From: Prozackian Kid <> Subject: [PW!] On the Road to Recovery (with a slight detour) Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 3:27 AM > Adam had offered to let Michelle sleep in the hospital bed since she seemed tired and had nowhere to go. ========================== [Early The Next Day] Adam woke up early and looked at the clock. "Only 5 o'clock?!" Adam said a little angry. "hmmm" Michelle said still asleep "Ooh, better be quiet" Adam said to himself trying not to wake her up. Adam carefully got out of the bed and slipped out of the rediculous hospital robe and back into his regular clothes while being careful not to get his shirt caught on the bandages around his chest. Adam's stomach growls so he decides to sneak of to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. "Yeah, I'll take four slices of toast, two cinnamon rolls, a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, two of those mini cereal boxes, and a glazed donut" Adam said ordering breakfast "Your a hungry one, aren't you" replied the perspn behind the counter. "It's not just for me, I've got a friend in the hospital" Adam said sorta fibbing "Oh, I hope your friend gets better" "Um, yeah" Adam said hoping she didn't hear the Um part "Here is your meal young man" Adam gives her the money and he gets his breakfast. He takes the breakfast back to his assigned hospital room to see that Michelle is sitting up on the bed staring at him. "What" Adam said wondering what he had done "You could of told me you were getting breakfast" Michelle said still staring at Adam "It's like 5:30 am, and besides, you looked so peaceful sleeping there" "So, you shouldn't be walking around, especially not in you condition" Michelle said stepping closer to Adam "Well I was hungry" Adam said backing away from Michelle (slightly) Michelle took the tray with the food and placed it on a table and grabbed Adam by the arm and pushed him back onto the bed. "OW!!" Adam slightly yelled out "What?" Michelle asked "If you haven't noticed, my ribs aren't in the best condition" Adam said lifting his shirt to reveal the bandages "Sorry" "That's ok, anywho, I brought you breakfast as well as my own" "Thanks" Michelle said before she started eating < Sometime after breakfast: about 9 am > "Hey Adam" Michelle said trying to get Adam's attention "...." there was no reply from Adam "Adam" "....." still no reply Michelle looked at Adam only to find out that Adam was asleep. "Then I'll suprise you when I get back then" Michelle said grabbing a few items < several hours later > "Ah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Adam said yawning. Adam was suprised to look around the room to see that Michelle wasn't in the room. Adam went over to the phone and called the front desk asking if a girl named Michelle walked by. The person told him that she headed out of the building in a hurry. Adam quickly found the hospital robe he had taken off earlier and slipped it on over his shirt. He grabbed a pillow and tucked in between his shirt and the hospital robe in hoping it would make a good disguise. He just about left the room when he slipped on a pokéball. He recognized it as Rhyhorn's. He carried it in his right hand and formed a fist with it. He walked to the nearest elevator and found out that he was on the 5th floor. *ding* went the elevator and the doctor who was taking care of Adam stepped out and immeadiately recognized him. "HEY! Your supposed to be in your room." the doctor said grabbing Adam's arm and tried to take him back to his room. "I don't think so doctor" Adam tried to get out of the doctor's grasp. "Your still weak and need your rest, its for the best" the doctor said dragging Adam behind him. Adam managed to break loose of the doctor's and made a break for the stairs. The doctor made a grab for Adam but missed. Adam ran back to the elevator and set it for the second floor because he figured they would look for him on the first floor. When he got to the first floor he noticed people that were attempting to keep him from leaving the hospital. Adam suspected that this would happen so he called out his Rhyhorn, jumped on its back, and ordered it to ram straight through. The people trying to block him were tough but not stupid. They ran out of the charging Rhyhorn's path. Adam ordered it to stop before it rammed through the glass. He wanted out of the hospital, but he didn't want to pay for breaking anything. "Whew" Adam sighed a breath of relief as he removed the hospital robe and pillow. "Hold it right there" a voice said right behind Adam. "Ahh!" Adam said startled by the voice. Adam turned around to see Officer Jenny standing there "Are you Adam Cazorp" Officer Jenny asked "Um, yeah" Adam said wondering what he had done besides the hospital thing. "We have arrested