From: Marco262 <> Subject: [PW!] The Brat and the Battle Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 5:45 PM "What should we do today?" Simeon asked his pokémon. He was seated on a garbage can in a back alley with his Machoke, Haunter, and his his baby Vulpix. The Machoke was currently trying to teach Vulpix how to play Kick the Can. However, all the baby pokémon wanted to do was pounce on the can, then jump back and stare at it until it moved again. Machoke eventually gave up and went to do one-handed pushups next to the garbage can Simeon was sitting on. Haunter was some ways away, pretending to be a garbage can and scaring the spit out of any alley cat that came to close. "The Pokémon Leaugue games are over, so everyone's leaving to Viridian City." Simeon reflected on this for a while. "Machoke, machoke." <Maybe they'll have some new attractions this year.> "Nah, it's just gonna be like last year. They never do anything exciting." Machoke rolled his eyes at hs trainer. Simeon's constant depression sometimes got to him. Meanwhile, Haunter had changed himself into a can and Vulpix was chasing him up and down the alley. She soon bored of this though and climb up onto Machoke's knees, who was doing sit ups. Haunter floated up to him. "Haunter. Haw haw haunter haunter." <Why are we sitting around? Let's have some fun!> "I know you're bored," replied Simeon, "but all our cash has run out and...Hey!" A rock had pelted Simeon in the side of the head. "Hey, loser! Tell your stupid pokémon to give me back my lunch, or I'll make him disappear permanently!" Simeon glanced at Haunter, who was twiddling his ethereal thumbs, a bit more fell-fed than a few minutes ago. As for the kid, Simeon just ignored him. He didn't feel the rock anyway, and he hardly ever bled. The 10-year-old brat stomped up to him. It was obvious he was in a rich family by the expensive nature of his tacky clothing. "Yo Slim Jim, I'm talking to you! What the...?" Simeon looked down and saw that Vulpix was sniffing boy's shoe, apparently intrigued by the newcomer. "Beat it you little pest!" He launched a kick that sent Vulpix hurtling toward the other side of the alley. But beforeVulpix could hit the ground, Haunter had caught her and Simeon was at the kid's throat. "You self-centered, stuck-up, contemptible, little brat." His teeth were clenched together so hard that his voice came out as a low snarl. "Hey step back buddy, you're soiling my threads. And tell that little pain in the [censored] to get lost before I shove it up a drain pipe." Simeon clenched his teeth harder and brought back his fist for a punch, but a muscular hand stopped him. "Choke ma ma choke machoke." <Don't. A pokémon battle would be better.> Simeon sighed. Machoke was right. A pokémon battle was the proper way to settle this. Besides, the runt would beat Simeon up anyway. He turned to the kid. "I've got an idea. Let's settle this in a pokémon battle." The boy laughed at him. "Alright, let's do it! Right here, right now!" Simeon shrugged. "Okay, it's your funeral." "Your the one who's going down, you loser! Cleo! I choose you!" A Dratini materialized in front of the boy. Simeon whistled. This kid really is in the money, he thought. "Okay, who's going first? Haunter, go get him!" "Haw haw haunter," <But I don't wanna.> "Too bad," said Simeon, "You ate his lunch, you have to fight him." "Hawwwww," he said dejectedly, but floated onto the field ready to fight. "Alright Cleo, use your...what the heck?" The cause of the kids surprise was probably the fact that Haunter wasn't attacking, but was making faces at the other pokémon. Cleo was as perplexed as his trainer, and was just watching his opponent put on the show in front of him. "What a loser," said the boy, "he isn't even having his pokémon attack. Cleo! Use your...huh?" Again he wasn't even able to get off a command, because his Dratini was sound asleep on the ground. Simeon smiled. "How's that for a Hypnosis attack? Good job Haunter. Now, Dream eater." Haunter floated over to the unconscious Dratini. He put mouth around its head and bit down hard. The boy shrieked violently and ran over to his pokémon, but he stopped when Haunter pulled away and he saw that his pokémon's head was still intact. In fact, Haunter was slurping a strand of spaghetti from behind the Dratini's ear-fin. Simeon shook his head at Haunter. "Cut out the special effects and just finish the move." Haunter stopped slurping and put his hands on the Dratini's head. The Dratini writhed violently under the ghost pokémon's grip and then lay still." "KO!" Simeon shouted. "No! That's not fair!" the kid complained, recallng his pokémon, "My uncle must have gotten me a weak one!" "Tough, kid. You know the rules. Half your money." He extended his hand and someone in the shop next door opened the drawer of a cash register. "In your dreams, loser!" he laughed and turned to run out of the alley, but he ran into Simeon's Machoke, who was standing behind him. Before the kid could react, Machoke grabbed the his briefs and gave him a wedgie that went over his head. The kid's eyes welled up in tears and he ran, succesfully this time, out of the alley crying, "Waaahhhhh! Uncle Gary!! Waaaahhhhhh!" Haunter was laughing hysterically with his hands clasped over the area where his stomach would have been. Vulpix hadn't paid any attention to the battle and was playing in an empty garbage can. Simeon was laughing just as hard as Haunter. "That was great, Machoke. But that little brat still owes me money." Machoke grinned broadly and with a flourish produced the boy's wallet that he had taken during the wedgie. Simeon grinned even broader than his Machoke. "Great job, Machoke! Man, there's over Ł5000 in here! What are we gonna do with it all?" "Machoke ma choke choke." <Let's take a trip.> "Sounds good, but where should we go?" Machoke held up a finger indicating to wait a second and fished something out of the garbage can nearby. It turned out to be a pamphlet and he gave it to Simeon. "'Celadon,'" Simeon read, "'the City of Lights. Shop at our one-of-a-kind department store or spend many nights in one of our many luxurious hotels. Afterwards, spend sometime in our world reknowned Game Corner, the best gambling in the world!' Well, we could use a vacation. Come on, Vulpix," he said, picking the pokémon up out of the trash can, "We're going to Celadon!" He sniffed the air. "And once we get there," he added, "you're all taking a bath." All three of his pokémon sweatdropped. -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular ***************** Points: 15 Y2Tech Points 1 Mewtwo? 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