From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!][LEAGUE] Round Five! Tough Battle! Jon VS Giselle! Date: Friday, January 28, 2000 6:00 AM >>> >>>P:OTPW!: Jon came back from a Round 2 loss to win his next two matches. As >>>far >>>as he knows, he's awaiting the Round 5 qualifiers to be posted... >>> >>>And now, without further delay... >>> >>>PokeWars! League! Round Five! Tough Battle! Jon VS Giselle! >>> >>><A small cafe on the Pokemon League Games Terrace> >>> >>>Jon is tearing his hair out as he sits with his head down on the table. >>>About >>>twenty empty glasses can be seen as a waiter brings over another. >>> >>>Jon looks up. >>> >>>"Thanks." >>> >>>He is interrupted from his stupor as his Vulpix begins to nibble on his >>>ankles. >>> Jon forces himself to look away from the table and pick up the baby >>Pokemon. >>> >>>"What is it, Vulpix?" >>> >>>"Vul! PIX!" >>> >>>"I'm waiting for them to post the Round 5 qualifiers." >>> >>>"Vul..." >>> >>>He is interrupted again by a tap on his shoulder. >>> >>>"Hello?" >>> >>>Jon attempts to stand up, but finds his bursting bladder simply prohibits >>it. >>> >>>He finally manages to turn his head to see who has spoken. >>> >>>He is surprised to see a teenage girl there, dressed in a sort of uniform. >>>As >>>he surveys her from head to toe, he realizes she's real hot stuff. >>> >>>"Are you Jon?" >>> >>>Overjoyed that this fine specimen of the female gender knows his name, Jon >>>replies in the affirmative. >>> >>>"I'm battling you in Round Five. The match starts in about ten minutes, >you >>>know. I thought I'd like to meet you before we battled." >>> >>>Jon facefaulted. "Where were these things posted anyway?!" >>> >>>Giselle smiled. "They've been up for about 3 hours. Over in the quad." >>> >>>Jon facefaulted again. "I'll be right back," he said as he made a dash for >>>the >>>young male trainer's room, unloading about 20 litres worth of caffeine into >>a >>>urinal before returning to the pretty girl. >>> >>>"What _is_ your name?" Jon posed. >>> >>>"Giselle. Pokemon" >>> >>>Jon smiled. "Shall I walk you to the Stadium, Miss Giselle?" >>> >>>Surprised at the boy's daring, she blushed. >>> >>>"That's okay. I need to get some Pokemon anyway." >>> >>>Jon nodded. "See ya there." >>> >>>He grabbed his pack and began to jog. A voice popped into his head. >>> >>>"Jon, you've got run of 6 Pokemon here. Choose wisely." >>> >>>He answered his own voice. >>> >>>"They're all healthy. And I can switch via Pokedex here." >>> >>>Jon entered the large Indigo Stadium, which was now full of people to the >>>brim. >>> He paused to watch the flame of Moltres as the maintenance people finished >>>grooming the grass. This match would be tough. Horribly tough. Worse >than >>>any battle before. He had scrapped his way into the finals, unlike many >of >>>the other trainers. >>> >>>A Pokemon League official reached over and tapped his arm. >>> >>>"Jon, right? You're the Green Trainer. Are you ready?" >>> >>>Jon nodded. >> >>The man escorted him to the Green Trainer's stand. Across the field, Jon >>could >>see Giselle as she mounted hers. >> >>He breathed out slowly as the Trainer's Box rose up. This time, the good >>announcer had been chosen over Ben Stein and "The Coffee Drinker." >> >>"AND HERE WE GO! A Round Five match between two strong trainers. Pokemon >>Tech >>School's Giselle is facing off against Jon, Cinnabar Island's champion. 6 >>Pokemon will be allowed here... what will they send first?" >> >>--- >>Cinnabar Island Pokemon Lab >> >>Five lab techs are staring at a TV, flanked by a Butterfree and a Dugtrio. >> >>"Jon's on! C'mon, guys!" one yells to a sixth tech, who is sitting at a >>computer. >>--- >> >>Jon looked at his Pokeballs. >> >>"This is it, guys. Here we go!!! Onix!" >> >>"Jon has led with Onix! What will Giselle choose?!" >> >>Giselle beamed. >> >>"Go, Graveler! Do it now!" >> >>Jon facefaulted. These two Pokemon couldn't do crap on each other, even if >>one >>held a hidden move. >> >>"Onix, return. Go, Venusaur!" >> >>"Jon has recalled his Onix and sent out his Venusaur, while Giselle has >>remained with Graveler! That's two of his six Pokemon... Jon is showing his >>hand early. Time to see if Venusaur will obey!" > >Giselle got the jump on Jon. > >"Graveler! Rock THROW!" > >Jon watched as the large rock Pokemon lifted itself off of the ground via its >arms and threw itself at Venusaur. The grass Pokemon took the hit well, >perhaps losing only about a quarter of its strength. > >"Venusaur! Razor Leaf, now!" Jon cried, hoping the Pokemon would obey. The >overgrown weed paused for a moment, then suddenly launched a barrage of >leaves >at the Graveler. Jon began to smile, expecting