From: Queen Bess-0-Rama <aznxlotion@aol.comdoms> Subject: [PW!] On that day... Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000 2:17 PM Hello everyone, it's Bess's amibtious return to PW! Bit different now, did this because raven wanted to kick my ass and I guess I wanted to write. =========================================================== "Who are you....?" ((idontknow)) "Why are you...?" ((dontcare)) "What happened?" ((dontknow)) "Tell us something bitch!" ((shutUPSHUt)) "Bring up the charge" Sicking smell of burning flesh flood the sterile stainless steel room. "Get those eletrodes off. It's no use." "Tell us something!!" ((idon'tknoWlEAVeWHo)) "All those dead people!" Sounds of files slapts on a metallic surface. "Devon Jack Clearmountian a illegitimate son, Clara Porter student at Pokemon Academy, Raynar Dennosjlkd also known under the alias the Unknown Rocket, Sara Dinch also a student at the Pokemon Academy, Rosemary Fu from Celadon City, a countless amount of police, other trainers and Team Rocket members. Dozens of dead Pokemon. The biggest coverup in the history of Celadon City. What happened! What did you do?!" An unforgiving hand slaps the switch. Electricity pulses again through the electrodes. Scream. "Stop it! Stop it, she doesn't remember anything." "She has to! She was holding the sword, the switch, she had to have..." "If she did, we wouldn't be doing this right now. You know it was impossible, that amount of power, the explosion. She wouldn't have done it. It's a miracle she was alive." "She shouldn't be alive... that's the problem. It wasn't a bomb. It wasn't a gun. It was a pulse. It wasn't artificial. If it was a bomb she'd been just thrown in jail." _SwitcH_ "That's enough turn it off!" ((gaWdOntknoWWWWwWWWwWWWwWwWwW_____)) "Damn it what did you do? What happened?!?" _sWitCh_ "If you shoot anymore serum and electricity she won't know anymore." _swITch_ ((NoOoOoO__STOP)) "This is out of control. Security! Get the doctor out, turn this damn thing off." Burly guards remove a white robed man. Switches are thrown, eletrodes are torn off. "She's useless now doctor. Look at the moniter screen, she probably is a vegatable now." "You're wrong, look at that blood sample! It's not normal. IT ISN'T." "We've gone through so much trouble covering this up. Keeping her right in the Silph Co. Building already is beyond me. I know we don't have the best personel for it but we have to cover up the scars." The man looked down at the the body and shook his head. "Put her through recovery, and then dump her in the slums. Take her things and put them in in one of the high security sectors in the building, I don't want anyone to know she was here understand?" Nodding heads and a stroller being pulled out. ((LightswhereamI)) "Her body's recovered, but I'm not sure about her memories, I think they're gone. She'll be complelety befuddled, no one will listen to her in that section of the city. She'll be just another lost soul..." *HeartbeaT* *hEartbeAt* *heArtbEat* *heaRtBeat* *hearTbeat* ("Who am I....?") ----------------- Ack, this was supposed to be longer, but I haven't been able to get online all day. Anyway, tell me what you think.