From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.commtech> Subject: [PW!] Oh, No! A Fallen Comrade! Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 9:39 AM Narrator: In the last episode, the house blew up. Now, a few hours later.... "LET ME GO!!!!" Rabdy screamed. "NO!" Lisa's father screamed back. "Dang it, the rubble stopped burning!" "It still isn't safe!" "Hyah!" Randy slipped from the grasp of Holly and her father. "Stop!"Holly yelled. "It's no use. If he burns his hands, that's his problem." her father said. Randy was tearing away at the rubble. "Come on, Toma....." Sniff Sniff Lisa was holding back tears. "What's wrong?" her father asked. "H-he couldn't have, and Randy-" she sobbed. She broke down in tears. "It's okay, Lisa." "What's with her?" "I guess, she's sad because of the beedrill, and how Randy'll feel once he realizes what happened to it." "Wow." "Dang it, you can't be dead! Magus!!" <<Yes?>> "Scan the rubble for any life." <<Um, there's faint brain waves coming from over there.>> "I knew it!!" Randy dug where the Magus said, and found... "An egg? Is this yours?" Randy asked. <<No.>> he replied. "Is it yours, Holly?" "NO." she shouted. "IT AIN'T MINE, EITHER." her father shouted. "Then, where the fudge did this thing come from?" Narrator: So, Randy found an egg in the wreckage. Where did it come from? Find out in the next episode! Next Episode: The mysterious egg! __________________________________________________________________________ _______ You take the predicate, and I'll take the noun. -Zenigame-sama __ /o o \ __ \_ - _/__ >|__ /_ |_ \ __|< \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\ Isshun de kitanaku nigotta mizumo kiyomeru chikara wo motsu. Kita kaze no umare kawari toiu. 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points