From: Dan and his army of Kirbys <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LEAGUE] The Climb to the Top! Round 6... Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000 8:36 AM > >> >> "All right, all right! I'm coming!" Dan said, rushing to the ringing >>phone. >> "Hello?" He said. >> "Hello. You're Dan, in the League Games, correct?" the person on the >>other >>end asked. >> "Yes, that's me," he answered. "What is it?" >> "Round 6 of the Games is about to start. Please come to the stadium to >>choose an opponent." >> "All right," Dan said, and hung up. >> "Clefairy!" he shouted. "Let's go!" >> >> -------------------------- >> >> "Just push this button," the person behind the desk said. "This will >>choose an opponent out of the remaining people." >> Dan pushed the button, which started a series of lights flashing. A >>screen lowered from the ceiling. "This will be your opponent." >> On the screen appeared... >> "What?" Dan said, staring at the screen. "I have to fight him?!" >> The opponent chosen was the well-known trainer, Richie, who had >>performed >>well in many past League competitions. >> "Well, this might be a bit tougher than our last battles..." Dan said >>to >>Clefairy. "But I'm sure we can get past this. And if we don't...well..." >> "Clefairy..." Clefairy said. >> "...Ok then. Let's head back until our battle comes up," Dan said, >>exiting the stadium. > > --- > > Dan sat in his room, waiting for his call to the battlefield. > "Come on..." he said, getting impatient. > Still nothing came. > "That's it!" he said. "I'm going to the stadium now!" Dan ran out the >door. > > --- > > "Are you Dan?" someone asked him as he walked into the stadium. > "Yeah, that's me." > "Get to the battlefield," the person replied. "Your battle is beginning >soon." > "Finally!" Dan said. "Let's go, Clefairy!" > > --- > > "Welcome to another great battle at Indigo Stadium! Today will be a >Round 6 battle between..." > Richie entered the battlefield. "...the famous Richie!..." > Dan entered on the other side. "...and Dan of Pallet Town!" > "As before, this will be a 6 on 6 battle. The winner of this match >will >go on to Round 7. Let the battle begin!" > > Richie took out a pokeball. "Go, Zippo!" > > Dan took out another pokeball. "Let's go, Venusaur!" > > Out of the pokeballs came a Charmander and a (surprise!) Venusaur. > > "Richie is known for raising strong unevolved pokemon. His Charmander >has a good chance over Dan's Venusaur!" > > "Strong unevolved pokemon?" Dan said. "Ha! I'll show him how strong >his >pokemon really are! Venusaur, Mega Drain, now!" > > Vines extended from the plant on Venusaur's back and wrapped around >Zippo. Energy began draining from the Charmander, and strengthened >Venusaur... > > "Zippo, don't let that stop you! Flamethrower!" Richie yelled out. > > Zippo's flames burnt the vines to a crisp, and singed Venusaur's >plant. >Venusaur stomped the ground in rage. > > "Richie's Charmander is showing its power now, and Venusaur is looking >plenty mad!" > > Dan growled. "Venusaur, send that thing off to Dreamland! Sleep >Powder!" > > "Quick!" Richie said. "Fire Spin!" > > The firey tornado surrounded Venusaur before he could release the >powders. "Oh no!" Dan said. > > When the flames parted, Venusaur was down... > > "Venusaur is out of the match!" > > "Grr..." Dan said. "Venusaur, return." > > "He just got lucky...but now, you're going down," Dan said, taking out >another pokeball... "Go, Vaporeon!" Dan shouted, tossing out the pokeball. "And Dan has decided to take advantage of Charmander's weakness to water, and has sent out Vaporeon!" "Zippo, slash him now!" Richie shouted. The Charmander leaped forward and dug its claws into Vaporeon's skin. Vaporeon howled in pain as Zippo stepped back. "Vaporeon, Bite him!" Vaporeon leapt at the Charmander and gave it a taste of its own medicine, clamping onto its tail. "CHARRRR!" Charmander screamed. "Oh no! Ah..uh..." Richie said. Panicked, he yelled out, "Flamethrower, now!" Charmander's powerful fire breath raced toward Vaporeon... "Vaporeon, you can take it!" Dan said. "Surf!" Vaporeon produced a giant wave of water. It easily extinguished the Flamethrower and drenched Charmander. "Hang on, Zippo!" Richie said. "Finish it! Ice Beam!" Vaporeon let loose a stream of water that hit Zippo with full force. Being a fire type, the water couldn't freeze Zippo, but it was still enough to knock it out. "Charmander is unable to battle!" A light disappeared from Richie's side of the board as Zippo was returned to its pokeball. "Go get 'm, Pidgeotto!" Richie said, throwing out another of the star-marked pokeballs. "A Pidgeotto?" Dan said, laughing. "This'll be a piece of cake!" "Pidgeotto, Fly!" Richie said, ignoring Dan's remarks. "Vaporeon, just wait until he comes down..." "Pidgeotto is nowhere to be seen in the sky above!" The announcer said. "Both of these trainers are fighting with great skill...who knows which one will win?" Dan watched the skies for the bird..."Okay, here it comes!" As Pidgeotto grew closer and more visible, Dan waited for the