From: syke108 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Time for a Break From PODA Date: Sunday, February 13, 2000 8:05 PM In article <>, (ShiningTiger) wrote: > Tyger was just coming back from a shocking experience, after trying to catch a > Pikachu that turned out to belong to Ash Ketchum. Dejected and hoping for > sympathy from his only love, Misty, he was on his way to the Gym. As he > reached the entrance, he heard a crash from inside. > "Great, another emergency! Mystery, Splash, Aussie, come on!" > With a flash of opening pokéballs, Tyger and Co. ran inside to see the ensuing > battle. > "Lovely, some bozo's attacking the Gym! Mystery, let loose with Metronome, and > make it good! Aussie, I need you to take out that Mr. Mime" > both pokémon let loose with their attacks while Tyger picked up his flopping > Magikarp. > "Here goes something. FISH MISSILE!" > The Magikarp went flying through the air, unblocked due to the bonemerang > distraction on the Mr. Mime provided by Aussie. It struck the Kadabra square > in the face, sending it flying through the wall, while Splash...well, splashed > into the pool and sank. > Mystery's Metronome attack went wild, spraying Razor leaves throught the > room... > Meanwhile, the water where Splash fell began to boil and churn...and then to > glow... In the middle of being pelted with sharp leaves, John saw the whirlpool and immediately knew what was going to happen. "Crap! All we need now is a Gyarados! I don't even know who this newcomer is working for!" The water continued to churn, and soon 518 pounds of Pokémon fury came crashing out of the pool. The Team Rocket members had been caught of guard by Tyger's attack and had lost their psychic sheild when the Pokémon were hit with the Razor Leaf attack. Now, Tyger's new Gyarados slapped the Kadabra with its tail, then clamped down on the Mr. mime and tossed it into a wall. before the unknown TR members could escape, it tore up their vehicle, gnashing and crashing with all its strength. John flipped to the side just in time to avoid a piece of machinery that was looking to make contact with his head. "Damn! That Gyarados is starting to go out of control!" Sure enough, Tyger's Gyarados started thrashing wildly, even after the Team Rocket members were conveniently tossed to the police HQ. john called out to the stranger. "Your Gyarados is out of control! We gotta stop it!" Tyger nodded. "Mystery, we need another Metronome, and bring it all down on Splash!" John brought out Tara, Wraps, Jackie, Weezbag and Spark and had them attack. Drill Peck, Absorb, Mega Kick, Smog and Thundershock were brought down on Splash. Finally, mystery leaped onto Splash and proceeded to Explode, firmly fainting Splash. Tyger recalled the Gyarados, and rushed to assist his true love, who had finally begun to wake up from her state of unconciousness. "W-what happened? Tyger! get away from me!" She proceeded to flatten Tyger with a kick, then picked up Togepi, recalled Starmie and walked away angrily, taking a second to call a clean-up crew. John sweatdropped, then applied a revive to his fainted Vaporeon. Ariel leaped up and curled into your basic Vaporeon sitting stance, and the two regarded Tyger. John's tail twitched as he looked at the strange. "So, can you speak or what? What's your name and where did you come from?" TBC? -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine! Sent via Before you buy.