From: Time Lady ( Subject: Re: [PW!][League]Semifinals: Sarah Jane vs Sirius Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/03 Time Lady wrote: > From her position in the red trainer's box, Sarah Jane studied her > opponent across in the green box. Sirius. The son of Lance the Dragon > trainer. If he was anything like his father, Sarah Jane knew she was in > for a tough match. This was also the guy who beat Damian. The battle > that ended the friendship between Damian and Drake. She had to win... > for their sakes. > > Cuddles and Spunky sat at attention on the floor of the box. Both were > under strict warnings regarding their behavoir this match. Sarah Jane > would have rather left the pair with her grandparents, but she knew she > was facing a dragon trainer. In a dire emergency, Cuddles ice attacks > might become necessary, should Asterik and Snowflake fail. But _only_ > in an emergency. Pteryx was with the Eckerts. Shields also stood by, > ready should he be needed. Sarah Jane looked into the stands. She > could see her grandparents, Jon, Christy, Julia, and Damian (who had > been released from the hospital that morning) sitting in the stands. > Again she turned her attention towards Sirus while she ignored the > announcers discussion of their past victories. > > Her opponent would most likely use dragon pokemon... she'd leave > Snowflake and Asterik for last, if she could help it. But what to send > out first? Best to send out something reli\ble.... > > "Right...." she said as she adjusted her Pokedex for the time being. > She had 3 slots to play with, the other 3 slots being taken by Shields, > Cuddles, and Spunky. > > "Let's see what you have." said Sirius. Sarah Jane glared at him. > Sirius tossed out his Pokeball, revealing a Seadra. > > "Right," said Sarah Jane to herself. "Go Medusa!" shouted Sarah Jane as > she threw out the Tangela's pokeball. Sirius' eyes narrowed as he looked at his opponent's pokemon. He'd have to rely on his Seadra being faster. "Seadra, smokescreen!" he called. The Seadra began spouting smoke all over the field. "Medusa, sleep powder!" called Sarah Jane. The Tangela complied. Hoping his Seadra had managed to evade the sleep powder, Sirius ordered "Hydro Pump!" Water spouts popped up across the field. Medusa was slightly startled, but relatively unharmed. In fact, a few of the vines appeared to perk up from the sprinkling. "Try to broadcast your sleep powder across the field!" called Sarah Jane. "Seadra, Agility! Keep moving!" The wind seemed to be with Medusa as she began releasing her sleep powder. "Sea <cough><cough> dra...." could be heard from the smoky area. "Seaaazzzzzzz...." "Medusa, start charging your solar beam," ordered Sarah Jane. "SEADRA, MOVE IT!" ordered Sirius. The smokescreen began to clear with the breeze, allowing Medusa a shadowy glimpse of her opponent - just enough to give Medusa a place to aim. "Match to the red trainer!" called the referee. "Damn," said Sirius as he recalled the Seadra. "Well, this should take care of that walking ball of vines. Charizard, Go!" Medusa flinched at hearing the name of her next opponent. Sarah Jane saw this and mentally inquired if the Tangela wanted to continue. Medusa shook her vines. She'd never be able to face the other Pokemon at the Eckerts if she backed down.... "Okay," replied Sarah Jane aloud. "You can do this." Mentally, she added "Sleep Powder as soon as the ref drops the flag." The Tangela shook her vines in understanding. As soon as the ref lowered the flag, Medusa complied. Sirius was expecting another sleep powder and quickly ordered "Flamethrower!" "Medusa move!" ordered Sarah Jane. "Fire blast it!" Sarah Jane cringed when the flames hit Medusa. She quickly recalled the Tangela before it could suffer further from any burns. "Match to the green trainer," announced the ref. Briefly Sarah Jane considered sending out Asterik or Snowflake, but she was certain the Starmie and Dewgong would be more effective later. It was a flying Pokemon, so Digger would have less of an effect.... better go with experience.... "Svengali, go!" Sarah Jane heard the announcers comment on her Hypno and its previous battles the same way they had commented on the Charizard. "All right. We can handle this," said Sirius, relieved and suprised that Sarah Jane hadn't sent out a water pokemon. However, he had seen that her psychic pokemon were strong and he wasn't taking any chances. The ref began the next match. Sirius began with an earthquake, which left Svengali shaken. A second earthquake by the Charizard knocked the Hypno on his rear. "All right, go for the slash!" Sarah Jane waited carefully. It was a move that had worked