chance to make his move... "Vaporeon, Acid Armor!" Vaporeon began to take on a blue sparkle as Pidgeotto slammed right into it. Unfortunately for Pidgeotto and Richie, the Acid Armor had greatly reduced the damage taken from the hit. "Now, use a Surf attack!" The wave of water loomed over Richie's pokemon... "Pidgeotto, Gust now!" Pidgeotto's powerful winds caught the water, and now a whirlwind of water spun in the middle of the battlefield! "He thinks he's got us beat, does he?" Dan said. "Jump in there, Vaporeon!" Vaporeon leaped into the waterspout, leaving Richie and Pidgeotto guessing when he'd attack... "NOW!" Vaporeon's face appeared in the tornado, and a second later he was in the air, heading straight for Pidgeotto. "Get out of there!" Richie shouted. But it was too late. Vaporeon caught Pidgeotto and sank his teeth in...a Bite attack. When Vaporeon got off, much to everyone's surprise, Pidgeotto took to the air again! "Wing attack!" Pidgeotto started slapping Vaporeon around with its wings... "He won't give up, huh?" Dan said. "Let's see how he'll take this! Ice Beam!" The stream of water hit right on target, and froze Pidgeotto solid! "Pidgeotto is unable to battle!" Another of Richie's scoreboard lights went out. "Dan is putting on another spectacular performance as he takes down a second of Richie's pokemon! But will he come out the victor, or will Richie make a comeback?" "Bulbasaur, go!" Richie shouted. "A Bulbasaur? Hmm..." Dan said. "Ok, Bite him!" "Don't let him get you," Richie said. "Vine Whip!" Bulbasaur's vines slapped Vaporeon right out of the air and to Dan's feet. "Get up and hit back!" Dan said, and Vaporeon stood up again, ready for battle. "Bulbasaur, drain his energy with a Leech Seed!" Bulbasaur launched a seed at Vaporeon...The vines that sprouted from it drained the last of Vaporeon's energy. "Vaporeon is out of the match!" Richie smiled as Dan returned Vaporeon to his pokeball. "All right, it's time for a real hard hitter...Go! Kadabra!" Bulbasaur and Kadabra exchanged glares on the field. Richie was the first to make a move. "Leech Seed!" "Kadabra, turn it back!" Kadabra's psychic powers deflected the seed, and sent it right back at Bulbasaur. Fortunately for him, the seed wouldn't sprout, and harmlessly fell to the ground. "Razor Leaf, now!" Richie shouted. "Kadabra, Psybeam!" A few of the razor-sharp leaves got through and hit, but most were turned to dust by the power of the Psybeam. "Bulbasaur, get him with a Vine Whip!...huh?" Bulbasaur was in a daze...he had been confused as a result of the Psybeam! He wandered around, and then started running into the stadium wall! Richie could only look on, horrified, until Bulbasaur finally knocked itself out. "Bulbasaur is unable to battle!" Richie returned Bulbasaur, growling. "He's destroying me out can I beat him?" "Richie's pokemon are dropping fast!" the announcer said. "Unless Richie can somehow pull a behind-the-back victory, he's doomed!" Richie had chosen his pokemon by the time that was over. "Go! Squirtle!" "This'll be easy," Dan said. "Psychic attack!" Squirtle was psychicly picked up and tossed into the air. A worried look appeared on Richie's face as Squirtle plummeted to the ground. To everyone's amazement, Squirtle was still up and ready to fight. "That's a pretty tough shell," Richie said. "Now, use your Skull Bash!" Squirtle began to run headfirst at Kadabra...and slammed right into him! Kadabra staggered back from the great power of the hit. "You can take him, Kadabra!" Dan said. "Psybeam!" The beam was almost too much for Squirtle, and he pulled his head into his shell. "All right! Send him flying!" At that, Squirtle was sent into another psychic drop. This time, he was still upon landing. Finally, his head poked out, and he was unable to take any more hits. He was out. "Squirtle is out of the match!" the ref said, making it official. "Grrr..." Richie said. "All right, here's a pokemon that can take psychic attacks...go! Happy!" Out of the new pokeball came a Butterfree. "You can take that thing down!" Richie yelled. "Kadabra, Psybeam!" "Happy, hit back with a Psybeam of your own!" The two Psybeams met...neither one would budge. Finally, both fizzled out. "That won't work..." Richie said. "Ok then, Gust attack!" Kadabra tried to stand up against the powerful winds, but it was impossible. He was blown back and slammed against the wall. "Quick, before he can get up!" Richie shouted. "Sleep Powder!" The sparkling powder settled on Kadabra, and sent him straight to sleep. "Now finish him off with a Tackle!" The Butterfree slammed into Kadabra, knocking him out. "Kadabra is out of the match!" "A minor setback," Dan said. "To beat a flying pokemon you use a..." Out of his pokeball came...a Pikachu! "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" "Happy, use a Psybeam!" The Psybeam hit Pikachu square in the face, sending him into a confused state. "Chaaaa!" said Pikachu. "Oh no!" Dan said, as Pikachu spun around confused. But, despite his confusion, Pikachu launched his Thunderbolt, and hit right on target! Happy was