From: Roland Le Good <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rocket Attack! Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 10:08 AM >> >>Caleb, Piccolo and Ilanna entered the warehouse again. Caleb saw the two >>rockets, with missing limbs, bleeding and screaming all over the ground. He >>winced slightly at their pain. Then he regarded Yakon. >>" Brutal, much?" Ilanna had seen Randy's broken katana. >>" Whoa, nice...hilt," She un-sheathed her sword and twirled it around. >>" Hmph, mine was better before it was broken," Randy groaned. >>" Well hey, I was taught to fix katanas a while back. If you want I could >>fix your one?" >>" Great!" Randy smiled. >>" OK, let's get you to a doctor and I'll fix this sword!" >>Caleb seemed to think hard about what the Rocket had said earlier. Could >>Carver be freed? He was only being held in a low security mental asylum. >> >>After Randy had been patched up he and Lisa stepped outside the hospital to >>find Caleb and Ilanna, but more importantly, his sword. They were sitting >>at a table outside a cafe. >>" Oh hey Randy, Lisa," Ilanna and Caleb nodded. >>" Well, as promised..." Ilanna produced Randy's katana and handed it to >>him. He sliced at the air, getting a feel for it. >>" It's well weighted. A nice feel, it's great! Thanks!" >>" Well, if that's all done e have to get going, by-" >>" Actually..." Caleb began. >>" There is something else...something worse than you could imagine..." >>" I dunno," Randy glanced at Yakon's pokeball. >>" No, worse than him," Lisa raised an eyebrow. >>" A man named Carver is going to be freed by the Rockets, up in Pewter, one >>of the other Rockets told me, before they were about to kill me. Look, this >>is the final thing, can you come and help stop 'em? You seem to be good >>fighters, we could use you," >>" Weeell. I can see we're not getting out of it..." Randy sighed. >>" Oh good. We need a vehicle of some sort...and I know where to get one!" >> >>Kivan sat amidst his Pokemon. A young Meowth was trying to walk along the >>window ledge when it saw Caleb and the others running towards the house. >>" Meow?" >>Outside by the gate a large Arcanine frowned at Randy, Lisa and Ilanna. It >>was trained to alert Kivan about any people it didn't know. It let out a >>howl that sent Pokemon diving for cover. Kivan burst through the door to >>see Caleb, two kids and a beautiful woman standing there. >>" Good gods, you work fast!" >>" Funny, may we come in please?" >>After everyone was aquanited Kivan and Caleb went to Kivan's garage, whilst >>Randy and Lisa talked with the Pokemon. >>" Hey this place is great! It's like a Pokemon care centre," >>" Yeah, I could get to like Kivan!" The two smiled. >>Meanwhile Caleb and Kivan were talking about a vehicle when Ilanna came in. >>" Well, nearly done?" >>" You bet, get the others, see you in front of the house..." >>Ilanna, Randy and Lisa stood in front of the house. >>" How long does it take to drive around the corner?" They heard the sound >>of an engine and then Caleb shot around the corner in a large black jeep. >>" Get in everyone, we're going to Pewter!" >> > >"In that?" Lisa asked. >"Yeah, what's wrong with it?" Caleb asked. > >Lisa looked at the dusty seats. > >"Nothing, it's just...old. How long has it been in Kivan's garage >"I don't know, but it's been there for a while." >"Oh." >"You getting in, or not?" >"Oh, yeah." > >Ilanna sat in the front with Caleb, while Randy and Lis sat in the back seat, >holding Trunks and Goten. > >"Where we gonna sit?" Cyrus asked. >"Follow me." Piccolo said. > >Piccolo jumped in the back of the Jeep, and Cyrus followed him. > >"Um, what about me?" Cell asked. >"Oh yeah, there isn't enough room for you." Randy said. >"What're you gonna do?" >"Um, I'll switch you to my house." >"Okay." > >Randy switched Cell with Porunga. > >"Okay, you ready?" Caleb asked. >"Yup." Lisa said. >"Then, let's go." > >Caled stepped on the gas pedal, and the jeep sped off. > >"Wow, this thing's fast." >"Yeah, Kivan's been working on it for a while, now." >"Oh." > >[A little while later...] > >"Hey, Caleb." Randy asked. >"Yeah?" >"What's so bad about this Carver guy?" > >Caleb looked annoyed. > >"He's a lunatic, and a murderer. He tried to kill me a few times." >"Oh." > >[later...] > >"Okay, everyone out. We're here." > " Hmph. It's been a while since I was last here..." Ilanna remarked. " Right, well we have to be quick. We need to stop those Rockets!" Caleb frowned. " As soon as we find the asylum..." " Hmm, ok. I have a plan!" Ilanna said. " Me and Lisa go to get the cops whilst you and Randy find the asylum. OK?" " It's fine by me, what about you two?" " Sure," Randy said. " Uhh...ok," Lisa smiled. Randy and Caleb walked to the North. Caleb noted that they had finished repairing the museum after that bike incident a month or so ago. Randy brought him out of his trance. " So are you and Ilanna...y'know...together?" Randy tried to make converstaion with a large man in black who had a gun visible, which is hard in itself. " Uh...not exactly," Caleb seemed uneasy. " Well do you like her?" " As a friend," Caleb seemed to blush. " Oh...I see," Randy smiled to himself. " Uh hey look!" Caleb pointed at a large building just along the path. It seemed dark around that area, woth forests either side of the dirt track. Caleb could just make out the words " Pewter Asylum" written above the large steel door. " I think we've found it," Caleb said. " Let's get those two," Randy said. Lisa and Ilanna were nearing the police station. " So are you and Randy a couple?" " Not exactly," " 'Not exactly?'" " No, but we might oneday..." Lisa blushed. " And what about you and Caleb?" Lisa changed the subject. " Ah, no I don't think-" " He acts like he likes you..." " You think?" " Yeah!" Lisa grinned. " Well, here we are," They went inside and approached a skeptical looking police officer. " Hi, sir. Can you help us? We have a problem!" Lisa said. " And what's that?" " Team Rocket are planning to rescue one of their agents, Carver!" " Oh yeah? Where from?" " The mental asylum," " Well, we keep all he bad people in our prison, so you should run along little girl," Lisa gritted her teeth, she looked like she was going to bite the cops head off. Ilanna stopped her. " It's not the time or the place, let me try..." Ilanna approached the cop, she strolled over to him. " Hey buddy, y'see this badge?" Ilanna held up her Pokehunter badge. " This badge means you have to do what I say! You got that? I'm a bounty hunter, and my rank in the Pokehunter guild is alot higher than your sunshine, so if you want to avoid a nasty bursh with your boss you'll do as my friend here says, got that?" " ye-yes ma'am!" the startled officer saluted. " How-How many troops did you need?" Caleb and Randy arrived. Lisa and Ilanna were standing with 6 other cops. " Ilanna we found the asylum, I think the Rockets will attack tonight, so we need to prepare for he next..." He checked his watch. " 5 hours..." " So we'll be ste up by 6 pm?" " That's what I said!" Caleb said. " Ok, let's go then..."