From: JoE The um......something... <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Point Number 1 Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 11:08 AM In article <>, (Tech Weaver, LiveFromTheBunker) wrote: > "Wanna go to a concert?" Smasher suggested. > > "Sure," said Morgan. > > "You think there are any in town?" Smasher asked. Morgan and Ema nearly > tripped over their own feet when they heard the remark. > > "How 'bout the museum?" suggested Ema. > > Soon they were at the museum. They wandered about the exhibits. They > soaked in culture from the artwork. They marveled at the ancient > Pokemon skeletons. They learned about the first lunar landing. > > "This museum blows," commented Morgan. > > "Yeah," agreed Ema. > > "At least we got these cool amber fossils free with paid admission," > said Smasher. > > "It's almost curfew time," Ema said, looking at her watch. > > The next morning, Smasher left the boy's dorm in the Pokecenter with his > Staryu (Shuriken) and Clefairy (Cliff Diver). Just outside the door, he > ran into a hippy. The hippy's hair hung over his face and Smasher was > unable to see it. > > "Whoa, dude!" the hippy said. "Ema and Morgan left you a message." > > "Lay it on me, 'Dead-head," said Smasher. A 'Dead-head, by the way, is > a Grateful Dead fan. > > "Okay, see, Ema and Morgan, like, left and they want you to meet them at > the Mt. Moon Pokecenter," the hippy said. "They wanted to tell you > something when you got there." > > "Oh, okay," replied Smasher. It was the first thing that popped into > his head. "C'mon, Shuriken, let's see what Ema wants to tell us at the > Mt. Moon Pokecenter." > > Smasher, Shuriken and Cliff left the Pokecenter. The hippy looked > around. When the coast was clear, he pulled a two-way radio from his > vest. > > "'Dis is Ground Otachi," the hippy said. "Cum in Red Pidgey, cum in Red > Pidgey. Ovah." > > "This is Red Pidgey," said a nerdly voice through the radio. "We read > you loud and clear Ground Otachi. Over." > > "Thah wurm 'as takin' thah bait," reported the hippy. "Aye repeat, thah > wurm 'as takin' thah bait. Ovah." > > "Excellent work, Otachi," the nerdly voice said. "Return to base. I > repeat return to base. Over." > > "Ten-fowr, Red Pidgey," the hippy complied. "Ovah and out." The hippy > turned off his radio and put it back in his vest. Turning around, he > saw Morgan standing behind him. "Whoa, man! Trippy!" > > Morgan tried to get a closer look at the hippy's eyes through the dense > hair. > > "Are you high or something?" Morgan asked. > > "Dave's not here, man," the hippy replied. > > Morgan thought for a moment, then said, "Y'know, I heard you could make > clothing from hemp." > > "Whoa! No way!" the hippy exclaimed in spaced-out cosmicness. "I > better check out this pamphlet." The hippy reached into his vest and > pulled out a hamburger, which he quickly began to devour. > > Meanwhile, on the forest path to Mt. Moon, Ian of Team Rocket set down > the reciever of his Hamm Radio. The nerdly Rocket walked over to a > large by which his evilly pretty teammate was standing. > > "Smasher's on his way, Bon," Ian said. > > "Excellent," Bon replied with an evil laugh. "Soon we will have his > Staryu and it's signature move will be ours to copy and redistribute! > We'll be rich! Rich! Rich!" > > Ian looked down the hole. > > "Isn't that my Porygon down there?" Ian asked. A shovel full of dirt > flew out of the hole. > > "Yeah, why?" Bon replied. > > "I don't remember teaching him how to dig," Ian remarked. > > "I taught him," Bon said blandly. > > "WHAT!?" exclaimed Ian. > > "Don't worry about it," explained Bon. "I didn't teach it over anything > usefull." > > "That's good," Ian said with a sigh of releif. > > "Just his Psybeam," Bon continued. > > "But that's his best attack!" Ian exclaimed. > > "Shhh..." Bon shushed, placing her hand over Ian's mouth. "I think > someone's coming. Quick! Cover the hole!" > > Ian's Porygon levitated out of the hole carrying a shovel. Ian > commanded it to help him and Bon disguise the hole. Soon, the pit's > location was indistinguishable from the path. The three of them hid in > the forest, waiting for their first victim. > > With Cliff on his shoulders, Smasher and Shuriken skateboarded down the > path. Unbeknownst to him, the ever-grungey Clyde tracked him under the > cover of foliage. It hasn't really crossed his mind yet that Morgan > might have over heard his conversation with Ian over the radio. That > Morgan may have told Ema that he thought Smasher may be wandering into a > trap. It's crossing his mind right about... now. > > To be continued... > > OK, whatever you have happen, remember that Bon has a Spearow, Ian has a > Porygon and Clyde has a Tentacool. Also, Clyde's accent is supposed to > be british. I'm not sure if I got it right, though. > So Clyde was the hippie right? The hippe went to leave the pokecenter when he convieniently dropped a walky talky. Morgan walked over to it looking at people around him toi make sure no one would see. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeello?" Morgan said into the walky talky. "Ground Otachi? Where aree you??" A voice from the opther end called out, "Your supposed to be at Mt Moon waiting with us for that kid!!" "Oh yea......sorry" Morgan said. "You arn't Ground Otachi are you?" The voice asked. "Nope" Morgan said. There was much yelling on the other end, Morgan didnt see a point toi the walky talky now so he just tossed it behin dhis back, where it landed........nobody knows. Morgan walked over to the boys dorm to see if Smasher was who they were takling about. Which he was. He walked over to the girls dorm when he was stopped by Nurse Joy. "Excuse me, but you cant come in here!" The nurse said. It was early in the morning and Morgan had no cofee, so Joy wasn't a big obstacle as he shoved her aside and walked to Ema's bed. "Dude...Ema" He said, "Wake up." "No..why? Too early" Ema complained. "Smasher went to Mt Moon and little does he know he shall be jumped for a reason. And after that Moose and Squirrell will be dead." Morgan said in his best Boris...what ever his last name is from Rocky and Bullwinkle, "And to prevent that we have to go down there." Ema looked at him, slapped him, then got up. After a good half hour of slothy movement they finally got walking twords Mt Moon. Eventually They made it to the Mt Moon pokecenter. "Pretty stupid operation if you ask me" Morgan said, "Jumping a guy right out side of a pokecenter." The three Rockets were standing over Smasher laughing. Cliff DIver and Shurriken were properly restrained and useless now. Morgan walked up behind Ian and took out a fossil he swiped from the museum and plastered the back of Ian's head with it. Ian the fell in the hole with Smasher unconscious. Morgan dropped a pokeball with his Jolteon in it while Ema through out her Electrabuzz. Immediately after Bon's Spearow was called out ELectrabuzz fainted it with a Thunder Punch. Clyde however pulled out a gun. Clyde gave a chuckle and told the two to stick their hands up. "GEODUDOO IS THE BEST POKEMON EVER!!" A Geodude with a humongous ego said as it fell off of Mt Moon nailing Clyde in the back of the head. "GEODUDOO SAVE YOU. YOU ARE NOW IN GEODUDOO DEBT...YOU OWE ME BIG!!" "Holy shit, what is this thing?" Morgan asked with intrest. "Thats Geodudoo" Smasher called out from the hole, "Can you let me out now?" "Hold on a sec dude." Morgan said poking Geodudoo with a stick. After a few minutes with Geodudoo Morgan saw the more anoying side of Geodudoo. With a quick flick of the wrist Morgan sent Geodudoo into Mt Moon. Ema tossed a rope down to Smasher... TBC -- ~JoE Sent via Before you buy.