From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.commtech> Subject: [PW!] Set Sail! Riding On a Boat! Date: Friday, January 07, 2000 2:45 PM Narrator:In the last episode, Mocchi killed Gali with his Mocchi Cannon, and...... BigBossNarrator:THAT'S THE WRONG SHOW, IDIOT! Narrator: Sorry. In the last episode, Randy and co. got to Randy's house, where they saw hids father. Now, they are at his house, eating breakfast. "Thanks for the food." Lisa said. "No problem." Randy's father said. "Well, we gotta go find a boat." Randy's father dropped an envelope on the table. "Got it right here." "Thanks, Daddy!" ERandy said. "But..." "But what?" "It's a winter cruise..." "Yeah?" "No pokémon allowed." "Crap." "Sorry. It was the only boat going to Cinnabar." "That's okay. I'll just have to transfer Cell, Piccolo, Cyrus and Trunks here while we're on the boat." "Um, I don't think that you should leave Trunks here, Randy." "Fetch! Fetch!Fetch!" Trunks was pecking at his "grandfather's" Achilles tendon, causing him great pain. "Hey, Trunks! Stop that!" "Fetchy..." Trunks jumped in Lisa's arms. "See." "We'll just have to smuggle him aboard." "Be careful." "Well, get ready, and I'll drive you guys to the port." "Okay." Randy and Lisa got their things, and got into Randy's father's 2000 Chevy Silverado. "Wow. How did you manage to pay for this?" Lisa asked. "Well, since Randy and Matt left to be trainers, I've only really had to pay for Jimmy." he replied. "Lucky bum." Randy said. "Let's go!" They drove to the port. "Well, here's your boat." "Okay." "Do you know what to do?" "Yeah." "I'll be seeing ya, then." He drove off, and Randy and Lisa walked up the gangplank to the boat entrance. Monsters mo-mo-mo-monsters.Monsters rule! Get a disk, take a risk! Spin it fast, through the past! Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it. Unlock your disk! The Pheonix soars, like Master Moo...UNLOCK 'EM ALL! Everybody wants him, how about you? UNLOCK THEM ALL! Moo's a giant, baddest of the bad..UNLOCK YOUR DISK! The Nagas fight for him, to resist would be mad! UNLOCK 'EM ALL! 400 monsters, all shapes and sizes, you can't predict 'em, they're full of suprises! MONSTERS RULE. BigBossNarrator: What the FECK was that? Narrator:Sorry, it won't happen again. BigBossNarrator: It better not. "Hello, welcome to Lugia cruises. May I see your tickets?" a man asked. "Okay." Randy said. Randy and Lisa gave him their tickets. "Thank you. Your room i- HEY! NO POKEMON ALLOWED!" the man shouted. "Huh?" Randy said. "That farfetch'd that the girl's holding!" "O-oh, this isn't a farfetch'd, it's a Fetchy." Lisa said. "Fetchy?" "You know, one of those robotic pet things. It's very realistic." "Oh." They got to their room. "Wow." "It's really nice." "Yup." TOOT TOOT "What's that?" "The ship's setting sail." [A few hours later....] "Oh, I feel like crap!" Randy groaned. "Poor baby." Lisa teased. "It isn't funny!" "Sorry." "I'm gonna lay down, until the cruise's over." "You're not getting anything to eat?" "Please, don't mention food." Narrator: So, Randy is seasick. Will he get better? Find out in the next episode! Next Episode: Finally! Arrived at Vermillion! Tell me who "Jimmy" is, and win Zeni points! _______________________________________________________________________________ ..And suddenly, the earth opened up! Wailing helplessly, Moe tumbled head over heels down the smoking chasm until he splashed into the molten magma at the earth's core, where he slowly melted, before igniting in a spitting fireball of grease! -Zenigame-sama __ /o o \ __ \_ - _/__ >|__ /_ |_ \ __|< \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\ 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points