From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] Pokérmon ( Part II ) Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 7:12 AM Pokérmon Part II Reelin' in the Money Last time, Buckwheat and co. found a sign for a poker tournament and Kabutops nearly killed them on Pidgeot Express by digging his sickles into the bird. Buckwheat has been winning a lot lately, he's already up to the third round! " It's a good thing I told Rachel to not be here when I'm playing poker...these guys can get rough..." < Yep. You know, I haven't seen a single girl here... > Buckwheat stopped him. " Kabutops, I know what ya're gonna say, ya always say the same things." As they are walking to the place, " Can't wait until I meet that Flyin' L scum bag: Insanellama, I'm gonna beat him and show the Flyin' L what the Ruthless Toothless ranch is made of!" Next round, Buckwheat had a hard time keeping his mind set on the card game, too many smokers, it made him crave for chewing tobacco again. Buckwheat pretended to sniff and whip his nose on his sleeve, but he really has talking into a bug. # Kabutops, I need a black queen. # # Ka, butops! < Alright, gotcha! ># Kabutops carefully pretended to fix his sunglasses and take a hidden card out from underneath, he let it drop to the floor, then, Kabutops passed the card to Buckwheat with his foot, Buckwheat used his tail to move the card to his feet. " Achoooo!" he put his face down in his lap pretending to have sneezed, then, he grabbed the card before coming back up. He waited for his turn. " D***! Your turn, rat." " Hm..." he pretended to wonder if his hand would work, " Wow. Isn't this prefect?" Buckwheat put down his cards. He'd won this round too. " Have you been cheatin' us? We don't like cheaters..." the man nodded to his bud and he walked over and patted Buckwheat down. Buckwheat had weapons, but, that didn't matter, almost everyone did. " Check his Kabutops." Buckwheat pretended to wipe his nose again. # Act calm, Kabutops.# they checked Kabutop's shirt, looked under his feet, everywhere besides his sunglasses. " Hm. Guess he is the winner. Don't worry, you'll be dead meat soon enough." " Yeah, right." Buckwheat rolled his eyes. The man made a fist and was about to hit Buckwheat, but his bud stopped him. " Hey, you don't want to get kicked out this early, do ya?" " He's not worth it anyways." " Well, let's head back to our hotel room, poor Rachel, she's been all alone." < Yeah, and whatever trick we pull next time, no more hiding the cards under my sunglasses! > Kabutops says, pulling off his sunglasses and rubbing his eyes. Buckwheat picked up the fallen cards quickly. TBC: Bawhaha... --Meeko + Caterpie 14 Zeni-Points =POINTS GIVEN= Meeko-Thinker points Meeko-Courage points Me need things for sig points =PW! QUOTE OF THE MONTH= "Uh-oh. Meeko's going to kill me when he finds out! C'mon, Kelly I gotta take him to a Pokicenter!"-Nicky, when Ivysore fainted himself. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)