From: syke108 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Small Talk (attn. John Laramie) Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 9:14 PM In article <>, (ShiningTiger) wrote: > Tyger bent down to comfort his frightened Cubone. > "I don't think he's quite up to that yet. Maybe some other time, when I've had > a chance to help him out a little...Team Rocket got you for awhile, eh? As far > as I know, my brother's still working with them. I'll make him come home and > explain to Mom and Dad someday, too. Drop me a line if you ever get the > business started again, though. I'd love to help out" "Believe me, with what's happened the last few weeks, we need all the help we can get, but right I have nothing else to do. Too bad for the battle, I'm sure Malice would have let him win..." John got a Bonemerang to the face for his words. "Or maybe not. Malice, return!" Malice dissolved into red energy and headed into the ball. A sudden "Por!" got the attention of the two. They turned in unison and saw a strange sight indeed. It was a Vaporeon swimming wildly through the pool, its tail caught in a death grip by a Clefairy. Even stranger, Ariel was going at such a speed, Mystery was water skiiing and enjoying every minute. That is, until Ariel stopped swimming. ystery looked doen, and fell underwater. John noticed a small trail of bubbles traverse through the water, then Mystery popped out, sputtering as it held onto the side of the pool. "Serves you right, Mystery," was all Tyger said on the subject. John looked towards Tyger. "Say, Tyger, do you happen to be traveling towards Lavendar next? I promised Mr. Fuji I'd go over there and do some chores for him, and it would be nice to have someone to talk to on the trip." TBC? (here's hoping you see this one.) -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine! Sent via Before you buy.