From: Dima Safonov <> Subject: [PW!] The Discovery Of Pokemon Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 5:53 PM Xokar walked around the top of the building. He said... "I wonder... Earth, a non magical place... Must not carry reagents*... Hmm..." He looked down at the weird Red/White balls on his belt that replaced his stacks of reagents. He threw one of the balls down, and said "VAS POR!". Surely enough, the ball glowed with a blue energy, was taken into the sky, and then surged back at Xokar. It stopped right in his belt. "... I do not need reagents on this world." He uttered "Kal Ort Por", shook his hands at the ball, and immediatly disappeared and appeared again - exactly where he had dropped the ball earlier. People looked at him, then smirked "Darned Telekenetic people... Why cant they leave that to the Pokemon?"... "Pokemon?" Xokar asked himself. Xokar went to the nearest building and went in. "What is Pokemon, my humble sir person?" he asked one of the people in there, which happened to be a storekeeper for the Pokemart. "Cut the roleplay crap. This is real life, dufus. Anyway, I dunno why I have to explain Pokemon. They are creatures that are on this world," he pointed to the balls on Xokars belt, "those are Pokeballs. They give you the power to capture Pokemon." Xokar looked at him, staring ... "those are my runes." "... what in hells name? Anyway, you press the button on the front, and throw it at a Pokemon. You might catch it. Remember, weaken the Pokemon first." Xokar took out his katana, slashed open a big cut in the storekeepers hand, and threw a Pokeball at him. "... ... you're new around here... aren't you?" *Reagent = Ingredient to cast magic -- -Dima Safonov- ICQ: 4678513 AIM: DimaInTheY2K POINT STADIUM 14 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point 40 EVIL points 10 Jackass points 23 "We Love ATR" points 15 "You haven't killfiled WebTV, have you?" points 10 Pokehunter points 40 Impressed Car'tos points 1 Pokehunter point 7 Moder points 30 KudoKabuto points 2 Stop Fighting Points QUOTE ARENA Bbc9000: MYUUTSU IS A PERSON NOT A POKEMON! TR SleepyAbra: Women dont have dicks SS5 Vegeta205: HOW DO YOU KNOE TR SleepyAbra: Because women have vaginas SS5 Vegeta205: WHAS TR SleepyAbra: YOU DONT KNOW WHAT A VAGINA IS? AHAHAHAH TR SleepyAbra: *rolls on the floor laughing* SS5 Vegeta205: I KNOW WHAT A VERGIN IS DimaTheAGNPer: ... LOL!!!! TR SleepyAbra: THIS is for the sig! SS5 Vegeta205: *RIPS OFF DIMA`S DICK AND BALLZ* DimaTheAGNPer: *as Doctor Proctor on Pokemon* Just glue it back with superglue SS5 Vegeta205: *kills the moon* SaIyAnKiD U5: YOU OXI MORON SaiyanKidU5 (7:18:21 PM): nat, i think girls have cooties why in the hell wood i wona touch a girl between the legs and any ways im too younge i dont even know what sex is exept i know if a guy and girl have sex the girl more then likely gets pregnut SaiyanKidU5 (7:18:46 PM): *whines* girls are bad SaiyanKidU5 (7:19:26 PM): hell no girls are pushy and besides that they dont let ya get in a fight SaBeR TR: Yuri is engaged. Agent O0O7: TO PIKACHU!? YodaX23: yes Trent Retwin: My Droideka's short TR Mondo: Damn you! Im crotch less now! TR Mondo: *Hits Abra with his teets* TR Mondo: *Crotch grows back* Mwahah NyasSux: Screw you TR Mondo: Not now eniLnIgnitiaW: EYYY! I WANT TO HUMP YOU MORE DimaTheAGNPer: Yeah I have a nice big tail DimaTheAGNPer: It grows where my penis should be. DimaTheAGNPer: Oh, wait, that IS my penis. SaIyAnKiD U5: *BITES DIMA`S TAIL* eniLnIgnitiaW: Hehehe..I have more cum that Dima! babymew11: Stop fucking me bastard! Scythrscy: ::runs search for "used panties"::Scythrscy: Oh God, 368 matches. SaBeR TR: are any of you interested in bidding on a pair of Power Ranger panties? TheHalfling00: ::rapes a monkey X-quote=NO:: TheHalfling00: ::makes his monkey child suck his balls:: TheHalfling00: ::impregnates the monkey:: SaiyanKid2000: quasar, what book victoria secrets i looked at one one time damn i dont see why you would wona see a girl with only a bra and underpants on foratog5: No one gave me any balls... NyasSux: My dick defragmenter has been running for 30 minutes and its only 18 % done SaiyanKidU5 (7:27:05 PM): well i kinda like girls i wona kill my self for thinking it tho Draedite: *laughs* Nat, you need... training. *Vader Breathing* Moonbreeze14: rofl, one could take that many ways, Dread. ^_^ *runs* SaiyanKid2000: nat, you,v bine ated by a shark Scythrscy: Yoshi, have you ever heard of punctuation? SaiyanKid2000: whats that TR Mondo: Suck my teet, you whore! ATR Crack Baby: *STABS DIMA WITH FABRIC SOFTNER* AGNPAmoe: JustifiedAncient: I'd fuck Nat Sleepy the Mage: I would too. babymew11: ::rapes Yoshi:: Scythrscy: FINALLY got Maria to marry me-- uh, hi Maria. ^^;; Sux The Red Mage: It would be cool to screw a Starmie Sux The Red Mage: Cartos, who is betterin bed? Buzz or Denryuu?