From: <> Subject: [PW!] Rock Tunnel Troubles Date: Sunday, February 13, 2000 6:15 PM Last time, Lewis and Tiki left for Lavender Town to catch some ghost Pokemon. They spent the night just outside Rock Tunnel, where we find them now... "Ow! Are you sure this is the way out???" Lewis asks Tiki. they had not expected Charcolt to get so tired afterwards when they had entered the rock tunnel, so Lewis had to recall his weakened Charmander, and since Jigglypuff needed a nap in fresh air, they were carefully navigating back outside. "Listen, you're supposed to be psychic, right? Can't you find your way out or something???" Tiki asks. "Don't ask me, ask the narrator. I'm just trying to do the best I can." Lewis replies. "Ow! I just tripped, and I think-WOAHAHAHAHO!" Tiki shouted, suddenly being lifted into the air. "Tri-Shocker, I choose you!" Lewis shouts. His Magneton came out of his pokeball, and using a thundershock, made a lite flash attack. And he was amazed at the site. Standing not five feet in front of him, was an Onix. It had lifted Tiki. "Um, would you mind putting down my friend, please!" Lewis shouts. "GWOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRH!" The Onix shouted in reply. Its eyes suddenly got wide, and it ran off underground and dropped Tiki down. "Prepare for trouble!" "And make it-" "Hey Tiki, you alright?" Lewis asks. "Yah, I'm fine. Why are there two Rockets standing there?" Tiki asks. "Hey! Never interrupt us in the middle of the motto!" Meowth says. "Your stupid motto needs work. You don't sound like your evil, you sound like a bunch of meaty superheroes trying to accomplish a theme song." Lewis says. "How dare you insult the motto! Arbok, go!" Jesse shouts. "Do you think we should fight?" Tiki asks. "I say we run, it'll be the last thing they're expecting!" Lewis replies. "No, the last thing they'll be expecting is for us to turn into ice- skating mongooses and dance the valero." Tiki says. "Run anyway!" Lewis says. The two start running away from the four, and James shouts, "Hey! Come back here!" The four of them soon start chasing after our two heroes, and Tiki and Lewis realize they're running out of light. "I'll fix that, narrator! Drago, I choose you!" Lewis shouts. Lewis' Dratini comes out, immediately using a thunder wave, lighting up the next area of the rock tunnel. "Arbok, glare attack!" Jessie shouts. Arbok glares at the two, suddenly realizing that they were paralyzed. "Drago! While my lips can still move, get them!" Lewis shouts. The Dratini sprung into action, moving between Arbok and Lewis and Tiki. Dratini's eyes began to glow blue, and Jessie, James, and Meowth looked in fear as they felt the water pressure underneath them began to rise. Arbok suddenly looked down, when a geyser sprung up from under the rockets, followed by an entire wave of water under all of them, sending them through the roof of rock tunnel. "We're blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaain!" they shouted. Drago pulled out Tiki's Onix, and it pulled them the rest of the way, out of the Rock tunnel, and just a mile away from Lavender. TBC Sent via Before you buy.