From: Lewis19 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Times a wastin, and there's a job to be done. Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000 6:12 PM On Sat, 19 Feb 2000 19:16:09 -0600 "Insanellama" <> wrote: > Insanellama sighed. He had just woken up. Unfortunately, he had a job > to get done. He had to take care of the Tauros sale this year on the S.S. > Anne. That meant that if Kario didn't want to leave vermillion, it was > goodbye. He got up and packed his gear. Then he woke up Kario, and > explained his situation, "Would you like to come along?" > > "Sure, I've got nothing better to do, and the S.S. Anne is an expensive > liner, when else would I get a chance like this?" This was great, this > looser somehow had enough cash to foot the bill of tickets on the S.S. Anne, > what incredible luck. > > Insanellama called out Darkhorse, and asked Kario to get in the saddle > in front of him. She managed to get in, if she was a little clumsy. > Insanellama flicked the reins, and they headded south in a cloud of smoke > and flame. Kario accidentally touched Darkhorse's mein. She burned her > hand. Insanellama stopped the rapidash immediately, and dismounted. He > helped Kario down from the saddle. "Sorry about that, but it looks like > Darkhorse doesn't trust you. I don't know what his problem is." And for > the first time in his life, Insanellama really meant it. Insanellama > bandaged Kario's wound. "That'll have to do till we get to the ranch. We're > already past Viridian city." > > Kario was a little worried, this freaking horse was in danger of > wrecking the whole operation. Still, this guy did seem to be a complete > dupe. "That's ok, it doesn't hurt too bad," she said letting a tear roll > down her cheek, "What really hurts is that the person I love's pokemon don't > trust me." > > Insanellama walked back over to darkhorse. "What's the deal buddy? > Don't you trust my judgement? Are you jealous or something? Listen, you > gotta let me have a life, I know you're the one I've always been closest to, > but well... this is different. You and I are friends, but she might be > something more. Just try not to burn her ok?" > > Darkhorse bobbed his head, in a helpless "I'll try." > > Insanellama got back into the saddle and helped Kario up. They managed > to get to the front gate of the ranch without further incident. Insanellama > stopped suddenly on his approach to the gate. "wait here, I'll be right > back." > > Insanellama jumped over the fence, and went running into the charred > grass. He drew Chaoticllama's oozie, just in case. In the midst of the > smoke, many water pokemon were doing their best to put out the remains of > the grass fire. His father came up to him, "It's in the shape of the Kookie > ranch brand. I didn't even know we had a dispute with them, but we sure as > hell do now." > > Insanellama spat, great, the Walkin' L and Ruthless Toothless weren't > enough?! Now he had a third neighbor to watch his back for. "Dad, I want > you to meet someone, come back to the ranch house when you get a chance." > His father agreed, and Insanellama darted back across the field. > > He hopped the fence, then opened the gate, and beckoned to Darkhorse. > Darkhorse came through the gate, and they walked up to the ranch house. > Insanellama helped Kario down. Insanellama went into the barn to pack up the > pokeballs for the sale, along with the signs for the booth. > > Kario was left to wander around inside. The hose was furnished with > hand-made furniture, mostly oak. There wasn't much worth stealing, other > than the astounding collection of fire-arms that she saw in the walk-in gun > safe, which had it's door open. "Damn!" was all she could say, It was > chock-full of everything from knives and crossbows to shoulder mounted > rocketlaunchers. She pocketed was about to step inside when she heard the > door open. She dropped into a chair in the living room. Insanellama's dad > walked into the room. He had a pistol on her in a flash. > > "Who are you?" > > "I'm the one your son wanted you to meet." > > "Oh," He didn't holster the pistol, just lowered it a little, and > relaxed his grip. > > Just then Insanellama walked in. "Dad, come on, put the gun down. Stop > playin around will ya?" Insanellama then leaned towards Kario, "he does > this to all my friends, don't worry about it. Anyhow, Dad, this is Kario, > we met at the Indigo plateau. But we'd better be on our way now, we've got a > job to do." > > About half an hour later at sundown, they arrived in Vermillion city. > They walked into the pokecenter. Insanellama saw lewis passed out or asleep > in a chair. "Lewis?" > > Lewis was having a horrible nightmare. "I didn't do it... I DIDN'T DO IT!" he shouted, waking up. He was in a cold sweat, and saw that Insanellama was staring at him with Kario. "Oh... It's just you. What are you doing here? I would've thought you'd be with the rest of CC2K?" Lewis asked. Lewis could've sworn that for just a moment, Kario twitched at the name CC2K. "I'm here to sell Tauros on the SS Anne. Are you goin' too?" Insane asked. "Of course I am! After I face Surge and after Tiki's done." Lewis replies. "Surge? Man, that brings back memories." Insane said. Insane remembered Icy in his little Pikachu form, fighting Lt. Surge's Raichu with psychic attacks. "Ahem, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" Kario asks. Before Insane could do anything, Lewis jumped up, pushed Insane out of the way and said, "HIIMLEWISNICETOMEETYOUCANWEGOOUTSOMETIME?" Kario took a step back and Insane jumped up. Insane pointed to his gun and said, "Ahem, she's MY girlfriend." "Worth a shot." Lewis replies. "Yah, it sure would if you tried to hit on her." Insane replies. Lewis facefell. TBC ------------------------------- Sigglypuff v1.2 "Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!"-Lewis "We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only: Clan Caterpie 2000!"-Lewis -------------------------------- Author of Lewis, Mike, and Bridget characters copywrite 1999, blah blah blah, legal crap, blah blah, you get the idea. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)