From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] Round 10 of the tournament. Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 7:02 AM Insanellama shot up out of his bed. He had a severe pain in his chest. He couldn't make it go away, so he stayed up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just outside of town~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Officer Jenny came to a stop in front of the body. Someone had called the police when they heard shots fired. Well, now she had a body. She checked for his wallet, all it had in it were a few dollars. She felt his chest, and felt something solid. She reached into his shirt, and pulled out his dogtags. "Chaotic Llama" they had blood type, and other important information should he actually be alive. He had no pulse, and the body was already a little cold. There was an Insane Llama staying at the hotel, she should probably give him a call and see if they were related. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Insanellama's phone rang, he picked it up, "Hello?" "Is this Insanellama?" "Yea" "This is Officer Jenny, could you please come down to the station right away?" "Sure." Insanellama was worried now. He pulled on his hat, and ran out of his room, and into the street. Pretty soon he realised he was in sock feet. He through out Darkhorse's pokeball, and mounted up without breaking stride. They soon arrived. He walked into the station. "I'm Insanellama, you wanted to see me?" "Yes, I have a body for you to identify." "Wait a sec, was he shot about right here?" Insanellama pointed to a place on his chest, that exactly matched the place of the wound on Chaoticllama. "Yes, right there exactly she said." "Oh dear god. Lead the way." She took him in, and showed him the body. "DAMN IT!" Insanellama broke into tears over the stiffened body. "Don't you worry Chaoticllama, I'll find out who did this, and hunt them down. Somebody just signed their own death warrant." Insanellama managed to regain partial control of himself. "That's my brother there, Chaoticllama. I'll be leaving town today probably, and I'd like to take him back to our home to be buried. Could you have him airlifted to the Flyin' L ranch outside of Pallet? And can I ride in the chopper?" "Sure thing." Insanellama stumbled out of the station, and rode slowly to the Poker building. "Good thing they have free drinks," he thought to himself as he pushed through the doors. He got himself a tray of shots of scotch, and took it to his table. Buckwheat sat down across from him. This was to be a two man game. Great, all this, and now I have to deal with the ruthless guttless one himself. The dealer soon arrived. "What's with all the drinks Insanellama? Did the poow wittle baybe have a wuff night?" This was just about enough to make Insanellama lunge across the table. He was out of his chair, but restrained himself, and sat down. In response, he tossed off a shot of scotch. "The sight of you would drive anyone to drinking, you spineless guttless scumbag." Insanellama won the first hand. He didn't win any of the next 15 hands though. He knew why too. That Kabutops was slipping cards to buckwheat. So he has to cheat to beat me eh? Insanellama didn't feel like signaling the dealer that buckwheat was cheating, he just asked, "Could we have a little privacy?" "What do you mean?" asked buckwheat. "I mean the kabutops there. The glare from his sunglasses is blinding me." Buckwheat took the hint. Chaoticllama knew what was going on. He knew if he told Kabutops to remove his sunglasses, cards would come spilling out. "Kabutops, would you please leave?" "No! I'll just take off my sunglasses, that's all." He about had them off too, when buckwheat recalled him to his pokeball. "Sorry pal." Insanellama soon got even, he was making real headway too. Chips were coming his way at a steady pace. His head wasn't in the game tho. He was too depressed to enjoy beating the pants off of buckwheat at poker. His mind was on revenge against the killer..... That's when it hit him, BUCKWHEAT DID IT! his mind screamed at him. "You little piece of shit! You dirty RAT! YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" Insanellama turned his head sideways, and the pops were like rounds being fired from a gun. He stood up very quickly. His chair shot across the building. He wasn't armed, but both buckwheat, and the dealer were. They both brought up pistols. Both were on Insanellama. When the dealer saw Buckwheat had one, he shifted his aim. Insanellama threw off his vest. They soon realised he wasn't armed. "SHOOT ME!! COME ON BUCKWHEAT SHOOT ME! I DARE YOU! YOU DON'T HAVE THE GUTS!!!" Buckwheat was a little stunned. Insanellama had very apparently lost it. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. His hair was matted by sweat, and his body was shaking violently with each syllable. He almost pulled the trigger, but he didn't want to die himself when the dealer pulled his trigger. Insanellama walked around the table. He put up his fists. "COME ON! DO IT!!!" With a motion that looked like the start of a right cross, he grabbed onto buckwheat's gun, twisted it, and disarmed him. Insanellama took the moment of shock to remove an other obvious weapons. Of course, buckwheat was still a pikachu, but Insanellama couldn't be held responsible for what his bide ability might do if buckwheat shocked him. "BRING IT!! PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!!! COME ON!!! HEY, LET ME MAKE IT JUST LIKE WITH CHAOTICLLAMA!" Insanellama turned his back to him. Buckwheat couldn't resist. "PIIIIIKAAAACHUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" He thunderbolted Insanellama. Insanellama didn't even look singed. He didn't look like he'd even been touched. "PIIIIIKAAAACHUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" Buckwheat let off another one, and one more after it for good measure. Insanellama turned around, there was an almost demonic smile on his face. "HIT ME AGAIN!! COME ON!!!!" Buckwheat gave it one more shot. Insanellama started shaking violently while still seeming to stay still. IT was like he was vibrating or something. His eyes had changed from their normal blue-green to an firey red. He cracked his neck one more time. When it came back to center, his mouth opened, and a solid dome of energy errupted from his entire body. It went in every direction, and everything it touched was oblitterated, or tossed from the room. Buckwheat was caught in the blast. Since he was electric tho, he wasn't killed. Insanellama keeled over when he was finished. Sparks still surrounded his eyes. He was on his knees with his head facing buckwheats unconcious body. He went up to the desk, took the grand prize, and piled it in front of buckwheat. He knew he'd probably be disqualified anyway. He left the building, went to the hotel, packed his bags, and went to the pokecenter. When he walked in, it was still very evident that he was a combination of depressed, distraught, and just generally pissed off. Sparks were still shooting at random from his eyes. "Well guys, I have some business to tend to back at the ranch. I'll have to catch up with you in a few days." "What kind of business?" asked Meeko. Insanellama's face fell a little lower. "Someone killed my brother last night around 4 A.M. I've got to go and bury him, then decide what should be done about his pokemon, decide how to tell them that he's gone. A tear rolled down his cheek. I don't know if lowjack will be able to take it." Insanellama turned around and walked out of the pokecenter. He called out Darkhorse just as a storm started to blow up. TBC???? -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama