From: <> Subject: [PW] Starting out Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 9:46 AM Kirkin trudged along the dark path leading deeper into the Viridian Forest. His light brown hair lay in disarray upon his head while his aqua green eyes gleamed with youth. He wore a dark gray shirt and light beige kahki pants which were complimented by his well known pokebelt. Kirkin's face drew into a tight grin as he spotted a small stream about twenty yards from where he was standing. Reaching to the right side of his pokebelt he pulled out three pokeballs. These three pokeballs and their contents were his pride an joy, for they contained his pokemon; Psymon, Rocky, and Prynea. Placing the three pokeballs on the ground, Kirkin proceeded to open them by pressing the small release button. A small flash of light sparked into existence as the three pokemon left their pokeballs. Kirkin watched one by one as his pokemon popped out of their pokeballs. The first to come out was Psymon, his Psyduck, the first pokeman he had caught. The small yellow duck blinked its eyes several times before its eyes adjusted to the brightness of the afternoon sun, which hung high over head. As the pokemon saw his trainer it waddled as fast as it could to meet his trainer. "Psy! Psi ai ai." Psymon quacked to Kirkin. The small duck clutched its trainers calf and rest his head against his knee. Kirkin chuckled at the amusing sight and patted Psymon on the head. The pokemon only squeezed his leg tighter. "Its nice to see you too, Psymon." Kirkin waited a moment before continuing. "I have a suprise for you." "Psy?" Psymon cocked his head to one side in mixed understanding. "Yes. There is a stream just a little ways over there." Kirkin pointed off to his right. "I thought that maybe you'd like a small drink and a swim." Psymon's face brighted and hugged the leg of his trainer one more time before racing off toward the water. Kirkin watched his pokemon waddle off toward the water, but soon diverted his attention to his other pokemon. Prynea walked slowly up to Kirkin and gave a small yawn. "Come on Prynea. You don't have to be THAT thrilled." Kirkin remarked sarcastically to the pokemon's yawn. "Perhaps some water will refresh your senses." He added as he raised his arm to point in the water's direction, but stopped as he noticed his oddish already darting toward the fresh water. "Okay...." he trailed off. The final pokemon to approach him was Rocky, his geodude. He had only caught Rocky a week before and the pokemon was still in its weary stages. "Rocky!!" Kirkin called as the pokemon neared. "Its nice to see you! I brought you out of your pokeball to get some fresh air since you probably don't want to visit the stream. Rocky gave a slight shake of his body to indicate that Kirkin was correct in his assumption.Taking Rocky by his dark gray granite hands the two walked toward the other pokemon. "Well, Rocky, we need to make sure that those two don't get themselves into trouble. You know that we have a big day tomorrow right? We have our first gym battle against the leader of the Pewter City Gym." Rocky only gave a small grumble, but nothing more. As the duo neared the stream they saw Psymon floating on his back and spitting water into the air like a fountain. Prynea on the other hand waded in the water by the bank. Kirkin gave another chuckle. His chuckle ended aburbtly though. A rustle came from the bushes from the other side of the river. Slowly a dark figure emerged....... Sent via Before you buy.