a knock-out. > >Jon was surprised, of course, to find Graveler still standing. > >"Type differences don't mean much at this level with a well trained Pokemon!" >came Giselle's voice from the opposite end of the field. "Graveler, rock >slide!" > >"Venusaur, VINE WHIP!" > >The two trainers waited for their Pokemon to carry out their commands. >Graveler began to roll toward Venusaur, while the grass Pokemon pulled vines >out of nowhere. Both Pokemon launched attacks at once, but the grass Pokemon >managed to get ahead and give the Graveler a whipping. > >This second hit was too much for Graveler, and it stopped in its tracks. >Giselle sighed and recalled her Graveler. > >Jon waited for her to send forth a Pokemon. She threw forth a Pokeball, >revealing a Rapidash. > >Knowing Sarah Jane had the unevolved version of this Pokemon, and that it was >powerful, Jon decided to take his time and be careful. > >"Venusaur! HYPER BEAM NOW!" > >Giselle's laugh could be heard from the opposite end of the stadium. > >"Rapidash! Horn Drill!" > >This move choice worried Jon. He'd never seen Horn Drill before... but he >was >about to. > >The obviously faster Rapidash came straight for Venusaur, jumping and then >driving its horn down into the ground with amazing speed, causing a fault >line >to open around Venusaur and shake it up terribly. Jon was forced to recall it >before Venusaur was swallowed by the earth. > >He began to sweat. He had plenty of Pokemon to choose from... but what >against >this Rapidash?! > >"I CHOOSE YOU! Kabutops!" > >--- >Cinnabar Pokemon Lab > >The techs are on the edge of their seats. > >"That's 3 of his Pokemon. He's gotta use Ninetales and Jolteon, of course. >Plus he has Vulpix, Pidgeot, Alakazam, or Butterfree or Dugtrio." > >"I'd expect something high-level to come out." >--- > >"The match is now even at one down apiece. It's Rapidash versus Kabutops!" > >"Rapidash! Stomp it!" > >"Kabutops! Hack and slash! Go!" > >The fire horse again began to gallop towards its target, while Kabutops >readied >its blades. Both trainers held their breath as the Pokemon collided with a >large bang. > >As the dust cleared, the Pokemon were a tangled mess of hooves and blades. >Neither Pokemon had given up and was still trying to deal damage to the >other... > .. and perhaps they would have continued to the death had not Rapidash been tripped at an inopportune time by one of the Kabutops' blades. The referee took advantage of the break to rush in and give the Rapidash ten seconds to restore itself. This was in vain, however; Rapidash was out for the count. It was Giselle's turn to take a deep breath. "And Rapidash is out! That means Jon leads by one Pokemon!" --- Cinnabar Pokemon Lab "C'mon Jon! Pick something high level, now!" Another lab tech showed up with a cooler. --- Giselle resumed smiling. "Go, Tangela!" Jon remembered Tangela. He had seen them before- Sarah Jane had one, and so had Erika. "Kabutops! Drain!" "Tangela! Vine Whip now!" The larger shellfish Pokemon immediately went to work, attacking the small bundle of vines with a vengeance. When it stopped, however, the Tangela was still in excellent condition. Its vine whips found Kabutops easily, making use of a double type advantage there and then to faint it. Jon sighed, recalling Kabutops. --- Cinnabar Lab "He's tied, two to two." "It's Miller time now, boys." one tech said as he opened the cooler. One underage tech squirmed. Drinking that Jolt Cola sixpack earlier hadn't been a good idea. "Lookhesusinghispokedex.IthinkhesgonnaswitchaPokemon!" The Butterfree in the room was quickly zapped away, replaced by a Kabutops. One lab tech offered the Pokemon a beer. --- "Go, Ninetales!" Jon yelled, choosing his very first Pokemon. He had switched for Butterfree, knowing that the butterfly could easily back up Ninetales. "Flamethrower!" "Poisonpowder!" Giselle winced, knowing her small grass Pokemon would never survive the hit. Maybe, just maybe, it could get the poison powder out... The fox Pokemon ran to about 25 yards away from the Tangela before launching the flamethrower. This gave Tangela ample opportunity to fire off its poisonpowder at Ninetales before giving over and pushing up daisies. Both hits were bullseyes. "Jon is up now, 2 to 3! This battle is seesawing back and forth!" "Return, Tangela! Here we go! Beedrill!" Jon nodded absentmindedly at Giselle's choice. Ninetales couldn't last too long... "Ninetales! Double Team!" "Beedrill! Twineedle!" Ninetales set up duplicates of itself in hopes of evading the attack. Beedrill, although confused, had been trained well enough to know to try its best and get a solid hit on at least one apparition. Jon held his breath as