From: <Y2Tech>; aka Tech Weaver <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC][PART 2] Revelation Lugia Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 11:05 AM From the mind of <87kkj7$7co$>,, an epic story continues: > Last time, a group of trainers from the continuity universe were > transported into the non-continuity universe to stop an over-powerful > Legendary Bird called Lugia. Thanks to a loss of interest and a spark > of continuity, the post was eliminated and peace restored. Now, five > months later, the non-continuity universe Giovanni has started a > program to capture Lugia. Already he has managed to imprison Moltres, > by stealing the flame of it at the Pokemon League games. And now, on > with part 2! > > OOC: To hell with the poles. It was never finished and now I'me > explaining what happened. I sincerely hope people join this one. > > "It's over there!" Bridget shouts. > What was over there, was a Team Rocket truck carrying Moltres away. > "Quick, send out your Pokemon!" Lewis shouts. > Meeko's Pokemon were already out and running for the vans, except for > Ivysore, who was taking his time insulting Nicky and Kelly when Kelly > had fallen into Nicky's arms. > <Ha ha! You two are in looooooooo-OOOOOOOOOW!!!!> Ivysore shouts, > getting a boot in the head. > "Scyther, stop that van!" Mike shouts. > Scyther came out and quickly started its way to the van,only to be > suddenly hit by 50 Spearows heading south. > "Scyth-...." Scyther said, weakened. > Mike went over and recalled it. > Everyone turned and saw the spearows. Every single one of them was > agitated beyond belief, and our heroes looks forward. > O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; was the response they had when they saw what was > ahead of them: Tauros, Pidgeotto, Ponytas, Staryus, and hundreds more > Pokemon were all heading this way. > Heading south. > "Everyone on the birds!!!!" Lewis shouts. > Three Pidgeots and a Fearow came out of their pokeballs and everyone > jumped on just as all the Pokemon came across, which would've trampled > everyone six times before they hit the ground. > "What the hell is going on? I've never seen so many pokemon heading > the same direction." Mike says. > Lewis sweat dropped. > "Well, I once heard of a non-continuity universe being formed where the > gods of ice, fire, and thunder were captured and attacked every human > on earth with the help of the fourth god: Lugia, the marine god." Lewis > explains. > "What happened?" Nicky asks. > "Well, apparently the universe collapsed when people lost interest in > it, and the world was brought to peace." Lewis replies. > "I think that world is being reformed." Kelly says. > "That's very intereting, but watch out, we got Gyarados at two > o'clock!" Bridget shouts. > "YEEEE-HAW-HOO-HOO-EEEE!" Smasher called out as he rode the massive Gyarados. Shuriken was smacking it upside the head with his skateboard. Smasher wasn't letting this one get away. Smasher took out a Pokeball and slammed it onto the Gyarados. Real bad idea. The atrocity Pokemon disappeared into the ball. Smasher and Shuriken hung in empty space for a second, taking a moment to realize how stupid an idea that was. They dropped straight down and landed on a Pidgeot. Then a skateboard landed on Smasher's head. "Ow." To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver. I'm not just for breakfast anymore! --End Transmission-- Sent via Before you buy.