From: <Y2Tech>; aka Tech Weaver <> Subject: Re: [PW][ATTN JoE] Staryu-Crossed Lovers, part 2 Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000 8:07 PM Shuriken the Skateboarding Staryu and Cliff Diver the Clefairy lay on their backs, staring up at the clouds. A little further down the hill, Shuriken's trainer, Smasher, was having a few problems. Appearently, his Pokemon were stronger than the plant Pokemon he was trying to catch. Each match either resulted in a knock-out or the wounded grass-types would flee before Smasher could even toss a Pokeball at them. He groaned as Ice, his Cubone, knocked an Oddish over the horizon with his Bone Club. "Maybe we could try an overhead smash instead of a home-run swing," suggested Smasher. "Cubone cu," sighed Ice. "(That cloud looks like a Magikarp,)" Cliff Diver poke-spoke around the shaft of wheat he held between his teeth. "(I bet Misty's Staryu likes Magikarp,)" Shuriken said with a sigh. "(Do you ever think about anything other than Misty's Staryu?)" Cliff asked in an annoyed tone. Shuriken hadn't been talking about anything other than Misty's Staryu for the past week or so. "(Only every waking moment of my life,)" sighed Shuriken. Cliff rolled his eyes and tried to find a subject to change to. "(Hey! That cloud look like...)" Cliff started. "(I dreamt about her again last night, Cliff,)" Shuriken interrupted. It was Cliff's turn to sigh. "(You don't say,)" Cliff replied. He was getting tired of hearing about Shuriken's dreams. "(Was it the one where you're lying in bed and she flies in through the window?)" "(Her gem sparkled like morning dew in the pale moonlight,)" Shuriken continued. "(You don't say,)" Cliff said. He had only heard Shuriken describe this dream about a million times. He decided to try and ignore him. "(She hovered closer to me,)" Shuriken added. He was more or less oblivious to what Cliff was saying. He was totally absorbed by the memories of the dream... and memories of her. It was only about a week ago when Smasher strode in to Misty's Gym and challenged her to a match. By coincidence, the match came down to both the trainer's Staryus. Shuriken had every intention of knocking her Staryu senseless. That is, until that fateful near collision in which their gems caressed each other. The effect of this caress was not unlike that of a human male accidently tripping and giving an open-mouthed kiss to the super-model he fell onto. It was mind-shattering and disorienting. It also ended up with Shuriken slamming into a wall. For the above-mentioned human male, that would've come from the agressive nature of the super-model's body gaurd. It was a humiliating defeat for Smasher, who wasn't on the best of terms with the Gym Leader to begin with. Cliff couldn't take the dream talk anymore. It was time for him to speak his mind. "(You are such a chicken,)" Cliff stated. "(Huh, wha?)" Shuriken said as he was suddenly thrust out of his little fantasy world. "(I can't believe you,)" Cliff ranted. He was now sitting up. "(Here you are pining over your lost love while you have been in the same town as her for the past week. You've wasted an entire week whining and moaning when you could've been out having the time of your life with that Staryu. An entire week down the drain! If I were you, I'd've made that dream of yours a reality about a million times by now. All you've done for the past week is sulk!)" "(But...)" Shuriken started. "(But nothing!)" countered Cliff. "(In the wild, we took what we wanted when we wanted it. If we wanted love, we'd fo out and earn that love. I suppose you wouldn't know how to do that, since you've been raised by HUmans.)" Cliff spat out that last word almost as if it were an insult. Cliff didn't have a problem with humans. They were a superior race in technology and strategy, but when it came to handling emotions humans were mostly on the bottom of the food chain. "(But Smasher...)" Shuriken tired again. "(Smasher doesn't need to know about it,)" Cliff argued. "(And neither does Misty. Just keep it a secret. What they don't know won't hurt them. Besides,)" Cliff moved in closer, as if sharing a secret. "(I hear it's more exciting that way.)" Cliff moved back to where he was sitting. If a Staryu could blink, Shuriken would've. Then an imaginary smile crept over his non-existent face. "(You're right,)" Shuriken agreed enthusiastically. "(I shouldn't be laying here moping around when what I want is practically staring me right in the face... er, gem! I should go out and take it! Trainers be damned!)" Shuriken got up and stormed off into Cerulean City. Cliff watched him shrink into the distance. He lay back, placed a fresh wheat shaft between his teeth and admired the sunset. Ah... Quiet. To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver. I'm not just for breakfast anymore! --End Transmission-- Sent via Before you buy.