From: ShiningTiger <> Subject: [PW!] The Plot Device... Date: Saturday, February 05, 2000 12:32 AM Narrator: Tyger's Onix is in bad shape after that Charmader's attack, and a Missingno. has struck its pokéball. What will happen? Onix weighs in on the high end of the weight scale of pokémon and cannot be moved easily... Tyger: Shut up you! Meanwhile...somewhere unknown: A sinister chuckle is heard as two shadowed hands are seen turning dials, flipping switches, etc... Tyger is kneeling next to Slither, tears streaming down his face. Several people walk right by, not wanting to get involved. Suddenly, the ground cracks underneath Tyger and Slither...cracks, and then gives way. Both of them fall, seemingly to their doom... Some time later... Tyger's eyes flutter open, and Nurse Joy's face comes slowly into focus. "Oh dear, are you alright? You and your Onix took a bad fall. We've been after the mayor to fix that road for months..." Tyger sits bolt upright. "Slither...where is he?" "He's fine, resting in the recovery room. I'd like to keep him overnight to make sure, though." Tyger breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, I was afraid I'd lose him." "You almost did! He's...still a bit charred, though. I'm afraid he'll be black for the rest of his life. Whatever hit him must have been very hot" Tyger was silent, he knew that Charmander wasn't ordinary...but to sear a rock-type so badly? Nurse Joy walked over to the nightstand. "Your other pokémon are here, though I'd suggest finding a few more if you want a Cascade Badge, the type in this town is water, and you've got nothing to counter it" Tyger sighs "I really haven't caught any pokémon except Splash, my Magikarp..." Nurse Joy give him 'the look' "Well, your fish evolved. You're now the proud trainer of a Gyarados...hope you're up to it. There are a few Grass types across the north bridge, and there have been Pikachu sightings recently. You might try those" Tyger nodded, then paused for a moment as Nurse Joy was heading out of the room "Nurse Joy...who found me and Slither?" Nurse Joy stopped for a moment, then turned around. "Why, Misty and Ash, of course. Your lucky they were in the area" Tyger's face flushed "Who...who's Ash?" Nurse Joy sweatdropped "Only one of the greatest trainers of all time, and Misty's boyfriend, thats why he's here" Tyger facefaulted, out cold... time, Tyger catches a Pikachu...but is it a wild one? Tyger Wolfe...luck or design OOC question: Whats with the points?