From: Dan and his army of Kirbys <> Subject: [PW!][LEAGUE] Round 5! The Real Game Begins... Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 12:12 PM "Hm...Dan..." the person at the desk said. "Ah! Here we are!...Your opponent has already been selected." A screen lowered from the ceiling, and showed the battle chart. "You will be battling in one hour." Dan started walking away, to prepare for the battle ahead. "Finally, a real battle," he said. "From here on, the battles really count...lose one, you lose them all..." --------------------- Round 5! The Real Game Begins! --------------------- "Clefairy, this is it," Dan said. "We have to win this one, or else we're out of here." "Fairy." A voice sounded over the loudspeakers. "Will Dan please report to the battlefield?" "Which one? There's probably lots of Dans in the stadium..." Dan said. "The Dan with the Clefairy," the speaker said, answering his question. "All right then," Dan said. "It's time." Dan and Clefairy headed out to the battlefield. --- "Now entering the battlefield..." the announcer said. "...are our next two Round 5 battlers!" "On the Red side, is trainer Dan from Pallet Town!" Cheers erupted from the audience. "And on the Green side, his opponent Lewis!" More cheering. "As you know, in Round 5 and up, trainers may use 6 Pokemon each! Now...let the battle begin!" "All right then," Dan said. "Go, Pidgeot!" At the same time, Lewis shouted, "Go, TriShocker!" On the battlefield appeared a Pidgeot and a Magneton. "Uh-oh! This could be bad news for Dan! The Magneton will prove to have an advantage in this battle!" "Oh great..." Dan said. "Pidgeot, use Fly!" "TriShocker, Thundershock!" Pidgeot flew high into the air, dodging the electric attack. "Now dive and attack!" "Thunderbolt it when it comes down!" Pidgeot was a blur as it dropped from the sky. It slammed beak-first into the Magneton, but was met by a huge electric jolt! "And Pidgeot is almost fried by Magneton's electric power! Dan had better get a new Pokemon in there quick!..." "Should I let him stay in?...It would be best to recall him..." Dan thought. But soon the decision was made for him. "Sonicboom!" A wave swept Pidgeot into the air, and then he fell to the ground. "Pidgeot is out of the match!" One of Dan's lights on the board disappeared. Pidgeot was sucked back into its Pokeball. "Ok then, we need something that can counter an Electric type..." Dan said. "I know...he doesn't have much experience battling, but I know he can do it. Cubone, go!" "And Dan chooses a Cubone! Being a ground type, it should be strong against the Magneton!" "Oh no..." Lewis said. "TriShocker, use a Sonic Boom!" A wave of air blasted Cubone, but it was hardly enough to knock him off his feet. "All right, Cubone!" Dan shouted. "Use your Bonemerang attack!" Cubone sent the bone flying at Magneton... "Try to dodge it!" Lewis said. But Magneton was too slow, and the impact of the bone sent the Magneton flying back. "Magneton is almost out, but it may still have a chance!..." "Use another Sonic Boom!" "Quick, Dig now!" Cubone quickly burrowed under the ground, avoiding the Sonic boom wave. "Now attack!" Cubone broke through the ground under Magneton, slamming it with its skull helmet. Magneton fell to the ground, knocked out. "Magneton is unable to battle!" A light disappeared from Lewis's side of the board. Cubone began to glow... "Cubone's evolving!..." Dan said. Cubone was now a Marowak! "Ok, what would I use against a Marowak..." Lewis said. "I know! I'll use my Dratini! Drago, go!" "A Dratini..." Dan muttered. "Pretty could have Surf...or an Ice move...pretty risky...but I'll take the chance." "Marowak, use your Bone Club!" Marowak rushed up and used his bone like a baseball bat to hit Dratini. "Hit him with Surf! He can't survive that!" Dratini unleashed a huge wave of water, which slammed right into Marowak. Marowak was lying still on the battlefield. The referee raised a flag. "Marowak is out of the match!" "Marowak, return," Dan said. "Go get'm Vaporeon!" "A Vaporeon has been sent out by Dan! If it's armed with an Ice move, the battle could be all over for Dratini!" "Drago, use your Hyper Beam attack!" Lewis