From: Prozackian Kid <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LEAGUE] Rice is twice as nice on a thread read thrice on the ice field Date: Sunday, January 09, 2000 6:24 PM > "JIGGLY!" Sketch took a good, long look at the ice surrounding her. > A big, white CANVAS! "PUFF JIG!" Sketch did a little dance, then sat > down and began drawing a LARGE portrait of the confused Hitomonchan. > > "Chan?" Hitmonchan walked over to where Sketch was drawing, > scratching the back of it's head. It WAS drawing a pretty good likeness > of it's face... but wasn't that Jigglypuff supposed to be it's opponent? > It turned to Adam. "Hitmon?" > > "Yes, SMACK THAT JIGGLYPUFF!" > > Hitmonchan shrugged, then wound up a Fire Punch. It let it fly at the > Jiggly... but before it connected, she had taken off drawing it's arm. > Instead, it left a hole in the ice. > > "CHAN!" It turned and sent out another one, once again missing the > hyper-drawing Sketch. > > "CHAN!" Once again, Hitmonchan left a gaping hole in the ice as > Sketch finished the right leg... > > "CHAN!" And again on the left... > > "CHAN!" Once again, by sheer luck, Sketch avoided the last one, > instead, backing off to see her 10-foot drawing of Hitmonchan... and > seeing it riddled by holes... > > "PUFF!" Sketch prepared to beat the hell out of the Hitmonchan > when... > > *Crack... crack.. crackcrackcrackcrack* > > The portrait, riddled by holes, began breaking, Hitmonchan looking > confused in the middle. > > *crackcrackcrackcrackSPLASH!* > > With nothing left to support it, the ice flow with Hitmonchan on it > fell under the freezing water. A few moments later, if floated back up, > encased in ice, inable to keep fighting. > > "Hitmonchan is inable to fight! Jigglypuff is the winner!" > > As Adam recalled the Hitmonchan, he was seeing red. Without even > TRYING, the Jigglypuff defeated his Hitmonchan. Well, he'd show it! He > releaced Mr. Mime. > > "Mr. Mime, I want you to do terrible, HORRIBLE... BAD psychic things > to that Jigglypuff..." Adam took a moment to remember one of Sketch's > big mannerisms. "...after it's done drawing, of course." > > "MIME!" Mr. Mime watched his opponent... > > ... who was busy glaring at it. Her mural was RUINED! Someone would > pay, and it appears that Mr. Mime offered his services as punching bag! > > "PUFF!" Suddenly, three Jigglypuffs appeared. > > "Mime?" Mr. Mime looked worried. > > "Remember, don't interrupt her drawing!" Adam watched. Obviously, > Sketch wanted to re-draw her portrait of Hitmonchan much faster then > before... > > "SKETCH, TAKE DOWN!" Gads grinned. Sketch wasn't going to waste a > moment, this time... > > "JIGGLY!" Suddenly, from all three sides, Sketch and her clones > executed a killer Take-Down on the unexpecting Mr. Mime. As the clown > Pokemon wobbled in place, Adam cringed. > > "I guess all assuming did was make an..." Sketch executed another > three-puff Take Down on the Mr. Mime. "Mr. Mime! BARRIER!" > > Mr. Mime was still aware enough to erect the barrier. > > "SKETCH, METRONOME!" > > Back and forth went the Jigglypuff's fingers... and suddenly, a LARGE > swath of flame shot out of Sketch's mouth, engulfing Mr. Mime... and the > ice beneath it. > > Mr. Mime, for a moment, didn't fall it. Being a mime, it could do > stuff like that. However, it decided to look down. "Mime..." It > looked back up, waved at his trainer, then fell under the ice. Sketch > wasn't finished, however, and was busy wiggling again... > > ... and the clouds grew dark, and then they rumbled... before anyone > knew it, a LARGE Thunderbolt shot from the cloud and into the hole in > the ice, presumably at Mr. Mime, but also electrifying the water. > > Gads grinned. He had won... > > Adam paled. Mr. Mime HAD to be knocked out by now... > > Sketch... started wiggling again. This time, it began to rain. As > the wave of water built up, one could see the Mr. Mime heading for the > surface, to the suprise to Adam. "Come on! You can do it Mr. Mime!" > > However, the Surf was executed before the Mime ever surfaced. Whiel > it didn't hit the Mr. Mime, it DID pass over the hole in the ice... and > part of the surf froze, sealing the Mr. Mime under the water! > > "MR. MIME!" Adam was horrified. After a few moments, Mr. Mime passed > out from a lack of oxygen. > > "Mr. Mime is inable to fight. Jigglypuff wins the match!" > > As the scoreboard displayed Gads as the winner, Gads