From: Tech Weaver, LiveFromTheBunker <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Point Number 1 (was Message to the troops) Date: Monday, January 10, 2000 7:33 PM Hedgehogey wrote: >Cinder emerged into the sunlight , paras's in >tow. Morgan trembled. "It's....It's....It's....!" >"Monty pythons flying circus?" Ema offered. >"NnNnNo! It's that guy from the pokemon R R >r r resistance!" Morgan stammered out. >"It's ok. The pokemon resistance is a friend of >all oppressed, not just pokemon. Now what >are you doing wearing so little in the middle of >january?" Cinder said. [Note to JoE: I don't think Smasher ever actually said anything about the black Onix. He just thought about it. Anyway, on with the show!] Smasher thought that was a rather trivial question to be asking while a rare and possibly Legendary Pokemon was being captured by Team Rocket. Smasher glanced into tunnel in which the Black Onix was being cornered by the Rockets. Just like the time he tried to catch it, the gigantic creature dove underground. Again, this caused rocks to fall all around its assailants. As far as Smasher could tell, they didn't have a digging Pokemon to save them. Smasher turned back to Cinder. "Maybe we should be asking YOU why YOU'RE wearing so little in mid-January," Smasher said. Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot. "Sorry," Smasher apologized. "I couldn't think of a good answer." "Fairy," Cliff Diver said from his position on Smasher's shoulders. "Clef clairy ef clefairy?" "What did he say?" Ema asked. "He asked if I knew anything about a huge mass of bats taking on one form and attacking trainers," Cinder translated. "Do you?" asked Morgan. To be continued... -- This message was written by The Quintessential Trainer, The Master of the Monsters, The only intelligent WebTV user in AGNP, Chet, a.k.a. Tech "I don't think I approve of the Hentai Rockets, but I'd like to see them in action so I can get an 'informed opinion,' if you know what I mean" Weaver Sigs are irrelevent. Resistance is Futile. Fnord. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A copy of Adam "Smasher" Samson's WG can be found at: "'Do it?' Dan, I'm not a republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago." -- Ozymandias, Watchmen. "You've caused the extinction of the 20th century, sir. Gum?" -- Kryten, Red Dwarf Current Score: 14 Zeni Points 1 Neo Power Point 1 Meeko-Courage Point 1 "You're still *alive*?" Point 110 Spiffy Points (?) 5 BBB (Bomb Ball Basher) points. 500 points that go Moo 3 "Sushi Points" 2000 - "I survived Y2K" points 10 Andy Gave Me Points points. 60 Me need things for sig points 15 Y2Tech points 999 Billion Useless-but-never-the-less-useful points. & 5 Complementary Simple, Ordinary, Regular, Nothing Special Points