From: Hedgehogey <hedgehogey@aol.comidiocy> Subject: Re: [PW!] Point Number 1 (was Message to the troops) Date: Sunday, January 09, 2000 9:23 PM The Paras's gathered together to mourn their fallen comrade. <Why? Why did he have to die?> One of the Paras's implored, lifting its pincers and shaking them in what was obviously a parasian gesture of sadness. They recoiled when Cinder approached them but he lowered his head and held out his claw in a universally recognized non aggresion pose. <Your comrade died because of the depredations of humans. That *thing* that killed your friend was another human abomination. More and more humans arrive everyday with their infernal pokeballs. Every day human greed destroys more and more wild places. Surely you've had friends who dissapeared when a human sucked them up in a pokeball right?> Cinder said in as soft a voice as possible. The paras's chittered their assent. <This is what human "trainers" and wilderness destroyers do! And if noone fights back they will not only run rampant over your homes but the homes of every pokemon! Join me in the pokemon resistance and we will give those so called trainers their due! Are you with me?!> With cries of PAARAAS! the mushroom pokemon raised their pincers to the sky. <Excellent. Now as a favor to you for joining me we're going to bring down the tyrant who rules your mountain: Seymour the scientist.> Cinder activated his taccomp. It showed the paras's heart rates racing and they all Cinder activated his antidex and called into his command frequency. "HQ this is Fireball leader. I've got a batch of fresh meat who need to be put through basic training. Bring HQ over to coordinates 5-3-1-0 just outside mount moon." <<<"I have no clue," answered Smasher. He returned Zubat to its Pokeball. He wondered if this bat-creature had anything to do with the black Onix he saw last time he was here. "Say, isn't there a scientist who lives here with a tribe of Clefairies?">>> Cinders ears perked up and he caught a wiff of the distinctive smell of human. Cinder had many human comrades in the resistance and he meant no offense to them but they really smelled quite a bit. Cinder decided to investigate. He could make out a small boy who looked to be homeless and a staryu on a skateboard. Cinder emerged into the sunlight , paras's in tow. Morgan trembled. "It's....It's....It's....!" "Monty pythons flying circus?" Ema offered. "NnNnNo! It's that guy from the pokemon R R r r resistance!" Morgan stammered out. "It's ok. The pokemon resistance is a friend of all oppressed, not just pokemon. Now what are you doing wearing so little in the middle of january?" Cinder said. TBC? Hedge Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens.-Montaigne Wilson hussars real identity is revealed: Clan wolverine!-guy on rgm Tv is more alluring than thinking-Rich