From: Insanellama <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Ruthless Toothless Kabutops! [ ATTN: CC2K ] Date: Friday, January 21, 2000 2:26 PM Meeko + Caterpie <> wrote in message news:jr4i4.33303$ > The Ruthless Toothless Kabutops! > Last time, Insanellama played some more poker rounds and won. > > ATTN CC2K: Yes, that dinner one was changed to being in Celadon. > > " Well, we're heading over to Erika's Gym so Mike can get his Rainbow > Badge." > " I'm coming too. After all, I haven't earned any Badges yet." Meeko > says. > " We'll come too!" Nicky and Kelly say. > " Insane?" Lewis asks. > " Sure." > " Ok, it looks like we're heading over to Erika's Gym!" little did > they know, that they were being watched. > " There we go Kabutops...Flyin' L scum in sight...he has some other > people with him. Two of them have Pokémon around them." > < Yes, I see them, I'll make the detraction, and you can shoot > Insanellama. > > " Good." > At the Gym, > " Kabutops!" Kabutops leapt in front of the group, " Butops, ka tops!" > " Wow, a wild Kabutops!" Lewis says, readying a PokéBall. > " I wouldn't be so sure, Lewis, it's wearing a shirt and > sunglasses..." Insanellama points out. > " True." Kabutops rolls his eyes, he needs to spice things up. > " Tops!" he Slashed at Lewis, just threatening. > " ( Heh, it may not be wild, but it's rabid! )" Ivysore says. > " Butops!" Kabutops fake Slashed. > " Ok, that's enough! Parasect!" Mike says. > " Here's my cue..." Buckwheat mutters. He brings out his boomerang, > just to add more excitement, he tosses it and it circles the groups' > heads. Then, it headed back to Buckwheat. > * Got ya. * Lewis thought, he'd seen the tree in which the boomerang > returned, he then said, " Guys! The Kabutops is just a decoy! It's > owner is in that tree!" Kabutops, knowing that the plan is failing, > actually Slashes Lewis! > " Ah!" he cries. By now, the Trainees in the Gym had noticed the > battle outside of their Gym doors. Kabutops looked at the Gym hearing > voices, what he saw was a Solar Beam headed right at him. > " KAAAAAAAAABUUUUUUUUTOPSSSSSSSS!" they heard as he crashed into the > same tree as Buckwheat, making him loose his shot, the bullet instead > went through the glass door of the Gym. > " Help Lewis, quickly!" Bridget said, everyone, even the Gym Trainees > helped bring him to the nearest PokéCenter. > " Help!" one of the Trainees said as they came in with Lewis. > " What's the matter?" Nurse Joy asked. > " Lewis has been Slashed by a Kabutops!" > " I'll do what I can, put him on this stretcher!" the Chanseys and > Nurse Joy rushed him into the E.R. > Later, > " Ah. False alarm. It wasn't as bad as I thought, he'll be okay in a > few days rest. He lost some blood and his arm is in a cast, that's all." > " Thank Goddish." Mike says. > " Can we see him?" > TBC: Ok, remember, Lewis is just fine, just got Slashed on the arm and Insanellama recognized the weapon. His old pal buckwheat had gotten careless. Should have shot me first you arrogant sone of a majikarp. "Hey, I've gotta go make a few transactions, I'll be back in a bit." he said to the others. Insanellama walked out of the pokecenter. He wasn't being stupid, he just needed to get something done. First he went and checked the angle on the tree. He found a piece of leather. It almost looked like it had part of the RT brand on it. Insanellama decided he'd better move on to his real objective. He went into the prize center, and walked up to the counter. "Dratini please." The man behind the counter took his coins and handed him a pokeball. He went outside of the building, and called out his new pokemon. "Dexter, analyze moves." "This pokemon knows Thunderbolt, Hyperbeam, and Agility." Insanellama pulled out the little white box he had gotten from the thirsty girl. "Wonder if it can learn Icebeam." He hit the button, then hit yes, and put the box infront of his dratini. Images flashed rapidly. The box showed a message, "Done." and then exploded. "I'd better get you a nickname, how about 6?" "TINI TINI!" Insanellama recalled Six, and walked back to the pokecenter. Noone had been around to see his new Dratini, and he wanted it kept that way. He needed an ace up his sleeve for buckwheat. -TBC??? -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama