From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.comegaman> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rocket Attack! Date: Monday, February 28, 2000 >" Fine!" Carver pushed the gun to Lisa's head. It seemed to be in slow >motion for Caleb. Carver began to pull the trigger as Randy lept from the >shadows and drove his sword through Carver. Carver missed Lisa's head by >inches and fell to the ground. He opened his eyes and saw Caleb's fist >moving very fast, then he saw stars. >" HAHAHAHA! You can't kill me! Remember?" >" No, but I can kick your ass till you bleed!" >" Oh stop you'll give the kids nightmares!" >Another punch. Then another. Caleb swung blow after blow until Carver's >face was bleeding more than Randy's shot wound. >" Caleb! Stop! He's not going anywhere!" Ilanna called to him. >" I'll see you rot," Caleb spat at Carver. The other Rockets ran as the >cops came. >" Time to go..." "You're lucky. I should've killed you." Caleb said. "Guhhh." Carver couldn't even speak, just moan. Caleb walked toward Ilanna, and the approching cops. "Randy?" Lisa ran toward Randy, who was resting on his katana. "I'm okay." "But-you're bleeding!" "It's nothing." "Let me help you up." "Okay." Lisa helped Randy to his feet. "Come on. The cops'll take it from here." Lisa said. They walked toward Caleb, Ilanna and the cops. "What happened?" a cop asked. "I told you. After you were out of sight, they attacked." Ilanna said. "Dang. Did they get away?" "Um....They didn't get Carver. He's over there." "Okay. We'll have to send him to someplace....more secure." "Good." "What happened to that kid? He's bleeding like a runny faucet." "I got grazed by a bullet." "Are you okay?" "Yeah....." Randy passed out. [In the hospital...] "What happened?" Randy asked. "You fainted from loss of blood." Caleb said. "Oh." "Well, the doctor said you cold leave once you felt better." "I feel better now." "Okay, I'll get him." [An hour later...] [outside the hospital] "Thanks for your help." Caleb said. "No problem." Lisa said. "When you grow up, you two could be some pretty good Pokéhunters." "Thanks." "Well, we have to go." "Bye." Caleb and Ilanna walked away. [a few hours later...] "Where are we going now, Randy?" "Um....there's a gym in Saffron, right?" "Yeah." "We can get there from Vermillion, from a tunnel south of here." "Oh, yeah! We can visit your father!" "Yup!" The End Isshun de kitanaku nigotta mizumo kiyomeru chikara wo motsu. Kita kaze no umare kawari toiu. 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points