didn't care. > Once again, Sketch had overdone it. And this time... Gads vaulted over > his tower, aiming near where the Mr. Mime was under. "MEGA... KICK!" > Just before he landed, he thrust his foot out, smashing the ice. > > Adam, who had also ran over, grabbed his Mr. Mime and pulled it out > of the water. "Thanks..." He then looked at his Mime. The > normally-red areas were currently blue. > > Gads also noticed. "Never mind. Get MOVING! That Mime needs to be > healed FAST!" > > Adam nodded, and ran for the Pokemon Center. > > Gads shook his head. Despite the near-disaster, the crowd was > cheering Sketch, who was, at the moment, happily drawing a frozen-over > Mr. Mime. > > "Sketch, return." The Jigglypuff was recalled to her Pokeball. Gads > didn't ever wait for the music boy to ask for his selection of victory > music. He just headed to the exit, a lot of questions on his mind, and > very few answers. When Adam and Gads arrived at the Pokécenter they noticed two Joys talking to each other. "Nurse Joys, there is an emergency!" said Adam showing them the frozen Mr. Mime. "Chansey's to the lobby STAT!" said the Nurse Joy behind the counter. "Chansey" two Chanseys said in unison as they picked up the Mr. Mime and carried him off to the ER. "Is he going to be ok," Adam said very worried. "I don't know Adam, its looks pretty bad." said the second Joy who is the Joy from Fuschia. "Please nurse joy's don't let my Mr. Mime die" Adam said trying to hold back the tears. "We'll see what we can do for you." said the first Nurse Joy. "Adam, we'll try our best. I know you've had it at least several years." the fushchia Joy said trying to comfort Adam. "I have had that Mr. Mime since I was two. I know people usually don't remember anything from that age, but a friendship like this can't be forgotten that easily." "We'll we better go now and see what we can do" and with that both Joys went to the ER. "Man, I don't know what I am going to do if Mr. Mime dies. I couldn't handle it." "I hope he survives too Adam. Sketch just goes off like that when disturbed." Gads replied. "Pufffff!!!" could be heard from Sketch who was in the pokéball. < 2 hours later > The ER light goes out. "Well, now is the moment of truth..." Adam said very worried. The Nurse Joy from Fushcia steps out. "I'm sorry Adam, the lack of oxygen and the freezing temperatures of the waters was too much for him too take." "'s....dead" Adam said in horrible shock. "Well not yet, but there isn't anything we can do for him." "Can I see him?" Adam said slightly relieved. "Sure" Adam asked Gads to stay there will he visited his Mr. Mime. < in the where Mr. Mime is > The other Nurse Joy is in there watching over the pokemon. "Are you sure there is nothing that can be done for him" "To my knowledge, all that can be done is done." "Can we be alone then" "Ok" then Nurse Joy left the room. "How are you feeling Mr. Mime" "" mr. Mime said weakly. "They say nothing can be done for you. I think that is crap, but i don't know how to help you." "" still weak, the mr. mime tried to comfort his trainer. "You should rest now, I'll be back later with some food." "" < back in the lobby > "Psst, hey Adam." said a voice in the shadows. "huh" "Come here." the voice said again. It was the Nurse Joy from Fushcia. "I'm not suppose to tell you this but If you really want to save your Mr. Mimes life head to Bill's place over by Cerulean." "why" "He is a well known pokemon resaercher and he might be able to help." The experiments he runs sometimes are dangerous." "How do i get there." "I scheduled a passage on the Pidgeot Express. It will directly to Bills. Tell him the Nurse Joy of Fuschia sent you, he'll know you can be trusted." "Thanks Nurse Joy," Adam sounded relieved, and gave the Nurse a big hug. "I'll never forget this." "Now go, you may not have much time. I'll stall the other Nurse so you can sneak you pokemon out." "Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me." "hurry up then" < back at the room with the mr. mime > "Come on buddy, we got a trip to make" "" sensing Adams happiness weakly got up." "I'll carry you from here on out." < In the lobby > "Hey Gads, here our paths seperate. I am going somewhere to get help for my Mr. Mime. Maybe I'll see you later." "Okay Adam, we'll I better get going anyways." Adam headed towards the Pidgeot Express --------------------------------------- TBC Sent via Before you buy.