previously.... Just as the Charizard was close enough, Svengali let his pendulum swing..... "Aw shit!" exclaimed Sirus as his Charizard swayed in time with the pendulum. "Charizard, snap out of it!" The Charizard shook its head, trying to keep itself from falling asleep. The move wasn't going the way Sarah Jane wanted, but it would have to do. "Psychic!" she called. Without hesitation the Hypno stared at the Charizard. Svengali's eyes glowed. "Chaaaaaaarrrrr...." howled the Charizard at the sudden pain in its head. "Fire blast!" ordered Sirius. The pain in its head however had left the charizard confused. It tried to comply, but wound up blasting its own tail. It howled in further pain, ending only when Svengali managed a critical hit with another Psychic. "Damn," muttered Sirius. He recalled his fainted Charizard. "Go for it Marowak!" Sarah Jane blinked in surprise at the appearance of the Marowak. She had expected another dragon. No matter. Svengali should be able to handle it. The Marowak and Hypno faced each other. Svengali proved the faster as he managed to hypnotize the Marowak and put it to sleep. Sirius watched on as the Hypno began to eat his Pokemon's dreams. The first dream eater wasn't enough though, and as Svengali prepared to repeat, he found himself hit in the face by a bone club. "All right! Skull bash him," called Sirius. Svengali was unable to avoid the Marowak as it barrelled into him. "YES!" exclaimed Sirius jubellantly. A moment later, however, he groaned "Nooooooooo....." when Svengali took down the Marowak with a Psychic. Glancing at the board, Sarah Jane realized she was ahead. Shields gave her the thumbs up. There was a chance she could actually make the finals.... Then she admonished herself. "Don't get your hopes up.... we can still lose this, especially if he pulls out the dragonite." Sirius didn't send out a dragonite. Instead he sent out a Gyarados. Svengali faced down his next opponent, ready to hypnotize as soon as the ref's flag dropped. This time, however, Sirius was faster with his direction. "Hyper beam now!" The Hyper Beam hit the Hypno straight on. Svengali was on his feet, but only just. He tried to manage to hypnotize the Gyarados while it recharged, but his pendulum faltered. "Bite!" ordered Sirius. The Gyarados' final attack proved too much. Sarah Jane recalled the fainted Hypno. She was facing a combined water/flying type. Maybe..... and if not, she still had 3 more pokemon to go. "Go Cherrybomb" she said as she tossed out the Pokeball for her Voltorb. Sirius practically laughed at the sight of the Voltorb. The ref started the next match. "Light Screen" shouted Sarah Jane before Sirius could call his move. The Voltorb set up a glowing shield around itself. The shield buffered the blow from the Gyrados first attack, but not the second. Cherrybomb managed a screech before it was knocked out by its opponent. "Yeah, that evens us up," said Sirius. "I shouldn't have sent Cherrybomb out there. We'll have to work harder on its training." Sarah Jane turned to Shields. "Think you're up to it?" The Mr. Mime did some mock sparring with himself to demonstrate his readiness. "Then go for it." With a salute, Shields lept off the trainer's podium and on to the field. Sirius almost laughed at the comical Mr. Mime, until he remembered some of the other battles he had seen. These mimes were tougher than they looked. "Hydro pump," called Sirius as soon as the match started. Shields sidestepped the jets of water shooting out of the ground. "Confusion!" shouted Sarah Jane. Shields' eyes glowed. The Gyarados shook its head slightly in pain. "Bite him!" yelled Sirius. The Gyarados, however, was seeing multiple images due to the confusion induced migraine. A laugh rippled through the crowd as the Gyarados bit itself. "Not again....." groaned Sirius. "Thunderbolt," called Sarah Jane. The Thunderbolt wielded by the far more experienced Mr. Mime did more damage than than the one by the inexperienced Voltorb. The Gyarados was smoking slightly as it hit the ground. Sarah Jane glanced at the scoreboard. She still had 3 pokemon, while her opponent had 2. One of which was almost certainly a Dragonite. Sirius appeared to be saving his Dragonite for last again, as he decided to send out an aerodactyl. "Aerooooo....." it sqwaked as it flew overhead. Sarah Jane couldn't help but admire what her little Pteryx would eventually grow into. The last Aerodactyl she had faced had been tough.... she hoped she could manage this one. "Thunderbolt isn't going to work on this one....," she said to herself. She waited for the referee to signal the start of the match. "Wing attack!" called Sirius. The Aerodactyl swooped down