From: Josh <> Subject: [PW!] Reward for a Rocket Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 9:07 PM -Reward for a Rocket-Episode 02 Zane & Pikachu continue onward towards Viridian City. As they are walking through Route 01, Zane spots a piece of paper on a tree. He tears it off the tree and reads it: WANTED Abbey: young female with blonde hair who is wanted for stealing items from Viridian City Shops. If you have any information on her, please Report it to Giovanni, Gym Leader of the Viridian City Gym. "Hey Pikachu, that's the girl that we just battled," says Zane. "Should we go report this to the authorities?" "Chu," responds Pikachu. ".No, maybe we better go back and ask her about this," Zane says. Zane & Pikachu then turn around and head back to the spot where they left Abbey. After an hour or two of walking, they see Abbey in the same spot that they left her. "Hey!" says Zane as he walks towards her. She turns to him, with anger still in her eyes, and stares at him. "What are you wanted for?" asks Zane. A look of surprise spreads across Abbey's face as Zane shows her the paper. ".Oh," says Abbey, ".I have know idea why I'm wanted." "You have to know why your wanted," Zane says, "what did you do wrong?" "I DON'T KNOW!" she screams. ".Listen, how about you come with me to Viridian City and we'll get this all straightened out," Zane says. "Ok.You and Pikachu can go on ahead, I'll be right their," says Abbey. As Zane & Pikachu turn and start to walk to Viridian City, Abbey takes the Wanted Poster and stuffs it into her backpack. She then pulls out a cell phone and starts talking to an unknown person. "He fell for it," she says, "Were on our way back now," she says as she puts the cell phone back into her backpack. Hours of walking pass and their was very little conversation. Zane refused to talk to Abbey because he still didn't trust her. ".How much longer until were in Viridian City?" Zane asks. "Probably about a half hour," Abbey replies as she looks around the path. Suddenly, Zane & Pikachu have a net thrown on them and are trapped. "Hey!" Zane yells, "Who through this net on us?" "We did," replies to mysterious figures standing in the shadows. Zane then looks at Abbey and yells, "Abbey run for it!" After a few seconds of Abbey just standing their, she starts to laugh. "You should've went with your instincts and not trusted me," she says, "now your Pokemon are ours!" ".Ours?." Zane says as he sees the two mysterious figures standing next to Abbey. "Were three members of Team Rocket," they say simultaneously. They then step into the light and Zane gets a better look at them, he sees that all three are females. Abbey, now wearing a Team Rocket uniform, Barbara, who has brown, long, curly hair and is also very attractive, and Chris, who has long white hair and is also very attractive. "We've been assigned to take your Pokemon," Barbara says as she moves closer to the net. "Your not gonna get Pikachu or Rattata," Zane says. "That's where your wrong kid," says Chris as she also moves closer to the net, "Abbey, turn on the net." "Turn on the net?" Zane says. "Yes, we've installed shock generators, which will electrocute you if you put up a fight as we take your Pokemon," says Barbara as she opens the net. Abbey reaches in and grabs for Pikachu, but has her arm grabbed by Zane. "You wont get away with this," he struggles to say as he get shocked a couple times. "Oh," she says as she turns towards Zane, "And how are you going to stop us?" ".With my Pokemon," he says as he releases Rattata from his Pokeball the moment before Abbey gets a hold of it. "Now Pikachu," Zane says as he holds the bag open, getting electrocuted in the process. Pikachu jumps out and stands next to Rattata. "Pikachu, give Team Rocket a Thunderbolt, Rattata, use your Hyper Fang to cut open the net. Both Pokemon do as their told, and in a matter of seconds, Zane is standing side-by-side with his Pokemon. "If you wanna battle, we'll battle," Chris says as she releases her Exeggcute. "This is gonna be a battle that you lose kid," Barbara says as she releases her Drowzee. "Pikachu, use your Thunder attack and take them both out," Zane tells Pikachu. "Piiikaaachuuu," Pikachu says as he shocks his two opponents. Drowzee is knocked out of the battle, but Exeggcute is still ready to fight. "Exeggcute, use your Solarbeam attack on Pikachu," says Chris. "Exeggcute," says Exeggcute as it shoots its Solarbeam attack at Pikachu. "Pika," says Pikachu as its thrown a couple feet backwards. "Rattata, use your Super Fang on the Exeggcute," Zane says as he runs to see if Pikachu is alright. "Rattata," says Rattata as it charges towards the Exeggcute, biting down on it. The Exeggcute gets knocked out of the battle and both the Drowzee and Exeggcute are called back by Team Rocket. "Abbey, it's your turn," says Chris as she faces Abbey. "Alright, come out Abra," she says as she releases her Pokemon. "Abra, teleport us to Viridian City," she says. "Abra," says Abra as it teleports Team Rocket away. ".I knew I shouldn't have trusted her," Zane says to himself. He recalls Rattata back into his Pokeball and carries the injured Pikachu onward towards Viridian City. A half-hour has past since they fought Team Rocket and they finally reach Viridian City. Zanes first thought is to go the gym, but realizes that his first stop must be the Viridian City Pokemon Center.