From: otaku <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Matrix all over again Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 2:03 PM "Jose L. Solano" wrote: <snip> > "<Ashura, I have found 715 electirc Pokémon in this PC, but none in your > file. I'll give the order to use Thunder.>" Within seconds, Ashura could see > several flashes off electricity, and numerous static pods bursting, releasing > the Pokémon inside. Soon Ashura was freed, and he floated in place. The entire > "room" was filled the electricity. The last spheres exploded, and all the > Pokémon had been freed. > > (Meanwhile, in the Pewter City Pokémon Center) > > A young trainer stopped to deposit his Jigglypuff and withdraw a Meowth. As > he pressed the "deposit" button, the screen went blank. > > "What's going on?" he asked himself. The PC began to smoke and short > circuit... > > TBC (Tenchi's gonna die-ie, Tenchi's gonna die-ie, Tenchi's...) OOC: We shall see, Galvatron. We shall see. *Maniacal laughter* "Lousy son of a Growlithe!" Tenchi kicked a nearby rock as he and Natasha walked down the small dirt road of Pallet town. Offering what comfort she could, Natasha hugged him gently, kissing him on the cheek. "I know, I know. Don't worry, we'll get him back one day." Tails and Sarafina, their overly-cute baby Vulpix and Meowth, were sitting on their respective owners. It had been two weeks since Giovanni had stripped them of their pride, their badges, and as a nasty finale, had devolved Tenchi's pokemon back to their original state. With the little money he had, Tenchi went and fixed up his parents' house in Pallet. Now they were on the way to Pewter to start their journey again. "Hey!" A voice shouted from behind them. A young girl came running up, clutching a Pokeball in her hand. "Do either of you have a Pikachu?" The couple blinked. "Uh...yeah, I got one." Tenchi unhooked a Pokeball off his belt and hurled it down. The young girl squealed and hugged Rodimus tightly. "I love Pikachu! I love 'em, I love 'em, I love 'em!" "CHU!" Rodimus let loose a Thundershock attack that turned the girl's skin to something that resembled barbecued chips. Twitching slightly, the girl backed away, mumbling to herself. "Caterpie...cute, harmless Caterpie. That's what I love." Shrugging, Tenchi recalled Rodimus back to his Pokeball and he and Natasha continued down the road. After an hour of trekking through the forest, the duo arrived in Viridian City. Tenchi sighed as they passed by Viridian gym. Natasha involuntarily shuddered, but didn't say anything. As they walked into the Pokemon Center to rest their feet, a large shadow appeared behind them, blocking out their shadows. Whirling around, they came face to face with Giovanni. "Ah, my children. And how are you this fine day?" His grin reminded Tenchi of a cat just before it would pluck off a mouse's tail. Tails and Sarafina growled, showing their small teeth. Natasha's fingers traced around her Charizard's Pokeball, ready to toss it out at any minute. "Now now, no need for that. If you want to face me, do it like all my Defeat the other 7 gym leaders, and then we'll talk." He smugly turned around and walked away, whistling a nameless tune. Gritting his teeth, Tenchi led Natasha into the Pokemon Center, where they got a room for the rest of the day. As they were led to their room, a young trainer was kicking the PC storage machine, muttering curses. As both yawned sleepily and lay down on the small bed, Tenchi vowed to cure his pokemon, and end his vendetta with the red suited gym leader one way or another. As the couple fell into a quiet sleep, they had no idea of the trouble awaiting them. TBC -AnimeOtaku, TR Ninja on AIM