on Shields. He tried to avoid the giant rock wings, but was swept off his feet by the shock. "Metronome!" Shields waved his fingers back and forth. Sarah Jane prayed for a good move.... anything but Splash or an electric move. Fireblast wasn't a good choice, but it was still better than it could have been. The fire did a little damage to the Aerodactyl, but not enough. "Take 'em down!" shouted Sirius. The Aerodactyl dove right at Shields, bowling him over. The move wasn't without effect on the Aerodactyl though. Shields weakly got to his feet. He'd be darned if he'd let the opponent get the better of him. Sarah Jane sensed the Mr. Mime's determination. "Psychic!" she called. The Aerodactyl faltered in its flight. "Come on! One Hyper Beam should do it!" shouted Sirius. Fate was not with him on this Hyper Beam, which missed Shields and blasted a hole in the ground. "Another Psychic!" returned Sarah Jane. "AEERRROOOO!!!!" the Aerodactyl came crashing down to the ground. "Damn it...." Sirius recalled the Aerodactyl. "Reis, you're my last hope. Do it for me." He tossed out the Pokeball for his Dragonite. Sarah Jane bit her lower lip and adjusted her glasses. She mentally enquired if Shields wished to continue. The Mr. Mime returned an affirmative. "Be careful," she advised. Shields faced the Dragonite. He knew this was the one responsible for the split between two of his good friends, making Drake leave. He had to win.... The referee signalled the start. "Seismic Toss," called Sirius. At the exact same time, Sarah Jane called "Metronome!" Coincidentally, Shields also wound up with a Seismic Toss, leaving the two in a wrestling hold. The Dragonite was far stronger and Shields wound up tossed. "Body Slam!" shouted Sirius. Using its full weight, Reis slammed itself onto Shields. The Mr. Mime didn't move. Sighing, Sarah Jane recalled her faithful Mr. Mime. She had to choose between two remaining Pokeballs. Snowflake was probably the stronger of her two remaining choices..... The Dewgong appeared on the field. Sirius had been expecting it. "Thunder" commanded Sirius as soon as the round started. As unreliable as the Thunder attack is, it missed, leaving Sarah Jane an opening. "Blizzard!" she shouted. Snowflake complied. The Dragonite looked irritated as it shook off the layer of frost covering it. "Dewgong...." said Snowflake as it faced its opponent. Another Dragonite.... "Thunder again!" shouted Sirius. This time the Thunder hit, leaving Snowflake writhing in pain. "Snowflake! You need to use Blizzard again!" called Sarah Jane. She would have rather had the Dewgong use rest, but there was a chance of another Thunder hitting again. Better if Snowflake managed another Blizzard.... "Dewwww...." The weakened Dewgong managed another Blizzard, but it was still not strong enough to knock out the Dragonite. "One more Thunder should do it Reis," called Sirius.Apparently he judged correctly, because the thunder was enough to knock Snowflake unconcious. "Good job Reis," said Sirius. "One more Pokemon and we should have this wrapped up." "Ni?" asked Cuddles as she put her front paw on Sarah Jane's leg. "No," said Sarah Jane. "This match is a lot tougher than the other." She throws out her Pokeball. "Asterik, do it for me." A Starmie appeared on the field, much to the surprise of everyone who had been following the matches. Sarah Jane hoped that Asterik was ready and that the Dragonite was weak enough. The referee stood in the center. Sarah Jane watched the Dragonite as it walked to the center. She noticed that it shivered. She knew what to do. As soon as the flag lowered, she shouted "Ice beam!" "Thunder!" called Sirius. Asterik, boosted by its evolution, was much faster than the Dragonite and managed to strike with Ice Beam faster. Reis howled as its feet were encased in ice. The Dragonite tried to Thunder but was too distracted by the ice covering its feet. "Again!" shouted Sarah Jane. Asterik ice beamed again, this time aiming higher. A third ice beam had the Dragonite encased in ice. The referee came over and examined Reis. Reis appeared to struggle slightly, then resigned itself to its fate. "Dragonite is unable to fight!" announced the referee. "Game and match go to the red trainer." Sarah Jane collapsed to her knees. She looked up at the scoreboard, which showed her picture prominantly with "Congradulations" flashing across the bottom. "I don't believe it..." she said as Cuddles and Spunky climbed onto her lap. Asterik jumped onto the podium. Sarah Jane embraced the Starmie. "You did it!.... Oh my God.... we're going to the final round...." she said in amazement. <TBC> -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||