From: Foratog <> Subject: [PW!] Nick's Voyage Off to Destiny PART 2 Date: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 7:33 PM "Where are you taking me, Jessie?" Nick asked as Jessie pulled him through a few doors. "I want to show you around, this place is so cool!" Jessie was beyond herself; Nick had never seen her act like this. But he thought she had good reason to. Jessie grew up in a dingy, old orphanage with no loving family. She was jealous of other girls her age who had money and boyfriends and many clothes and a lot of make up and skirts. She tried so much to look and act like them, but she never fit in, somehow. Yet, Jessie never let this get her down Nick, on the other hand, had been rejected a few times too, but this made him shy and afraid to talk to other kids. Still, Nick never really cared for friends (at least that's what he claims), because he's got Jessie, and he says it's enough for him. Jessie doesn't think this is true. What Jessie probably doesn't know is Nick thinks no one loves him, even though Jessie's heart belongs to Nick, and vice versa. This is why he feels depressed sometimes. Jessie led Nick into the main Pokemon Hall. This is the place were you'd want to battle your pokemon. It was very large, and could house dozens of Onix and many more Snorlax. There were some trainers battling in the center of the hall; it seemed there were many people watching one pokemon match. Jessie pointed Nick over to the group. They tried to look over the large crowd who seemed to be enjoying the match. Nick finally got a sight of one of the trainers. It was Ryo, and it looked like he was winning; he had a grin on his face. Nick didn't notice him for a moment. He was dressed like he was the mate scrubbing the poop deck. Nick then tried to get an idea of what Pokemon he had; Nick wanted to fight him. Then the crowd erupted as a burst of fire shot toward the roof of the hall. This blew everyone's minds, and warmed Nick's cold face. Now he was jumping, trying to see Ryu's fire Pokemon. It was to late. Nick saw a flash of laser from Ryu's pokeball, as he returned his powerful Pokemon. Nick realized that the match was over, and the crowd started to disperse. Once they were on to their on battles, he went over to Ryu. As he walked to him, he glanced back to see that Jessie was upset about something. Ryu was just getting his prize money as Nick came up to him. "Excuse me, but I couldn't help notice..." Ryo turned to Nick and saw that he was still holding his hip. "Oh, It's you," Ryo said. "As I wanted to say before, sorry about that tackling deal." "No, no! That's all right!" Nick pleaded. He was going to continue, but he looked behind himself to find Jessie. She was passed that Nick was taking this lightly. "Anyways," as Nick turned back to Ryo, "I wanted to challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" "Um...maybe tomorrow. I have to heal my Pokemon." As he began to walk away from Ryo, Sarah bumped into Nick. She was in a hurry, but wanted to talk with him later. She seemed very worried about something. Just speaking to her made Nick's heart pound. Not from love for a girl, for some other reason... Jessie continued to give him a tour of the S.S. Anne. After they were finished, they went to their room and went to bed. While Jessie was sleeping, Nick was having another dream... He was on the top deck of the S.S. Anne. It was around midnight, and all the lights were on in the cabins. He was gazing at the moon as he wondered about where the ship may take him. Then the same mysterious girl from his dream he had last night appeared in front of the moon. She was wearing the necklace again. As Nick stood in awe, the girl started to speak. "I must tell you something, Nick." "Wha-Wha...How do you know my name?" He asked. He was shivering, partially from fright, and also from the freezing weather of the winter sea. "I know a lot about you. And I have come to tell you something," she spoke with a heavenly voice. Nick just leaned over the rail, silent as he waited for her to speak. "You may think that you have no family, am I right?"" she quizzed him. Nick was shocked, but then he said, "I guess so. My parents abandoned me. They didn't care..." "They did care," she said as she interrupted Nick's rambling. "Soon enough, you will find this out. Sooner still, you will find someone from your own family..." Nick immediately sprung up. "Wha?!? M-My...." He stuttered a little, "" Nick started to get teary-eyed. He had thought he had no family. "Yes, and there is a way you can tell who they are..." she said. Nick's heart was beating heavily, and now the cold was getting to him. The winds were picking up to a weak gale. "But how can I do that?" The girl grabbed her crystal necklace, and took it off. "This is an identifier for your lost siblings. You have two, and you will find two teenagers with the exact same necklace." Nick took his necklace from under his several sweaters. His puff of breath blanketed the crystal as a reflection of light from the moon shined on his face. He then started to feel more of a breeze, and he suddenly noticed that he was flying through the air. He soared up into the clouds, and started to swan dive back into them. He was flying down to the front of the S.S. Anne, and he saw another girl, dressed in black. She was starring out into the horizon. He flew right in front of her. He couldn't see her face; fog had started to set in. All he could see beyond the dense fog was her crystal necklace. A shot of light came from it, and connected with Nick's crystal. Behind him, he hear the shrieking cry of a Gyrados. On top of his head, again, was a Wartortle. It dove at Nick, and went right through him. The Wartortle speared the girl in black and Nick heard a horrible scream. The last thing he saw was the crystal shooting up in to the sky and covering the moon. Nick woke up with a scream. His heart was beating like never before. He was totally wet. He looked to his side to see Jessie starring out the window. She screamed again. It was her who screamed in Nick's dream. Nick went to the window, and saw a small fireball crash into the water. There was a knock at the door, and when he opened it, he saw Ryo. "We need your help! There is a fire on the ship!" Ryo yelled. ________________ To Be Continued...take it over, ShiningTiger! (PLEASE DON'T SINK THE SHIP! I need Nick and Jessie to stay on after you are finished. Ryo can jump ship if he wants.) ________________ -- E-mail - AIM - Foratog5 Web Site - NONE Proud Owner of 5 "World's Crappiest Sig" Points, 100 AGNP Love Points, 60 "Green Italics" Points, and 5 "Best Charmander Fan" Points! Gives out Lame Spammer points, Lammer Spammer points, various PW! Critic points, and... the worst of all... "Just like Yoshi" points!