looking pretty crispy right now, but still managed to try a Tackle attack. "Oh no you don't!" Dan said. "Swift now!" The small stars flying from Pika's cheeks stopped the Butterfree right in its tracks, and it fell to the ground. "Butterfree is out of the match!" the ref said. Another light disappeared on Richie's side of the board. "Richie is down to one last pokemon! Will he pull off a victory with it, or will Dan send it flying and become the winner?" "This is my last chance...go, Sparky!" Out of the ball came...another Pikachu! "Pikachu, Thundershock!" "Sparky, use a Quick Attack!" Sparky became a yellow streak as he raced to Dan's Pikachu and hit him. Pikachu let out the Thundershock, and fell. "What??!?" Dan shouted. "Pikachu is out of the match!" "But that was just a Quick Attack! How...?" "Oh well, no use crying over fainted Pikachus. Go get 'm! Pidgeot!" Richie burst out laughing at Dan's choice. But, due to his distraction, he never noticed how Pidgeot was giving off a strange glow... "Hey, you'd better pay attention!" Dan shouted out. At this, Richie looked at the battlefield. "Pidgeot, Sky Attack!!" Pidgeot disappeared and a white streak raced up into the sky, and down again. It slammed right into the Pikachu, and knocked him down! "...I'll show you! Thunder, Sparky!" Sparky leaped into the air and released bolt after bolt of electric energy. Pidgeot fell to the ground, fried. "I knew this was a mistake," Dan said, as another light disappeared from his side of the board. "But now," he said, looking at Richie, "he will go down..." ---------- "Both trainers have one pokemon remaining. If Dan follows his normal routine, it's obvious what pokemon he'll choose next..." "All right, Clefairy," Dan said. "I'm counting on you." Clefairy walked out onto the battlefield. "And Dan has chosen the killer Clefairy, known for its spectacular battle finishes! It's anyone's battle at this point, so let's see what happens!" "Clefairy, Metronome up an attack!" Dan said. Clefairy began to swing its fingers... "Sparky, Swift!" The stars hit Clefairy head-on, but did not interrupt his Metronome. Clefairy finished, and leaped high into the air. "What's that?..." Richie said. It was evident when Clefairy landed. The ground shook violently, knocking Sparky down. Earthquake. Unfortunately for Dan, Sparky was still ready for battle. "Thundershock!" Clefairy screamed as it received a huge electric jolt. "Don't stop now!" Dan said. "Mega Punch!" Clefairy delivered a powerful punch...unfortunately, it was to Sparky's cheek, and Clefairy was struck with another powerful jolt. Clefairy then plopped to the ground. "Clefairy! No!" Dan said. "Get up! Try a Metronome! Anything!..." Dan's head fell. "No...I can't lose now...I've come so far..." He was ready to cry. The referee walked over to investigate, and started to raise the flag for Richie. "Clefairy is......wait!" Dan quickly picked his head back up and looked to the battlefield, and noticed what the ref had seen... Clefairy...was waving a finger! He began to glow, and an egg appeared overhead. It lowered down and touched Clefairy... ...And with a flash of light, Clefairy was back up! He had used the last of his strength to Metronome a Softboiled attack! "Incredible! Dan's Clefairy has miraculously cured itself at the brink of a loss! Can he and Dan come back for a win! "All RIGHT!" Dan shouted. "Now Mega Punch that Pikachu! But not in the cheek!" "Now Doubleslap!" Clefairy started repeatedly slapping Sparky, being careful of the cheeks, until it looked quite weakened. "Sparky, try a Thundershock!" Clefairy received yet another electric jolt, but that couldn't stop him now. "Clefairy! Metronome up a finisher!" Clefairy waved his fingers.... When he finished, he leaped high into the air. "Oh no, not Earthquake again," said Richie. No, not Earthquake again. When Clefairy landed, the ground shook...and then split! Sparky fell in the crack, and then was stuck when it closed. "Chaaaaaa!!" he screamed, and his head fell to the ground. Sparky was finished off by a Fissure attack. "Pikachu is out of the battle! Match goes to Dan!" "INCREDIBLE! Dan has saved himself from the brink of disaster and come back for a win! Another incredible battle! (Remember this battle has been brought to you by Pika-juice. When you need a shock, it's sure to get you going.)" ---------------- "Good battle," Dan said, shaking Richie's hand. "Yeah," he said. "That's some Clefairy you've got there. No wonder you got this far." Dan started to exit when he was stopped by some reporters. "Dan, you were at the brink of losing before your Clefairy healed itself," one asked. "What's your strategy for winning battles?" "Um, use Metronome and hope I'm lucky," Dan said. "It's worked so far!" "What do you plan to do now?" another asked. "Er...wait for Round 7 to start." "But do you have any other plans for before that?" "No, not right now." "Well, that's all for now," one reporter said. "Anything else you'd like to say?" Dan shook his head. Then he mumbled, "Amy, if you're watching right now..." He then exited the stadium. -Dan