From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Out of Control Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000 8:46 PM Meeko + Caterpie wrote: > " How get Maria and babies off?" Mimic asked, " Safely?" > " Hm. Aerodactyl's too dumpy, Seadra, too small...jumping, too > dangerous." everyone sweat dropped at that. > " How about....uh..." > " That's it!" > " What?" > " We control the island NOT to crash!" > " That's great...but suicidal." Estro pointed out. > " Look, I may be mostly evil, but I do have things I care about, one > of those is children, and we, at all costs, must save them!" Estro > nodded. Several ATR, having figured out generally what was going on, raised their guns. "Sorry, but I'm afraid we can't let you do that. This island's already locked on course; nothing can steer us now - but we can't let you even try." Mimic handed the girl to Maria. "Nothing?" "Nothing." Mimic smiled. "'Scuse Mimic. Mimic need drink." And in a blue flash, he was gone. Shard looked around. "Don't just *stand* there. FIND HIM!" One of the other ATRs pointed out the window. ****** Mimic, in the form of a charizard, took a breath of the outside air. It was so invigorating at this altitude...from here, unless you were right over a factory or something, there simply was no pollution: everything either went higher in the atmosphere, or stayed closer to the ground. But he was still thirsty. Looking around a bit, he saw what he had spied earlier: the only beverage container at his height. It was almost as tall as he was now, but with both hands, he easily grabbed it and lifted it to his mouth, greedily guzzling away. *GLUG...GLUG...GLUG...GLUG...* Once the ATR base had safely passed through the space its target had just occupied, Mimic replaced the Diet Coke Bottle From Hell into its former position, only half-drained. He wiped a few flecks of soda from his lipless mouth, each drop felling a few trees. Feeling gas build up in his stomach, he turned his head straight up in time for the burp, which ignited as it passed the firestarter glands in a fire pokemon's mouth, then rocketed up under its own explosive force... This was the first time in recorded history that the Earth would seem to give off a solar flare, weak as it was. [1] Drink finished, Mimic teleported back to the island in normal-sized human form again, just outside the gym, and pondered how to free his new family. TBC? [1] Hope that doesn't count as omni. It's a one-shot, promise, and it didn't hurt anyone. (ATR can unfix the controls and steer the island back if they really want.) ^_^