From: Ethan Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW][POKEGEDDON] PART II The Hunt Date: Saturday, January 01, 2000 8:00 PM > Charizatan sat on top of his rock thrown disgruntled at the lack of > results. A Wigglyimp danced in front of him wearing a jester's cap > trying to entertain the evil pokegod. "ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!" Charizatan > jumped up and breathed his black demonic fire breath upon the wigglyimp > melting it into a pinkish brown puddle, which was quickly cleaned up by > a pair of other Wigglyimps. "KAIN!!!!" Charizatan yelled. > The large Wigglyimp ran up to Charizatan and bowed, "Yes Master!!! > How may I serve you?" > "Progress report!" > "Well as of yet we have yet to find any...." A Wigglyimp ran up to > Kain and whispered into his ear then ran off, "MASTER I am pleased to > inform you that two of the crystals have been found!" > Charizatan sat up, "YOU mean we have them here now?" > "Well uhm no... we know where we are though." > "But no one else has them right?" > "Well uhm one of them is being gourded by a pair of humans and a > Persian," > "WHAT a human has one already. How did they get it!?!?" > "Well we dont know BUT the second we can get quite easily, there is > already a patrol of Wigglyimps near its location, it is just next to > the Unknown Dungeon in Ceruleun." > "WELL GO GET IT!!!!" Charizatan yelled. > "YES SIR!!!!" Kain teleported away. > -------------MEANWHILE-------------------------------------------------- > Back in Ceruleun Tiki had been joined by Score and Pipian in > fighting the rampagin Wigglyimps, they had almost gotten rid of all of > them when another group teleported in, led by a large > Wigglyimp. "Alright two thirds of the wigglyimps attack the others go > get what we need!!!!" 20 of the Wigglyimps ran off towards the bridge > out of town, "Where are they going?" Score asked. > "I don't know but I'm going to find out." Tiki leaped over a group > of Wigglyimps and ran after the other set. He crossed the bridge but > was then suddenly tripped by someone. He jumped to his feet to see > Jamie standing there twirling a gun, "Jamie Im glad I found you, all > these satanic Wigglytuffs are attacking the world..." > "Trying to destroy all of exsistnce, I know I'm on there side." > "WHAT they must have mind controlled you dont worry I'll help you." > "No they didnt I just felt like joining them." > "WHAT but youll die if they succeed." > "Not really since this only Non-Continuty world, now I must kill > your non-continuty (SP)self bye NC Tiki." > "Well if this isnt really real then lets beat the sh*t out of each > other." Tiki pulled out his staff and charged Jamie. "Gee Scyther, didn't know you could do this. Makes life easier." *Makes 'your' life easier, this is hell on me.* Denam few along with Scyther, holding onto her legs. The strain may soon have began getting to her, if not for the scene below. The investigatin of the insane Wigglytuffs had lead to Cerulean, home of brilliant terraforming, marvelous waters, and one redheaded psychopath. "Drop, drop, drop! Herd of Wigglys, right there!" Scyther plummeted, and she and Dernam landed between Score, who was batting away a Wigglyimp, and Pipian, who was busy stomping on one's head. Dernam pulled his ever-so-convinient handgun and began unloading. "Damn, why are there so many?" Score inquired. "Hell if I know." *bam!*, and Wigglyimp deflates. *Stomp*, and Pipian makes one pop. "Mind if I make a suggestion, peeps?" "Sure new guy, what we supposed to do?" "Well, we could always run." "RUN?" Score became agitated. "Where?" "Well, we've got the Pokécenter, the Pokémart..." A slight smirk developed on his face. "The Cerulean City Gym, perhaps? But first, we aught to help your friend over there." TBC? Alotta ways to take this, your turn homeys.