From: babymew11 <> Subject: [PW!] So it Begins... Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000 7:10 AM Title: So it Begins... Author: babymew11, Marley Somers looked out on the dawn of a Pallet Town morning. The rising sun seemed to paint the sky with vibrant yellows, crimson reds, and firey oranges. She then looked inside her home. It painted a completely different picture. The past. The dark past. Marley’s parents were killed when she was only one. Marley only has pictures to remind her of her parents. Now this house only contains memories of her godmother, Julie. Marley loves her, but not like a mother. No one could replace her own mother or father. Marley turned and walked inside. Today she was leaving for her very own Pokemon Journey. And maybe leave the past behind. She walked into her room, which was kept clean and neat. Marley picked up her messenger bag, which contained her Pokéballs and other stuff she would need. But something inside her said she wasn’t ready to leave yet. But she didn’t know what. Marley looked across the room. There was a picture of her mom and dad on top of her dresser drawer. She strolled over towards the picture and slipped it into her bag. She took one last look around her room. It might be her last for a while. A brief bout of sadness came over her. Marley walked down the hallways of the house, looking carefully at each little detail of it. She walked over to the coat rack, put her black coat on, and walked out the door. “Well. I better get going.” suggested Marley to herself. TBC? -- -babymew11 an agnp outcast "the agnp whore" aim: babymew11, H Rocket Mew email: points: 2 stop fighting points 5 i pestered pipian when he wasn't here points 50 lets get yoshi a spellchecker points 100 hentai rocket points points i give: agnp whore points hentai rocket points agnp love points small collection of aim quotes: DimaTheAGNPer: Mario: OH, PEACH! That feels GOOD! Peach: FASTER, MARIO, FASTER!!! Bowser: Ill just keep suckin'! SaiyanKid2000: *puts bum in a cofen and floats bum into a river* bum31: <teleports> bum31: <goes up onto the rafters> SaiyanKid2000: *slaps bum back down* bum31: <dodges> TR SpookyAbra: *glomps baby, nude* SaiyanKid2000: I love hot sweaty throbbing cock, and I take it right up the ass, mmm mmm mmm! ZephyrXVII: Dima you condom leakage! ZephyrTank: and when you and your dad fuck you go into the basement DimaTheAGNPer: No, I stay in my own room. Jim West91: Eh, I suck at determining genders. JSolano199: Dima : "Look at me I'm so freakin stupid!! HARHARHARHAR!! babymew11: Damn IRC. ikazuchi: I agree, ikazuchi: IRC is for egocentric losers. ikazuchi: Like Dima. *WOFL* HurricaneAndrewZ: I set the Pic of Pikachu buttfucking Misty as the start page at school HurricaneAndrewZ: The next day I graduated FoG x2: I wish parts of me were larger dstroy69: i could be a million ppaces better than here AGNPAmoe: Yeah, a spelling class SaiyanKid2000: *BITES DIMA AND GIVES DIMA DIABEETIES* TR Mondo: No! TR Mondo: My real fake MAster ball TR Mondo: Bmew. I get to wear a sports bra really soon! =D TR Mondo: Im Car'tos! Lord of the Bra! TR SleepyAbra: Cartos: As long as you dont suddnely get breasts x.x Psycho Feather: *Comes back, with a knife covered in patatoe* ITS COMING!! DroeManred: ::Watches as clothes evaporate off all the females:: Cool. DimaTheAGNPer: ALL OF YOU SUCK!!!! YA HEAR ME?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! YOU SUCK! FHWWHAHHAHAHAAHH! mk l;nweg DimaTheAGNPer: gf DimaTheAGNPer: r Dimmy126: daah DimaTheAGNPer: Fuc k K K k YUuuUu DimaTheAGNPer: DIIEeEeEEeEe SaiyanKid2000: i dont wont to have sex untill im proly 13 FoG x2: I WANT TITS VaporTales: In our health book on like pg 192 they tell us how to do sex o.o;;;; the critics love babymew11: VaporTales: POLL - AGNP's biggest whore VaporTales: Clare DimaInTheY2K: Sex loves you Agent O0O7: *bumps into babymew* AGNPAmoe: *kisses Clare* PikaTiki: well baby you act old for your age PikaTiki: so there you go