the Beedrill gained speed, readying its needles for an attack. Much to Jon's chagrin, the Beedrill had picked correctly, knocking the poisoned Ninetales off of its feet. The referee dropped a green flag. "What a move! They're tied three apiece halfway through the match!" --- "Oh.. How I wish I were a Pikachu's neener..." The hyperactive Lab tech was dumping his load in the bathroom. Meanwhile, there were 4 drunk men and several drunken Pokemon... --- "Return, Ninetales! Go! Butterfree!" Jon said, sending out his Butterfly Pokemon. This bug had quite a history... "Beedrill! Cut!" "Butterfree! Stunspore!" The overgrown bee took the offensive again, diving at Butterfree. The butterfly took advantage of its superior brain to dodge up at the last second, showering Beedrill with stun spore. "Beedrill! Get that god damn bug! Another twineedle!" "Butterfree! Finish it off! Psychic!" The paralysis had its desired effect, stopping the Beedrill in its tracks. Butterfree took the opportunity to use its psychic powers, laying tons of damage onto the Beedrill. The combination of paralysis and the psychic attack was too much; Beedrill fainted. Another red flag dropped. "Jon's Butterfree did the deed! Giselle only has run of two more Pokemon, and I think we know what number six will be!" Jon breathed deep. Two more to go to victory. --- "I'm You da ba dee da ba dee..." The underaged tech, now relieved of his burden, popped open the medicine cabinet. "Dr. Heineken's hangover Pills. Most excellent." --- "Go! Jynx!" The entire crowd facefaulted at this move. Jon smiled, switching in Jolteon for Butterfree. That meant he only had Onix and Butterfree left... "Jynx! Ice Punch!" "Jolteon! Pin Missile now!" The Jynx, horribly slow and judging by its appearance, not at a high level, lost the advantage. Jon's Jolteon immediately took off in the air, landing about 10 yards away from the Jynx. Its fur began to bristle; suddenly, millions of small pins jumped from its fur onto the Jynx' body in one of the rarest attacks seen in the Pokemon world. The low level Jynx didn't stand a chance against the powerful Jolteon that used attacks to take advantage of its type. Red flag number five dropped. Giselle dropped to her knees. She was going to have to depend on her last, yet her first, Pokemon. "Do it, Marowak! Save me now!" --- "Ladies and gentlemen... where is Bimbo number five?" There was a clanging sound as a pan contacted the last remaining drunken tech. "Stay there, dammit." --- "Marowak! Bonemerang!" "Jolteon! Toxic!" The ground Pokemon threw its bone with skill as Jolteon began to spew a toxic mist. As Jolteon finished its attack, the bonemerang returned, nailing Jolteon in the head. It fell over, fainted. A green flag dropped. Jon recalled Jolteon. He could still and should win this thing... just a matter of letting toxic kill the Marowak. "Onix! It's match point time! Finish that Marowak!" Giselle groaned aloud when she saw the rock snake come back out. Biting her lip for a moment, she shocked the crowd by recalling her Marowak. The referee quickly threw in his flag, signifying the end of the match. "It's all over! Jon wins, 4-6! What a match!" Jon stood still in shock, about to give an order. "I... won?" The crowd began to surge and yell. Jon jumped off the podium and hugged Onix, holding up all of his Pokeballs for the crowd to see. As reporters began to swarm him, however, he noticed Giselle slowly descending the podium. Knowing he was about to be mobbed, Jon recalled Onix and began to run down the field. He hopped over the burnt grass and ended up at the Red Trainer's exit as Giselle did. They both ducked into a corner. Jon shook her hand. She was smiling. "You deserved to win. I learned my lesson a while back; there's no need to let my Marowak suffer. The match was over." Jon smiled. "You still did well. I got lucky with that Toxic at the end. Otherwise you would have gotten Butterfree out, and then Onix versus Marowak could have gone either way." She nodded. "I better run. I'll see you later." Jon nodded, returning back to the stadium. As the first wave of reporters hit him, he pointed to his Pokeballs. "Interviews in the Pokemon Center. I want my Pokemon healed first." The media made an exception to their normal hounding routine and agreed to his terms. --- "Errg. Damn. Why do I have a lampshade on my head..?" The younger tech smiled. "You had a bad way of it there..." Out of his back pocket stuck a camera... TBC. -- Jon MoonieCode(1.12.05) SM:5+[6-]m+ F:sVe>++[+]Ne>[++]:vM9[+]Fi[+]:aAr+:pCl[+]R2[+] D:sCc[-]Ma-:vAn>[--]:aNa<[-]:pR1< X:*:aClRd:m1s O:d[+]:s?:a[-]:h[+] P:a14:s:eBLGLz:hBlD[-]:t[-]:c:bO-:*Vr:y30%:r-|+ Minako & Michiru fan till death