shouted. "That'll knock him out for sure!" Dratini began to glow... "Hurry, Vaporeon, Acid Armor!" Dan said. "You may be able to take the hit with it!" Vaporeon began to shimmer, and Dratini fired the beam. It hit right on target, sending Vaporeon back a bit. "All right!" Dan shouted. "Now, use your Ice Beam!" "Vaporeon's Acid Armor has reduced the Hyper Beam's power, and it's still in the match! Now it's ready for an Ice Beam attack, which is bad news for Lewis and Dratini!" A bright blue beam hit Dratini full force, almost knocking it out! Dratini struggled to stay up... Lewis groaned as he watched his Dratini, knowing it would be helpless for a little while longer... "Dratini is unable to do anything, as it must recharge after its powerful Hyper Beam technique!" "Another Ice Beam! Fire!" The icy energy beam hit Dratini again. Unable to take another hit, it fell to the ground. "Oh no!" Lewis said. The referee raised a flag. "Dratini is out of the match!" "I don't have anything that's super-effective against a Vaporeon...I'll have to use Clamp!" Lewis tossed a Pokeball, and out popped a Cloyster! "Vaporeon, Surf now!" The Cloyster closed his shell, and easily deflected the wave of water. "Huh?" Dan said. "Try an Ice Beam!" That too, harmlessly hit the shell. "Haha..." Lewis laughed. "Use your Aurora Beam!" Cloyster opened his shell, and fired a brightly colored beam that almost knocked Vaporeon out. After that, the shell closed again. "Hmm..." Dan thought. "How can I get an attack in......" "Aha!" he whispered. "I've got it!" "Vaporeon! Use an Acid Armor, then wait for his attack." "Por," Vaporeon said, and shimmered even more. Lewis waited for a second, then made his move. "Clamp that thing!" Cloyster leapt at Vaporeon with its shell open... "Now! Bite it!" The somewhat weakened Vaporeon leapt forward, and bit the Cloyster's insides. Cloyster fell to the ground, rolling in pain. "Close up!" Lewis shouted. "Close your shell!" But Cloyster didn't hear, and was left wide open (literally) for Vaporeon's next attack. "Ice Beam!" The freezing energy shot at the open Cloyster, and...froze it! "Cloyster is now unable to fight!" "Arg..." Lewis said, returning Cloyster to its Pokeball. " Pidgeot is weak to that Ice Beam, but the Vaporeon is pretty weak now...go, Whirlwind!" "A Pidgeot has been sent by Lewis! Being a flying type, Vaporeon can easily freeze it! But if the Pidgeot is quick enough, it can knock Vaporeon off its feet without any trouble!" "Right!" Lewis said. "Whirlwind, use Gust!" The Pidgeot's Gust was too much for the weakened Vaporeon, and easily knocked it out. "Vaporeon, return," Dan said, as another light disappeared from his side of the board. "You'll get a nice rest at the Pokemon Center after this is done." "Now, to blast that bird out of the sky! Pikachu!" Dan tossed a pokeball, and out came...surprise! A Pikachu! "This is bad news for Lewis," the announcer said. "A Pikachu's powerful electric attacks can take it out in no time!" "That's right," Dan said. "Pika, Thunderbolt!" The electric surge almost fried the Pidgeot (where have we seen this before?)! "Whirlwind, Fly!" Lewis said. "He can't get you up there!" "That's what he thinks..." Dan muttered. "Pikachu, Swift attack!" Small stars flew from Pikachu's cheeks, up into the air. Pidgeot was hit, but still had the energy to keep fighting. "That's Swift attack!" the announcer said. "The only attack that will hit no matter what!" "Whirlwind, knock out that Pikachu! Dive now!" Lewis shouted. "Chaaaaaaaa!" Pikachu screamed as Pidgeot hit. Due to Pikachu's low tolerance of attacks like that, he was badly hurt. "Pikachu, hang in there! Fry that Pidgeot with a Thunderbolt!" "Ka-CHUUUUUU!" Pikachu said as it released the electricity. Pidgeot was quickly knocked out of the action by that zap. "Pidgeot is out of the match!" the ref said, as Lewis recalled his pokemon. "I'll get that Pikachu with Tombstone, my electric Pokemon can't beat that!" Lewis said. "A Marowak!" Dan said as the pokemon entered. "I can't beat that with Pika...but he can still try! Swift, now!" The stars zipped across the field, and each hit Marowak. "Give him a Bone Club!" Marowak leapt forward