From: JoE The um......something... <> Subject: Re: [PW] Staryu-Crossed Lovers. (Semi-ATTN Hedge Huey...I forgot the spelling, sorry) Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 12:25 PM In article <>, (Tech Weaver, aka Y2Tech) wrote: > [NS: Why this thread is titled "Staryu-Crossed Lovers" will become > apparent in a later post. 5 Y2Tech points goes to whoever can guess > what will happen that matches this title before I make that post. JoE > isn't eligible for this prize since I told him already.] =( Oh well > > Shuriken the Staryu and Smasher tried to skateboard slow enough so > Morgan and Ema could keep up. On Smasher's shoulders, Cliff Diver the > Clefairy hummed the song Doppler was singing to himself. They stopped > once they found a sign along the side of the road. > > "Hey, we're almost to Cerulean City!" announced Smasher as the Moon > Stone cavern exploded in the distance. Cliff Diver's skin hardened a > couple beats later. > > "So you'll be going for your second badge, huh?" conversed Ema. > > "Second _official_ badge," Smasher corrected, pointing to the > Tornadobadge pinned to his glove. "Oh yeah, and if you want to get your > own Cascadebadges you may want to go first. I'm not exactly on the best > of terms with the Cerulean Gym." > > Ema and Morgan exchanged glances. > > "Why not?" asked Ema. > > "I kinda caused a distrubance by landing on their roof," admitted > Smasher. "... and breaking down their front door... and tagging one of > thier walls... and angering a Magikarp so it evolved into a Gyarados > and..." > > "I think we get the picture," said Morgan. > "Eh dude." Morgan said, "Uh, Ill meat back up with you in the gym ok?" "Why?" asked Ema hesitantly in fear of having Morgan og missing again. "Cinder said he wanted to talk to me alone for some reason" Morgan explained. "Oh, ok" said Smasher, "We'll see ya at the gym then I guess." Morgan walked back to Mt. Moon to meat with Cinder. Ema and Smaher went along the path to Cerulean. "I can get a bike" Ema said braking the silence since Morgan left. "Huh?" Smasher said. "At the bike shop, I can get one." "Theyre a little pricy." Smasher reminded her. "What about Morgan?" "I'd charge it to my parents, and Id get one for him too." Ema said, "Hmm, if only JoE could remember all the pokemon I have, I could probably ride on one." I can remember 5 of her seven. In a few minnutes they reached the gym. "My electrabuzz needs a lil more training" Ema said, "And PikaTwo isnt that could always grab an Oddish or Bellsrpout over there if you want." She pointed north. "I think your just stalling" Smasher said "I'm that obvious?" Ema asked "Kinda..." Smasher said "Well can we go to Bill's house then?" Smasher sighed then answered: TBC... -- ~JoE Sent via Before you buy.