulder. He saw Jessie peeking over a drink bar. She had a joyful smile, and she giggled. She realized that Nick saw her, and escaped. "Excuse me?" Sarah asked, trying to get Nick's attention. "Oh! I was...going to my room." Nick panicked. He finally let go of her hand; he had come to the conclusion that her's was very small. He also noticed that his hand was very sweaty. He hoped she didn't get disgusted by this. He started to walk away. "Wait! What's your name?," Sarah turned to ask him. "Uh, my name's Nick!" he yelled as he turned the corner. As he was clear from her view, he leaned against the wall, and banged his head against the wall a few times. Suddenly someone grabbed his arm. "Come on, Nick! You just have to see our room!" Has Nick was being pulled away by an excited Jessie, he glanced behind him. Sarah had her side against him, but her head was completely turned to the volcano of Cinnabar Island. Nick thought it had a mystical beauty to it, with Sarah's hair flying in the sea breeze against the hot steam coming from the volcano. Then he realized that he had falling in love with Sarah, and this bothered him. There was something special about her, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He left love for her, but not the kind you would normally feel; it's very hard to explain. He also had a strange feeling that he may never see Cinnabar Island again. It scared him. Jessie dragged Nick up the stairs, into the first class hall... To Be Continued... -- E-mail - AIM - Foratog5 Web Site - NONE Proud Owner of 5 "World's Crappiest Sig" Points, 100 AGNP Love Points, 60 "Green Italics" Points, and 5 "Best Charmander Fan" Points! Gives out Lame Spammer points, Lammer Spammer points, various PW! Critic points, and... the worst of all... "Just like Yoshi" points!