and smacked Pikachu right in the forehead. Pika plopped to the ground. "Pikachu is out!" "Ok then, go get'm! Venusaur!" Venusaur appeared on the field. "Venusaur, Razor Leaf!" "Tombstone, Focus Energy!" Marowak glowed as it was hit with a barrage of razor-sharp leaves... "Now, use Bonemerang!" The bone flew at Venusaur, and hit it square in the forehead. Venusaur roared in pain, thanks to the added power from Focus Energy. "Venusaur, put that Marowak to sleep!" A glittering powder settled over Marowak, and it was soon fast asleep. "Oh no!" Lewis said. "Venusaur, you know what to do now." "Saur." Venusaur's flower began to glow and absorb sunlight... Lewis gulped as his Marowak slumbered on. "Now! Solarbeam!" Dan yelled. A great beam of solar energy surged toward Marowak. The force of the beam was so great, it sent Marowak flying to behind where Lewis was standing! "Marowak is out!" the ref said. "Only one left..." Lewis said. "Go, Alakazam!" "An Alakazam..." Dan said. "Could be a challenge. Mega Drain!" Two vines wrapped around Alakazam and drained its energy. "Alakazam, don't let that stop you! Psybeam!" The powerful psychic beam sent Venusaur into a state of confusion! "Oh no...Venusaur is slapping itself with its own vines!" Dan said. "It can't take another!" Lewis said. "Psybeam!" The psychic wave was too much, and Venusaur sank to the ground. "Being a poison type, Venusaur can't take Psychics very well, so it's out of here!" The announcer continued: "Both of them have only one pokemon left. What will Dan choose?..." "Fairy." "You want to go?" Dan asked. "Clefairy." " always seem to get me out of these bad situations. Let's hope you'll do the same again." "And Dan's CLEFAIRY has entered the field! It may look small and weak but this little puff has proven itself as a strong force, finishing off all of Dan's league battles beautifully! Can Lewis take down this tuff puff of a Clefairy?" "Start it off with a Doubleslap!" Clefairy slapped Alakazam's face a few times... "Is that it?" Lewis asked. "Psywave!" Clefairy staggered back from the force of the force of the wave. "All right, let's show him what you can really do!" Dan shouted. "Mega Punch!" Now it was Alakazam's turn to stagger back from a hit, as neither he nor his trainer were expecting such a powerful move. "Keep Psywaving until he falls!" "Clefairy may not be able to take this for long..." Dan said. "They mean business! Let's show them that we do too! Metronome!" Clefairy flopped around on the ground...Splash attack. "Arg...try again!" Water gun...almost harmless. "And again!" This time...More Clefairies appeared on the field! "All right! Double Team! This should buy us some more time!" "Keep Psywave going!" Lewis said. Clefairy used Thundershock...I don't think so... "Keep trying!" Dan said. Clefairy Metronomed again...and leaped at Alakazam, slamming into it! Body Slam! Alakazam staggered back, and then stood still. "Keep the Psywaves going!" Lewis said. Nothing happened. "What's wrong?" The answer came from the announcer: "It looks like Body Slam's extra effect came into play...paralysis! Alakazam can't move, so it won't have much longer in the battle!" "Clefairy, Mega Punch!" The Punch severely weakened Alakazam...only one more hit was needed to take it out. "All right Clefairy, finish it! Mega Punch!" The final blow was dealt, and Alakazam fell. "And the Power Puff Clefairy strikes again! Lewis is out of Pokemon, and Dan is the winner of this exciting Round 5 match!" --- "Great match," Dan said, shaking Lewis' hand. "Yeah," Lewis said. "That Clefairy of yours is powerful..." "Good luck in all of your future battles," Dan said, and walked away. --- "Well, we've made it again," Dan said, sitting in a Pokecenter room. "We're going to advance to Round 6." "I couldn't have done it without you, Clefairy," he said. "You saved me in every battle I fought." "Hopefully, I'll make it to the top...but there's no guarantee. I could be knocked out of the running just like that Lewis guy was back there...but I won't be knocked out without a fight." "And if we're lucky, we'll make it to the top...and maybe even become the champions of the Pokemon League Tournament..." Dan