From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] Pokémon Matchmaker Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 7:36 AM Pokémon Matchmaker Last time, uh, what DID happen last time? ^_^;; " ( It's Valentines day. )" Ivysore said as he leapt out of bed, " ( Woo! It's Valentines daaaaaaaaay!!! )" he said slipping on the tile floor as he scurried for the door, " ( Supplies! Need supplies! )" he grabbed Meeko's purse as he galloped out of the hotel doors. A little while later, " Dun dun ba dum da dum..." Meeko sang as she danced out of the bathroom. " ( Finally! Out of the shower! What did you do? Make the shower? )" Ivysore said as he ran into the bathroom carrying papers and scissors. " What ARE you-" Meeko was cut off by the door slamming in her face, " What's the matter with him?" Meanwhile in Celadon, " Well honey, what are you and your boyfriend doing this Valentines?" Kelly's mom asked her. " Mom!" she said, blushing, " he is NOT my boyfriend!" Back in the bathroom, " ( Good thing I learnt how to write in English! )" he said, making Valentines day cards, " ( No one will know that they aren't real! )" he said. Meeko was sitting back on the bed watching T.V. when Ivysore burst out of the bathroom carrying letters galore. He yanked open the door and ran out. " What IS that Ivysaur up to?" Meeko wondered. Ivysore delivered the letters to a Pidgeot Mail Express. They mailed the letters right away. With Lewis, The Onix drug Lewis and Tiki into the PokéCenter, after being un-paralyzed, Joy gave Lewis a card. " What, is this?" he opened the card. " To Lewis, my dearest love, from, hopefully, your love, Bridget." " What?!?!" With Bridget, She'd just gotten a card almost the same only Lewis saying it to her, the response was... " WHAT THE HEY!!!" At Trunks' room, A card was slipped under his door. With Mike, " Why would a Jigglypuff want to be my Valentine, and WHICH Jigglypuff?" With Meeko's Jigglypuff, " Puff?!?!" " What is it Jigglypuff?" " Puff!" she showed her the card. " What in the name of Goddish?!?!" " ( Hey Meeko! Look at what I found at the door! )" Ivysore yelled, Meeko took the card and opened it. Ivysore grinned. " What?! I never knew Trunks liked me!" Back in Celadon, Nicky was walking looking at his card with red cheeks. Kelly was also doing so. When, they bumped into each other, they fell and landed in a position where their lips met. Kelly and Nicky both backed up and blushed. They walked together, and sat on a bench finally. They put their heads together and finally kissed. Back with Mike and Jigglypuff, " Puff jiggly puff!" " What?" " Puff!" she Pounded him in the face. " Ow." With Meeko, " Trunks! Trunks, you there?" she said, knocking the door. Back in Meeko's room, " ( There's something fishy going on today... )" Pikachu said. " ( Ah, don't worry, today is merely the day that love floats through the air on an arrow! From the Nidoran known as Cupid! )" " ( Yeah, next thing you know, you'll be telling me Santa's at the door! )" just at that minute some guy in a sled passed in front of the room's window. Ivysore and Pikachu's jaws dropped. " ( That's it, I'm taking a nap. )" " ( Me too... )" In Celadon, Nicky and Kelly held each others' hand as they walked back home, Kelly kissed Nicky before going back inside. " Not your boyfriend? Really? Could have fooled me." her mother said, a grin on her face. " Mom!" " Kelly!" she grinned even more. With Mike and Jigglypuff, " What do you mean I sent you a Valentine?!?! You did!" " Puff?" TBC: Ivysore sur did it this time }=) --Meeko + Caterpie 14 Zeni-Points =POINTS GIVEN= Meeko-Thinker points Meeko-Courage points Me need things for sig points =PW! QUOTE OF THE MONTH= "Uh-oh. Meeko's going to kill me when he finds out! C'mon, Kelly I gotta take him to a Pokicenter!"-Nicky, when Ivysore fainted himself. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)