the person responsible for the death of your Charizard" she said motioning for him to follow. < inside the police station > "Where is he?" "He is in cell 31C" Jenny said grabbing the keys to unlock the doors. Adam walked to where it said 31C and noticed a young man and an Ivysore chained to the wall. "You must be mistaken. A water pokémon attacked us" "You mean like this one" Officer Jenny said releasing a Blastoise. "I think so. What is this guys name anyway" "His name is Jonny" Officer Jenny replied Adam finally recognized him after hearing the name. How could he forget what happened at Indigo. Being slammed into some glass over and over again isn's something you forget about. Adam carefully dropped the pokéball with Rhyhorn in it in such a way that it would roll into the cell, which of course it did. "Could you unlock the cell so i can get my pokéball" Adam asked Officer Jenny opened the door and Adam went in and picked up the ball and exited the cell. That was all he needed. Officer Jenny escorted him to the exit. <Outside the police station> "I know it happened before, so I hope i can do it again." Remembering the past couple times where teleportation was involved. The thought of getting even with Jonny seemed like a good idea to him. He concentrated on that thought and as he had hoped he disappeared and reappeared in Jonny's cell. "How the hell" was all that Jonny said when Adam reappeared. "I'd explain, but I have a litlle problem. Let's see yeah! I hate you!" Adam said sarcastically "Well, you can still go #%&@ yourself" "How can I number sign, percent sign, that and symbol and the at symbol" Adam said confused "Huh" "You said i can go #%&@ myself. How can I do all those little marks to myself" "I said you can go #%&@ yourself! #%&@ #%&@ #%&@ #%&@ #%&@ #%&@ #%&@ #%&@!!!!! It's not letting me say #%&@! Damn it!" "HAHAHAHAHA" Adam laughed at Jonny's language problem Then Adam had a serious look on his face. Adam walked over to the Ivysore and kicked in the sides a few times "That's for slamming me into glass on more than one occasion" Then he walked over to Jonny. "And this is for ordering that Ivysore to attack me" Adam started off by punched Jonny in the gut twice, a few to the face, and he finished off with a kick to the nuts. Officer Jenny was in outside training growliths when she heard Jonny's screaming. She ran back to the cell's with a couple of growliths following behind. When she arrived she found Adam kicking the crap out of Jonny. She had to have the growliths help push Adam away from Jonny. "There may be reasons why you don't like each other, but you just can't sneak in and start beating the crap out of people" scolded Officer Jenny "Well, if you had the experience that happened to me in Indigo, then maybe you would do the same thing" Adam replied "Maybe, but I didn't and the rules don't change" "Anyway, you should be searching for this scumbags partner." "No need to search" Joanne said Both Adam and Officer Jenny turned around while Jonny was attempting an evil laugh but failed miserably. Joanne closed the cell door and pointed her gun at Jenny. "Give me the keys" Joanne ordered. Jenny tossed the keys. Adam was hoping for another successful teleport. "Joanne, lookout! He's gonna teleport" Jonny screamed out after reading the part where it said Adam was hoping for another successful teleport. "Huh" Joanne said confused Before she could react any further Adam had disappeared and reappeared behind her. "Excuse me" Adam said while tapping on Joanne's left shoulder "Damn" was Joanne said Adam took the gun away from Joanne and unlocked the cell releasing Jenny and the growliths. Jenny arrested Joanne and put her next to Jonny. Before Jenny could say anything else Adam had left the police station. <outside the police station> Adam was so caught up in the moment he completly forgot about Michelle. Adam started searching until a voice in the distance caused him to stop. It was Michelle waving at him. They walked towards each other and met next to the pokécenter. "Hey Adam, I got news for you" "What is it" Adam asked "As you may of noticed I borrowed a few of you pokémon." Adam looked down at his belt and realized they were gone. "Nope, I didn't notice" "Anyway, I went and battled Misty. I won the Cascade Badge!!!" Michelle said jumping a little. "Congratulations" "Thanks! Hey, wait a minute... <minute later> <j/k> aren't you supposed to be in the hospital" "Um, I... uh...saw a doctor, and he let me go" Adam said slightly stretching the truth about what happened. "Cool! So.... what do we do now" Michelle wondered "I don't think I'm quite up to battling Misty for a badge as of yet, so lets just wonder around for a bit" "Ok" Adam and Michelle did that and wondered around town. ====================================== TBC