From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW!] Recap Date: Saturday, January 15, 2000 2:15 PM Last Time, Shock continued on his way to Fuschia City, with his companion, Jourou. Jourou had attacked him, but he had saved her. (Explained below. Why do you think its called RECAP?) Then they parted ways. ---------------- Shock continued walking towards Fuschia City. Since he was alone, he had plenty of time to think about his life, and about his past. He had left on his Pokemon Journey in early June, after getting kicked out of the Vermillion City gym. He had been angry, and he did not even say goodbye to his parents. He had traveled north with his only Pokemon, Magnemite, and got a Marsh badge from the Saffron Gym. Sabrina had told his she had gone easy on him, because he had an important destiny or something, but so far, he had seen no evidence of that. After he got his first badge, he headed to Celadon, where he met Scy, a talking Scyther. They headed together as Shock got a Rainbow Badge, and then they headed to the game corner. Shock got a Clefairy from the game corner, and they battled Team Rocket a little. Then they had hurried to Cerulean City and got the Cascade Badge. (And I mean hurried. They left Celadon and got the Cascade Badge in one post.) Then they came across several Pokemon that attacked them, as they headed to Pewter, via Mt. Moon. Then Shock had gotten the Boulder Badge as Scy encountered a White Scyther. Team Rocket captured the White Scyther, and Shock and Scy headed to Viridian City to save it. Shock caught a Weedle and a Nidoran Female, and Shock challenged Giovanni for a badge. Giovanni must have used a level 5 Pokemon to battle his Nidoran, which evolved into Nidorina, and his Weedle. That had all happened in June. (When I was a really bad writer. Well, I'm still bad, but I must have improved something... or maybe not.) After Shock got the Earth Badge, he and Scy headed to Pallet Town. There, Scy met a talking Charmeleon named Char. Then, they suddently appeared at Viridian City again, and met the members of Team PokeStorm, and Zephyr. Then Zephyr and Shock headed to Celadon, where they had agreed to meet Team PokeStorm again. (Scy had left the group by this time.) Right near Diglett's cave, Shock and Zephyr were kidnapped by Team Rocket. Shock was not harmed, but he thought Zephyr had been killed. He then continued on and met Team PokeStorm. Team PokeStorm set off right away to find out what had happened to Zephyr, and they headed to Fuschia City. They arrived at Seafoam Islands, where they were left to die in the caves by Team Rocket. Shock caught a Seel, and got seperated from the others. (Who died in there, I think, since there has been no new posts from them since my last TPS post.) He then headed to Lavender Town, where he had been feeling drawn to, forgetting the mission he had been on for several months. His Pokemon became possesed at Pokemon Tower, and Kakuna, which Weedle had evolved into, helped him save his other Pokemon. That had been on Halloween. Then at the Pokemon center, he had met his long lost brothers, Splash and Forest, and he had dragged them along with him to his home, to find out why his parents had lied to him. His partents had told him they had found him in the street, and they could never find where he came from. Then Shock left his parents, who gave him the issues of his favorite manga that they had been getting since he left, Inu-Yasha, and he parted ways with his brothers. Shock decided to get the remaining badges he needed to join Pokemon League, the Soul badge, the Thunder Badge, and the Volcano Badge. Shock started with the Thunder Badge, and he recieved it. Then he headed off to get the soul badge. He met Jourou on New Years eve, and she challenged him to a Pokemon battle. His newly evolved Beedrill and Jourou headed to Fuschia City, when Jourou attacked him. Shock found out that Jourou had been possesed by her Pokemon, who were actually Phantom Pokemon. Shock defeated them, and he and Jourou parted ways. Now, Shock was walking towards Fuschia City, alone. He probably should have taken Cycling Road, but he had taken this path with his friends from Team PokeStorm, so it brought back good memories. He came to a clearing that they had stopped to rest at last time, where he decided to spend the night. He decided to let out all of his Pokemon to keep him company. TBC....? --------------------- AIM: ncnc123 Computer crashed. Lost ICQ and my web--site info. e-mail: -------------------- It took me 3 months to figure out how to set my signature, and only now do I realize that I have nothing to say in it.